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Why Buying a High-Quality Desk Pays Dividends in the Future

06 August 2020

Standing desks are a popular home office addition. It offers versatility and a dose of healthy and wellness in the workspace by keeping you from sitting all day. But then again, not all desks are created equally so it’s best to invest in a piece of furniture that won’t easily wear out.

Electric standing desks come at different prices and vary drastically when it comes to quality and function.A unit may look good on the outside but is an empty shell. This could affect the desk’s life span and overa;; performance.  

Here are some common issues and complaints that usually stem from buying a low-class standing desk:

1. Instability when adjusting to different heights -- A desk must be stable whether it is raised or lowered. High-quality materials plus a high degree of workmanship must work together seamlessly to keep the desk from wobbling, vibrating, or shaking. A poorly made desk might not have brackets that increase stability. This is understandable; manufacturers can cut corners  to lower the production costs. But doing so will only affect the standing desk’s ability to stabilize itself.

2. Poor glide systems -- A desk’s glide system is one of the most-used components of any standing desk. This system is in charge of making the lift column move smoothly and keeping the desk stable. If the glide system has a poor structure or fit, the desk will be wobbly. Not only that, but  it can be damaged sooner.

3. Lubrication problems -- Putting the right amount of lubricant in thestanding desk will make it work seamlessly. When there’s not enough lubrication, the lift columns will start to grind, get too hot, or even shatter. On the flip side, when there are too much lubricant and grease, it can be a crazy mess that can damage your rugs and other furniture.

4. Inconsistent finish or easily damaged surface material-- If you are into aesthetics, this may be a concern for you. Low-grade desk surfaces may not have the smoothest finish. and there  might be welds here and there that might turn you off. If things go sideways, the surface material might look polished but is not scratch-resistant.

5. Weak motors -- Inconsistent motors are a pain in the neck -- literally and figuratively. It might affect the way you adjust your desk;s height which means that your posture will suffer. This kind of problem also leads to noisy transition movements. Lastly, it would also mean that it can carry less load capacity than it should be. This is going to be a major concern if you are using solid wood for your desk surface.

6. Slow transition-- The best thing about an electric standing desk is that you don’t have to physically adjust it. However, inferior motorized desks do not move as quickly and smoothly. The adjustment might be shaky because the motor doesn’t have the power to work faster.

7. Short warranties -- A manufacturer's warranty coverage is the litmus test for its products. Many low-cost standing desks only offer one to two years of warranty. Although you save money, for now, you might have to pay a lot more later in terms of components and repairs. Longer warranties show that the manufacturer stands by the quality of its products.


The solution: Shop smart, save more

It’s easy to be dazzled by cheap deals, but please remember that you might end up paying over the odds in the future. You might want to check out this brand to get competitive ergonomic products that are worth your money.