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Why companies should start buying ergonomic furniture for their remote employees

02 November 2021

In Mexico, the law requires companies to provide employees with ergonomic computer equipment necessary to get their work done at home in their healthiest states. While it’s not mandated in the United States, most businesses who have seen the value of remote work have started investing in ergonomic furniture they may ship out to each of their employees’ home offices. 

People may hear this as an expense because after all, 80 different home addresses must be visited to deliver the goods. Not to mention, if the old office furniture wasn’t ergonomic and new ones have to be procured, that would account for a large purchase order for the company. But the Liberal Mutual Research Institute for Safety begs to differ. It may seem like an expense at present but in the long term, the investment will save some bucks on health insurance. The said institution found out that three to six dollars are saved for every dollar invested in employee safety. Investing in ergonomic furniture, in this case, will lesson health concerns involving musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)—Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, ligament sprain, epicondylitis, mechanical back syndrome, and degenerative disc disease, to name a few. 

 MSDs are “repetitive motion injury” or “repetitive stress injury.”

In simple terms, MSDs are “repetitive motion injury” or “repetitive stress injury.” We often develop MSDs for long hours of sitting and typing on our computers. Work-from-home has made our everyday life even more sedentary than office work already was. We no longer commute going to and fro the office or take daily lunch and afternoon walk breaks. We sit for long hours in front of our computers, either working or binge-watching a Netflix show. The repetitive motion has caused strain on our necks and backs, hips and feet, fingers and wrists, and the like. Over time, these twinges of pain may lead to severe health concerns among employees and would cause the company thousands of bucks more. So if you’re hesitating and wanting to “save money” at the moment, know that it’s just an illusion and you’ll actually be missing out on a huge money-saving opportunity. Ergonomic furniture is designed to alleviate physical pain while working and at the same time, boost productivity. Here are the top three reasons why companies should start buying ergonomic furniture for their employees who are working from home. 

Because the company cares for its employee’s well-being

1. Because the company cares for its employee’s well-being

A good company not only cares for its clients but also for the people who run the business. Without the employees, the business won’t even exist or thrive in the first place. When employees feel that they are taken well-cared for and that their overall health, physical and mental, matters to the company, they are more motivated to work and to deliver what they get paid for. 

Because the company wants to improve the efficiency and productivity of its workers while working from home

2. Because the company wants to improve the efficiency and productivity of its workers while working from home

If a company listens and sympathizes with its workers, the administration should know by now how difficult of a time the pandemic is and the emotional, mental, and physical toll it has been putting on a lot of us. Although the work-from-home set-up works and most have already eased into the new “office,” it still poses some challenges especially on an employee’s efficiency and productivity. To help employees deliver the best they can for the company, not to pamper them excessively, but to create an uplifting and motivating environment, companies should invest in sending ergonomic furniture directly to the doors of their workforce. 

Operation costs were already cut from not running one singular working office so might as well allocate these funds into ergonomic furniture that will also help bring more money to the company in the form of more productive and healthy employees.  

Because the company will save money in the long run

3. Because the company will save money in the long run 

As said above, three to six dollars are saved for every dollar invested in employee safety. Instead of counting on buying ergonomic furniture as an expense, it should be seen as an investment. The return will be improved productivity that will bring in the dough for the company. Plus, if the health of employees is not taken for granted in the name of work, it will save the company money for insurance costs. 

Flexispot, home of ergonomic office furniture

Flexispot, home of ergonomic office furniture 

Flexispot has been around in the ergonomic space for 20 years. It has helped 10 million people to avoid spine health problems with its ergonomic products. More than a thousand businesses have tapped on Flexispot to provide their office furniture. They are in good hands with Flexispot’s Research and Development team having more than 600 members that have worked on 1,000 active patents. Products in the catalog have also received 4.8 in overall ratings from satisfied individual and company clients. 

Flexispot accepts bulk orders from individual and business owners that will be rewarded with bulk pricing, free and fast delivery, premium delivery and installation, excellent customer service, and of course, great and effective products. Aside from these perks, there are many financing options available and a 30-Day No Risk Return Policy. 

Feel free to go through the site now and check out Flexispot’s wide array of standing desks that may be height adjustable, fixed, environmental-friendly, and convertible. The company also offers the best ergonomic office chairs, gaming chairs, and accent chairs in the market. It also has products that promote health and fitness, helping employees stay active and healthy while being productive and efficient at work. Of course, Flexispot did not forget other ergonomic office accessories such as to monitor mounts, anti-fatigue mats, cable management systems, and multiple storage solutions. 

Final Thoughts

If you are having second thoughts on purchasing new ergonomic furniture for your remote employees, think of it this way. It’s much like parents giving the best education possible to their children, sending them to good schools, and providing them with the tools to improve their performance at school. This would mean more expensive bills for the parents but also give more opportunities for their children to land high-paying jobs and grow their network that will help them level up in life. If you invest in your employees’ health, the return of an investment will leave your mouth open.