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Why Do Flexispot Ergo Chairs Fits Petite Lady?

06 July 2021

The Ergonomic Struggles of Shorter Women

Some women have a short height. Individuals whose heights range from around 125 centimeters to 152.4 centimeters. Typically, from clothes to shoes, they sometimes find it difficult to choose something comfortable to use. Even with the office equipment, there are times that they find difficulties using some pieces. Thus, what's best for them are chairs that would not give them difficulty sitting. Such as the ones from Flexispot. 

You may be one of the people who have a short height. Should this be your case, the best thing to do is to choose the ergonomic pieces of equipment that could suit your ergo needs. This is because once you choose a piece of equipment that would give you a hard time sitting and moving, you might experience spine problems or ergo injury that would give you a hard time concentrating on your work. Aside from that, other conditions might arise when you don't use the proper piece of equipment.

The Usual Ergonomic Problems Shorter Women Experience

When we talk about the ergonomic problems that women who are not that tall experience, we usually hear problems such as:

  • Calf pain:

You might have experienced this before. The pain around the back part of the leg became swollen with numbness and weakness around the affected area. This must-have happened while wearing high heels and using the wrong piece of equipment. This commonly happens to women who have a short height. This is because when women with short height sit, their piece of equipment usually could not give them proper alignment. At times, they find it difficult to put their feet on the floor properly. Thus, their limbs become sore and painful. 

  • Numbness around the ankle and feet:

You must have experienced this before. Feeling numbed around the ankle and feet. The numbness is sometimes accompanied by the tingling sensation on your toes. At times, this is painful and would distract you from concentrating at work. 

  • Pain around the hips and buttocks:

This usually takes place when you are sitting on a chair with an incorrect ergo design. At times, when the cushion of the chair is not closely stitched to the frame of the chair, your buttocks and hips may be in pain. This is also because most women of a short height do not have a long upper torso. Thus, you easily get tired and numbed when sitting for long hours. 

  • Spine pain:

This happens after you sit for a long time. When your hips, buttocks, and leg area become swollen or numbed, the pain around the spine takes place after. When this takes place, you usually feel the stabbing pain around the spine. You might find it hard to straighten up your back and you might hear a snapping sound from your back like your bones break apart. This is not a good indication and might require you to see a doctor. 

So, before these things happen, there are other ways to nip things in the bud and save you from further injuries. It's difficult to avoid certain kinds of pain like this. What's worse is if you would not prevent these injuries to happen, you might have some bone illnesses in the future and would make you look stout. In some cases, some women experience these at a young age. It could affect your work and social life so before you experience these things, make sure to purchase the best ergonomic products in the market. With these ergo products, your ergo problems would be alleviated and you surely would look taller. Now, let us have the next part of the discussion where we would talk about how Flexispot makes their ergo products look stunning and become very useful when it comes to alleviating severe spine strain and pain. 

Ergonomic Wonders of Flexispot Ergo Chairs

Indeed, Flexispot ergonomic chairs are made for champs like you regardless of the size and height. With the ergonomic products from Flexispot, your sitting nightmares would stop and you would experience the best ergonomic solution. 

The ergo chairs from Flexispot are created and molded with careful design and exact measurements. From frame to cushions, you'd surely sit like a beauty queen. You would not experience the kinds of severe pain mentioned above and you would be able to stretch your muscles, elongate your neck and spine, straighten up your back and enhance your blood circulation. With the Flexispot ergo chairs, you would always feel cheery and well-concentrated on your work because there would be no side pain unlike when you are using the wrong product. 

At Flexispot, you could choose from a wide array of ergonomic chairs. You may choose the ones with the top grain leather that would not make you build up body heat but would give your back the freedom to breathe and receive sufficient air. You may also choose the ones with the mesh brackets if you wish to have your back fully rested on something that does not have a leathery texture. You may also look for ergonomic chairs that have heating patterns. These patterns could massage your back and would enhance the blood circulation in your body. At Flexispot, operating on this kind of ergo chair is almost handy because, with just a little help from the remote, you may already enjoy a soothing massage from the chair. 

There are also fine and durable ergo chairs from Flexispot that may not be height adjustable but could still follow the contours of your body and could protect your hips, buttocks, and spine. These are the accent chairs from Flexispot. They may be smaller than the ergo office chairs from Flexispot but they could function well and could add aesthetics to your office. They are indeed perfect for office use and could help you maintain a straight posture. 

Final Thoughts

Having a short height should not limit a beautiful woman like you because you can accomplish a lot of things even when you are not tall. However, we are aware that women with short height also tend to experience bone problems or illnesses so before that happens, you need to avoid these injuries and protect your spine and muscles through the most effective ergonomic products such as the Flexispot ergo chairs. With these in your office, you may enjoy a satisfying work experience.