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Why Does Height Adjustable Desks Wobble?

18 May 2020

Height adjustable desks are here for a reason – to provide safety and convenience. They're also known as a sit-stand desk that allows you to convenient change the height of the desk and alternate between sitting and standing.

A lot of people are investing in a quality adjustable desks because they're much more aware now of the negative effects of having a sedentary lifestyle, both at work and at home.

However also, put in mind that you need a desk that matches your need and is "wobble-free." 

Wobble or swaying is the common factor why many are distracted at work. Imagine answering email at your desks and it wiggles back and forth – doesn't it feels frustrating and annoying? When things at your desk is shaky, it becomes unsafe for your device, be it a monitor, a laptop, or a printer. 

Understanding the causes of wobbling will help you decide before getting your next height-adjustable desk.

In this article, we'll discuss why height-adjustable desks wobble, how will this affect your work, and what are the factors to consider before buying one.

Reasons Why Height Adjustable Desks Wobble

1. Loose Hardware

Just like any other equipment, your height-adjustable desks wobble because of loose bolts. If you constantly move your desks with too much pressure on it, this could also potentially loosen the bolts you might not be aware of. Another reason would probably be the wrong assembly of the desk. A lot of people are having a hard time assembling desks like this one, because of the lack of information on the manual and involvement of inserting dozens of bolts and screws.

To make sure your desk doesn't wobble in the future, tighten your bolts every six to twelve months to ensure your device's safety.

2. No Cross Support

Most height-adjustable desks today lack cross support which leads to wobbling and instability of the desks. How does the wobbling happen?

When your desk is in its lowest position, this cross frame will be closer to the floor to offer good stability. As the desk raises, the position of the cross frame becomes much greater. Once you move it to a certain point, no matter where your columns are made of, the desk will naturally wobble, leading to distraction for your work. In a simpler explanation, cross support minimizes any wiggle occurring while raising the desk. It eliminates lateral movement, thus creating a no-wobble zone in any height position.

3. Ill-Fitting Glides

Glides are bearings that help maintain stability within the column when the table gets closer to its highest position. It's found within the columns and serve two purposes; the first glide is to fill the natural gap that exists between the two or three pieces of aluminum or steel that create the upright columns, while the second one is responsible for providing a smooth adjustment between these columns. Some desk companies/manufacturers who offer less expensive models usually are commented with glide "fit" issues especially when the desks are in motion.

4. Too Many Moving Parts

Because a lot of manufacturers want to provide as many features for their height-adjustable desks, what they don't know is that too many moving parts can build so many issues like wobbling. Going back to our number 1 problem, loose bolts, meaning when you have more moving frames in your desks, the harder it is to track and keep them tight because everything is connected. When one bolt is weakly tightened, everything will follow, and most especially true when you have expandable support on your desks. When choosing a desk, remember that less is more.

Why is FlexiSpot EN1 Desk stable?

1. It Passed the Stability Test

FlexiSpot tried a stability rest because they wanted to make sure you get your money's worth. In their stability test for EN1 desk, they've placed a 50 pounds of weight to the desktop.

The tester used all his strength to attempt to rock the desk both left-to-right and front-to-back. Even at that amount of force, there was no movement at a desk height of 28 inches, and very little at 37.2 inches. At 47.6 inches there was some detectable movement, but not enough to disrupt use. Check the test video here.

2. Sturdy Steel Construction

The EN1 height-adjustable desk is designed for maximum structural integrity. Its frame features double steel tubing for stability even at its highest height. The manufacturer has made use steel to make it more rigid and that glides fit perfectly into steel desks. To ensure that it's safe from scratch and stains, the brand made sure to use a thicker and more durable powder coating seamless surface for longevity.

3. Long Heavy Feet

This desk will stand firm even with a sudden movement and bump because of its long heavy feet feature. With a heavy base or feet, it helps combat any potential wobbling or swaying. It also ensures that it will keep your expensive equipment at its safest state. The EN1's heavy feet make the sitting and standing transition really smooth and quiet. 

4. Minimized Gaps Between Casings

The standard electric height-adjustable desk frame ensures smooth and comfortable transitions. The use of innovative engineering is a great help to maximize casing overlap within the lifting column, adding strength and stability.

Remember that before any choosing height-adjustable desks, other factors to consider include the ease of movement, height range, disruptive noise, programmability, and stability. To make the search easier for you, we suggest you purchase the EN1 desk from FlexiSpot. It checks all boxes and is affordable too! It boasts a robust construction and unique features as mentioned above. Perfect for office and work from home use. For more information, visit