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Why Is Organizational Culture Important?

01 August 2019

It could be that you are an entrepreneur who just recently launched a business, or you are a business owner seeking to make the best for your business. Certain things need to be understood and should become inherent for your business to thrive beyond your imagination. One of such things is organizational culture. 

You should understand that every organization is a brand, and sometimes a family unit, or a movement. What keeps you till the end is having a culture understood very well by the entirety of the organization, from the management to all of the staffs. Before we speak about the importance of organizational culture, we must first understand what organizational culture is and what it entails.

What Is Orgnizatiional Culture

Without wasting much time, organizational culture can be described as the set of underlying principles, beliefs, values, assumptions, philosophy, and ways of interaction that creates a unique social and psychological environment for a particular company.

That said, no two companies should be the same because they would have different organizational culture clearly defined from the beginning even if they offer the same services. Organizational culture is also what makes different companies have their distinction and peculiarity in the way they operate and render service.

Now that we have clearly defined what organizational culture is, it’s time for us to delve into why organizational culture is very vital for every organization or company.

Why Organizational Culture Is Important

It gives your company its identity

Ideally, there are two types of identity for a company – internal and external. With organizational culture, you can clearly define these two identities for your company. As the founder of your company, you should be able to sit down and write down some of the best attributes that uniquely describe your company’s culture. Take these points/qualities you have written and think of how they create ideal work and life balance for your staffs and your customers as well.

Remember, how your team sees themselves is the same way they portray themselves to your customers, and that is the impression that will be held forever in their hearts. In essence, organizational culture is something that will resonate in every other aspect of your company and life because it represents the peculiarity in how you do your business. All you need to do is define it, and it spills into how your team and customers see you.

It increases your staff retention metrics

A group of people who have similar goals communicated from the beginning will always form a better bond and feel like a family. People love it when they are understood and when they can actively contribute to a cause. Understanding the place of every member of your team makes it easy for you to get them to be super productive. 

The more they see they are treated fairly, the more they want to put in their very best. When you define your company’s culture as one with operations like a family, it makes it easier for you to reach every member and increase your chances of keeping them. 

Culture increases loyalty

Companies that take time to refine their culture create a conducive atmosphere for their workers. Employees will never find it hard to resume work each day, rather than dread continuing work each day; they are glad and excited. A sound culture robs off on your employees and makes them accept the challenge of work; they can even handle more as it increases. You will also see that better relationships are fostered within your employees, and they would always love to be around the atmosphere of work.

Culture aims to give the employees a goal and purpose they are to drive towards. It helps bind the management team and the rest of the employees, together with the same set of principles. This way, the staffs feel a better sense of connection and will be willing to work all the harder as they would understand they are working with something beyond themselves. Once loyalty sets in, you are bound to produce more results and expect a whole new level of productivity from your employees.

Culture promotes healthy competition among employees

Remember, the employees who are committed to their jobs will always put in their very best. It becomes even better when they are recognized based on the value they have imbibed. Recognizing staffs who put in their best is one way to pass a message that they are being watched and their efforts will be rewarded. It will be the beginning of great things amongst the other team members.

The culture of the workplace is the number one motivating factor that would enable them to want to thrive on being in their best behavior and making the best too. You should also understand that as an employer, you will be willing and ready to celebrate all the employees who put in their very best into producing results. Make it a regular tradition among them; this way you will have a lot of staff who are willing to work in the same thought line you have.

Culture creates a common ground for employer and employees

Imagine how your employees would feel when they have you sit with them and have lunch. Imagine what it would feel like when you ask them about more personal questions clearly showing you seek their well-being. It changes their perspective about the type of employer you are, and it also affects how well they treat the customers in turn. They would feel that you understand them better, and it would create an excellent time for you to hear them out and see how you can create a better environment for them.

In conclusion, it is imperative to build an organizational culture to help ensure that you make the most of the resources, people, and customers you have. You will understand that having a culture in line with your business’ uniqueness makes you find your place in your niche, and also helps you reach beyond where you envisage.