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Why You Are Still in Pain Despite Using a Standing Desk

28 May 2021

Now that some of us are gradually going back to working at the office a few times a week, that means we're back to using our beloved standing desk instead of the cardboard box on top of the breakfast table we have been using for the past months working remotely.Standing desks provide a much-needed transformation in the office atmosphere by encouraging employees to live an active lifestyle rather than an inactive one. Prolonged sitting is harmful to our health. It encourages immobility, leading to serious health concerns such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Sitting all day can strain the body's musculoskeletal structure, resulting in back pain, neck pain, and other discomforts. Standing desks improve our health by reducing the time we spend sitting. It keeps us moving and keeps us alert at work. When you hear the term standing, it may appear overly simple. However, owning a standing desk and not using it properly may lead to harmful health consequences.

The following are amongst the most typical mistakes made when utilizing a sit-stand desk. Avoiding these errors will significantly lower your back and neck pain risk, allowing you to stand for more extended periods, burn fat, and become healthier.

Standing too much

Standing for an extended period with poor posture might result in various problems as a result of sitting. Such occurrences can result in back and neck pain. This may also raise the likelihood of experiencing joint pain. According to studies, you should start by standing for two hours a day and gradually work your way up to standing for four hours a day, shifting between sitting and standing. Too much of anything is unhealthy, so don't nullify your standing benefits by giving up sitting entirely. Take a break to avoid being bored while sitting.

Wrong desk height

It is essential to select the proper desk height. If you are experiencing difficulty while using your standing desk, the desk level may be inappropriate for you. The positioning of your monitor and keyboards might assist you in determining the proper desk height. When it comes to standing desk posture and height, a decent rule of thumb is to keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle and your screen at or slightly below eye level. If you're having trouble getting into an upright habit or if your standing desk isn't functioning as well as it should, this could be a game-changer. Monitor arms built especially for standing desks can assist you in maintaining appropriate standing desk posture by allowing you to modify your computer monitor height apart from your keyboard height.

Wrong screen position 

Incorrect monitor or computer screen positioning can cause severe neck and upper back pain. Many people have their screens set too low, forcing them to gaze down at them when standing. This might also cause discomfort while sitting. This also applies to individuals who work from a laptop at their desk. Using a laptop flat on the desk while standing makes it practically hard to maintain appropriate posture because you'll need to lift the desk too high to see the screen, causing problems with your arms and typing posture.

Elevate your monitor as high as it will go and somewhat tilt it back so you can view the screen clearly without bending forward with your head tilted down. If you use a laptop, we strongly advise you to get a laptop stand or laptop riser and a backup mouse and keyboard. If you do not have a standing desk yet, a standing desk converter will be a wise choice. This raises the bottom of the laptop screen at least 8 inches above the top of your desk.

Prolonged standing on a flat, hard surface

Standing for an extended period on a hard surface will quickly dull the brilliance of a sit-stand desk. Standing on these types of surfaces can cause joint discomfort and pain. Even some commercial quality carpet has minimal to no difference at all. It is recommended that you use an anti-fatigue mat to reduce discomfort and soreness caused by standing while working. Having a high-quality anti-fatigue mat in the office would be an excellent investment. Simple or high-end standing mats with more standing position variety will provide a substantial improvement over a solid surface for standing and are a smart purchase if your floor surface is too rigid. FlexiSpot offers a regular anti-fatigue mat that you can use for work or the kitchen and an ergonomic variant with massage points and mounds for maximum comfort.

Standing still

Standing desks promote mobility. While standing, workers exercise their muscles to keep their bodies active. However, if you remain still, your joint and foot will suffer. During standing, integrate as much movement as possible. We recommend standing using a footstool or the legs of your desk chair - you can also switch from left to right. You can also stand properly and sway from left to right. When you're on the phone, you can make short quick steps. Find strategies to switch up your steady pace every 20 minutes or so.

Bad Posture

While working, we rarely pay much attention to our posture. A safer workplace, on the other hand, is constantly focused on the proper stance. It alleviates back pain, neck pain, and other bodily aches and pains. Check your desk height, display, and keyboard location before focusing on your posture. Your body will most likely retain the muscle memory of poor posture; thus, re-training may take a while. Remember to maintain your neck straight by rolling your shoulders back under your ears, pressing your chest forward. Because your head is most considerably further away, you may have to bring your monitor closer. Keeping proper posture at your standing desk boosts your performance and energy output at work. 

Unbearable footwear

Many of us who work in an office put a premium on appearance. Our footwear's quality may come second. If you sit all day, your shoes may not be a problem, but if you are using a standing desk, your footwear, like the surface of the floor, can play a greater significance in your comfortInappropriate footwear has been demonstrated to have a cascading effect on many other portions of the body. Assess your footwear selections, especially if you want to stand long at your workplace. Excellent, comfortable shoes are obtainable in practically every style. Some people bring an extra pair of comfy shoes to work in, while others utilize cushions.

Uncomfortable office chair

Sitting puts a substantially greater strain on your lower spine than standing; therefore, it's critical to have a good chair at your standing desk to avoid lower, upper or neck pain. You don't want the gains of your standing time to be offset by your sitting time. Make sure that the current chair has ergonomic characteristics. It should feature a moveable armrest and lumbar support to ensure proper thigh support. It should also have a comfy seat. This chair maybe a little more pricey than others, but it will provide a pain-free and comfortable working experience. The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair by FlexiSpot has three height adjustment levels and a gentle rebound system. The elegantly curved backrest ergonomically conforms to the neck and spine for maximum headrest and lumbar support. If you can't afford an ergonomic chair right now, we urge you to pay attention to your posture when sitting.

So, whenever you see yourself slouching, fix your posture by standing up with your back straight and your feet flat on the ground. It will take some work to stop clutching your desk, but it will strengthen your back muscles and reduce or eliminate back pain.

FlexiSpot for your workspaces

However, keep in mind that you should not overdo it while standing has its advantages when initially beginning out. Shift between sitting and standing for better health consequences until you become more accustomed to standing for extended periods. We feel that being able to sit correctly and with excellent posture is critical in our pursuit of healthy living. 

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