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Why you need an ergonomic gaming desk that doubles as a sit-stand desk

04 June 2021

You can injure yourself while playing video games, and I'm not referring to accidentally kicking a settee with your foot while wearing a virtual reality headset. The seemingly innocuous act of sitting down, staring at a display, and interacting with a mouse and keyboard or a joystick can create pain and discomfort over time—and may even result in muscle strain.

But never fear, because FlexiSpot is here. All of your gaming setup woes are a thing of the past with these ergonomic standing desks that double as gaming tables for anyone in the field.

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 55" W

With the push of a button, FlexiSpot enables you to go from reclining to standing in less than 10 seconds. With our carefully developed and rigorously tested motors, you'll discover industry-leading stability and noise levels. Each height adjustable desk features a 1" thick worksurface made of ecologically friendly chipboard. With a plethora of different color and size possibilities, you can be confident that you'll discover the ideal top for your requirements and feel good about choosing the sustainable alternative. Compatibility with the majority of gaming gear and aids with mouse tracking for better performance during games. The frame's double-steel tubing offers ample stability for the bouncing associated with active gaming, ensuring that equipment remains safe whether seated or standing.

The height adjustment of this desk is just superb! It adjusts perfectly and helps me have proper posture since I play and sit for long hours. My previous desk was too low for me but this one was just perfect! – Tara V

I was thinking of buying a height-adjustable desk for gamers but could not find the one that I really like. But when I saw this one with all its features-- I did not think twice. I just went ahead and bought it! – Toni U

BACK ISSUES?? Because I used to have a standing desk at my previous job (company-paid for it, so I couldn't keep it), I know just how helpful a standing/converting desk can be when dealing with back issues. My back pain completely disappeared once I started using a standing/converting desk! If this is why you are considering a standing/converting desk, then make the investment regardless of which desk you buy. You won't regret it! – Sabine O.

Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad - 63" W

In comparison to many other gaming tables on the market, ours is more customizable and adaptable in usage. With our height options, you can easily modify the desk height between three distinct positions: 28", 30", or 32". With simple grommets and slots for quick access, all of your wires and wires will remain neatly tucked away and tangle-free under your desk. Maintaining a neat and organized desk has never been easier than it is now, owing to our easy cable management system. With this simple headphone hook, you can keep your headphones close at hand and ready to use. There will be no more scurrying and hunting for your equipment. They'll be there for you anytime you want assistance. The completely enclosed mouse pad is constructed from a robust 3mm thick silicone material with a microfiber fabric top and sturdy stitched edges. It's water-resistant and custom-tailored for a precise fit. With its non-skid surface, you may operate your mouse indefinitely and smoothly without fear of slipping.

The desk took me about 20 minutes to assemble by myself, the instructions were extremely basic. The desk itself is more than I actually need but it's what I wanted. I play a lot of action games so I'm moving the mouse a bunch and the desk stays where it is - very stable. The mouse pad covers the whole desk and is very nice quality. I 100% recommended this desk if you're big into gaming or just looking for a large desk for work. -Mario

I got this for my boyfriend, he was originally using a Flexispot standing desk but there wasn't enough space once he got a gaming PC. This desk has plenty of space for his PS5, 2 monitors, and gaming PC. He likes the cup holder and headset holder that attaches to the bottom of the desk. He wasn't a huge fan of the red and black mat (which makes the entire desk a mouse pad) so he took it off and underneath is a carbon fiber print. However, you can see the seam in the middle which didn't bother him. 

Overall a great desk with lots of space for all his equipment and very easy to assemble! – Jenn C.

I'm confident that the top will last me a while but even if it doesn't the frame will last forever. I've got two laptops on here and I lean on it with no issues. It feels very sturdy and stable. I just gripped the top in my hand to try and wiggle it up and down but there is very little movement or give. 

You can put the cup holder on either side but the headphone holder is always on the left. The cup holder is plastic and feels a little dicey for anything bigger than a 16 oz can. It is a nice big desk which works perfectly. The only issue I had was a single hole for one of the feet to screw into wasn't quite tapped right but maybe I cross-threaded it myself. I was able to get the foot in using a pipe wrench and there was a spare. 

One thing that I thought was kind of the manufacturer is that they wrapped plastic around the packing foam and used higher quality foam so it didn't make a mess like other stuff you might have ordered over the years. 

As far as I could tell it's probably about the biggest desk at this price point and it doesn't feel like there were many shortcuts in material choice or design. – James W.