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Why You Need FlexiSpot's E7L Standing Desk

07 March 2024

As a long-time player in the office furniture industry, FlexiSpot is renowned for producing durable, sustainable, and adjustable standing desks that assist office workers in boosting their productivity. In addition to its line of regular standing desks, FlexiSpot also has a range of L-shaped standing desks to offer, which are the E1L, E2L, and E7L standing desks.

What Is an L-Shaped Standing Desk?

You may wonder: What is an L-shaped standing desk? Simply put, it is a type of desk with two sides connected at a right angle, forming an "L" shape. It is typically chosen by remote workers for home offices due to its spaciousness and versatility as the placement of the desktop panels can be switched to accommodate the user's preferences, though this type of desk can be used in corporate offices as well. An L-shaped standing desk offers a multitude of benefits, such as increased workspace, increased storage space, flexibility, and a sleek and stylish look. Moreover, the extended L-shaped desktop allows users to separate work and play by reserving one section of the desktop for work and the other section for leisure.

The Benefits of FlexiSpot's E7L Standing Desk

The E7L is FlexiSpot's newest addition to its line of L-shaped standing desks. It is equipped with three legs, which guarantees better stability than its two-legged counterparts.

- As a height-adjustable standing desk, you can easily raise or lower the desk at any time from 25.0″ to 50.7″ using the built-in digital keypad. With such a wide adjustment range, you can be sure that the E7L is a great fit for users of varying heights.

- Furthermore, the E7L has a triple-motor system in place that powers each leg individually for smoother height adjustments. You can even program up to three height presets with the keypad, so you do not have to adjust the desk repeatedly when sharing it with other users.

- Made of industrial-grade steel, the robust, three-legged E7L can support up to 330 lbs in weight. That means, you can place multiple devices like monitors, keyboards, and printers on the desk without worrying that it will crumble under the load.

- Moreover, this L-shaped standing desk boasts a 3-stage, "holeless" leg design that contributes to improved sturdiness and reduced wobbling. Thus, your work experience and productivity will be enhanced.

What makes the E7L shine, however, is its reversible desktop panels. The placement of the two sustainably sourced splice boards can be switched to suit your preferences, which makes it great for both left-handers and right-handers. Plus, the two panels offer double the workspace as compared to a traditional standing desk, and this is very convenient for users who need extra room for their papers, books, stationery, electronic devices, and various other items.

In addition, the L-shaped design of the E7L standing desk makes it easier to maximize your available workspace and increase the number of storage options. Aside from placing paper trays and file cabinets on both sides of the desk, you can also put peripherals like a computer monitor, a printer, and more. If you often work with a partner, the E7L provides extra room for you to share your workspace with another individual. Best of all, it saves you money as you only need one L-shaped standing desk instead of two traditional standing desks!

Lastly, the E7L standing desk has a stylish and modern design that makes it look great in any office, be it a home office or a corporate one. Being sleek and not overly bulky, it can even help to optimize your corner space with its L-shaped design by serving as a workstation and also offering some additional under-desk storage space. At the moment, the E7L's frame comes in two colors – black and white -, so you can choose the best option to fit your room's color scheme and décor.

Why Choose FlexiSpot?

As a leading brand in the office furniture industry, FlexiSpot upholds product quality and customer satisfaction by sourcing only high-quality and eco-friendly materials in the production of its standing desks. Therefore, many of our standing desks are durable and remain in good condition for years. As such, we even offer a 15-year warranty for the E7L standing desk – a testament to its exceptional quality.

Moreover, as a brand committed to sustainability, FlexiSpot sources only recyclable materials in the production of its standing desks and desktops to limit the ecological footprint of human activity. We also carry out constant research and development to increase the share of upcycling and contribute to waste reduction.

Besides, we have a 30-day, risk-free return policy on all FlexiSpot Standing desks, where you are free to return items within 30 days of receipt at no additional cost. However, terms and conditions apply to this policy.

Lastly, at FlexiSpot, we firmly believe that the customer journey does not end at checkout. This is why we provide excellent after-sales service to each and every one of our paying customers. Our dedicated customer service team is always available to assist you with any purchase- and product-related issues via live chat and email.

Comparing the E7L to Its Competitors

We compared the E7L with similar L-shaped standing desks from other brands, and we found out that other standing desks tend to only support up to 308 lbs, unlike the E7L which supports up to 330 lbs. Furthermore, the E7L has a "holeless" frame design that enhances the desk's sturdiness, whereas this feature isn't found on desks by competitor brands.

Additionally, we discovered a huge difference between the keypads of the E7L and standing desks from other brands. Not only does the advanced digital keypad on the E7L let you raise and lower the standing desk, but it allows you to program up to 3 height presets for easy and convenient adjustments, too. Also, the keypad comes with an anti-collision button that prevents the desk from colliding with nearby objects. On the contrary, the keypads of standing desks made by competitor brands only allow you to adjust the height, but they do not have programmable height presets and anti-collision buttons.

Finally, most standing desks from other brands only have a 5-year warranty. However, FlexiSpot offers a 15-year warranty for the E7L. This further proves that the E7L is a durable and long-lasting standing desk that can withstand the test of time.


If you want to make the most out of your workspace without breaking the bank, the E7L is, no doubt, a viable option for you. Its wide adjustment range, spacious panels, and sleek design will be sure to amaze you. Plus, its ability to support up to 330 lbs and its exceptional stability will ensure that you have an enjoyable and productive user experience.