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Why You Should Consider a Gaming Chair

17 March 2023

PC gaming is still one of the preferred options for competitive gaming because of its versatility in performance and the use of a keyboard and mouse as controls. However, while laptop gamers can sit on their bed or couch and play (a desk is still preferred), desktop users must sit at a desk for the best performance. Sitting at a desk can incur an initial investment in purchasing an ergonomic gaming chair, but the benefits make it well worth it. You can expect better performance, superior comfort, and a lower risk of pain and injury due to prolonged gaming sessions.

Therefore, this article offers an overview of why you should consider a gaming chair, detailing its various benefits. In addition to that, it also highlights some options you can choose from that have various useful features. These products are priced according to the features they offer, so you can pick which one fits your needs and your budget.

Why You Should Consider a Gaming Chair

It does not matter if you're an esports enthusiast or a casual gamer; you can benefit from using a gaming chair if you play your games on a keyboard and mouse.

It Allows You to Game at a Desk

Let's first explain the most obvious reason why you should consider a gaming chair.

A chair allows you to play at a desk. Therefore, you will have a large and stable surface on which to place your mouse and keyboard. You can move your mouse in small increments when aiming and not worry about making errors with your accuracy.

For example, if you compare that with gaming on a soft surface, i.e., with your mouse on a mattress, the surface may shift around when you move your mouse. As a result, you'll compromise your aim, and that can ruin your gaming experience. At the same time, using a keyboard on your lap will not be a comfortable experience because it will not remain stable while you press keys. You may even miss out on pressing some keys in a heated moment during a game, and that can also ruin your gaming experience.

In short, a chair allows you to use an ergonomic desk for gaming. You can improve your aim and play much better than you would if you played on soft surfaces.

It Improves Your Posture

One of the best reasons why you should consider a gaming chair is that it allows you to improve your posture. An ergonomic gaming chair typically has a range of features that allow you to maintain good posture when gaming.

It's best to know what good posture is so that you can understand how a chair can help you achieve that. So, here are some aspects that contribute to excellent posture.

1. Ensuring that your legs are flat on the floor. You can increase or decrease the height of your ergonomic gaming chair to ensure that your feet are touching the ground and not dangling. Also, avoid sitting with your legs crossed because that can cause your lower back to experience greater stress.

2. The height-adjustable feature also helps you keep your knees at the same level or slightly below your hips, with your thighs nearly parallel to the floor. You can avoid putting excessive significant strain on your knees every time you get up by doing so.

3. Keep your back upright by leaning your entire back against your ergonomic chair's backrest to help prevent rounding your shoulders. The chair's reclining feature can help you adjust it to between 100 and 110 degrees to keep your head in line with your back to limit stress on your spine.

4. Keep your forearms parallel to the floor, which is supported by your chair's adjustable armrests.

Improving your posture can help limit the effect of injuries on your body and result in improved performance, as detailed below.

It Improves Your Performance

We have already touched on this above in the sections regarding gaming at a desk and improving your posture, but below are some details specific to performance improvements.

When you limit discomfort to your body, you can ensure that you stay focused on your game for longer periods. Moreover, pain in your shoulder, for example, can lead you to struggle to move your mouse easily and quickly. As a result, you will have compromised your aim (if you're playing a shooter game).

Sitting with the ideal posture also allows you to stay focused, keeping your body in the optimal position to be productive. Slouching may compromise that, especially if you need to make quick adjustments. For example, if you're slouching with your elbows flexed at less than 90 degrees, you may compromise your mobility to make quick adjustments to perform well in your game. However, if you sit straight with your elbows at 90 degrees and your arms at shoulder-width apart, you'll have enough room to move your mouse arm to make the shots you need to quickly.

It Reduces the Risk of Pain and Developing Specific Conditions

Below is a list of some conditions that can occur when you don't use a high-quality gaming chair and sit in the ideal posture.

Mouse shoulder: mouse shoulder is when your shoulder begins to ache because you are not resting your elbow on an armrest. As a result, the shoulder muscles tense up as you use your mouse. That tension can lead to discomfort and compromised performance.

Mouse elbow: this condition is when you rest your elbow on the armrest instead of your entire forearm. You may experience elbow pain after long periods of sitting that way.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: you may experience this condition if your wrists are not flat when you're using your mouse and keyboard. Adjusting the height of your armrests can help reduce the risk of this problem.

Lower back pain: good ergonomic gaming chairs can help provide your lower back with the support it needs to help prevent the risk of back pain in the long term.

You Can Use It for Professional Work As Well

Professionals who work from home can double their gaming chairs as office chairs. In most cases, these chairs have similar features, allowing them to be used in different contexts.

Some things to keep in mind about the difference between office chairs and gaming chairs are listed below.

The materials may be different. The upholstery of a gaming chair may be of PU leather, while an office chair may be made of leather or mesh. Mesh is potentially the most breathable material, allowing air to pass through, and keeping your body cool when working.

The aesthetics of a gaming chair and an office chair differ to a degree. Gaming chairs may look like racing seats with some bright colors on the backrest and seat. However, the design of office chairs can be more minimalistic with just one color. In addition, they may not have some gamer-focused badging.

Of course, these differences are not significant enough for you to consider two different chairs for working at home and gaming at your desk. The essential features of the chairs are the same. That is to say that both types of chairs typically offer:

Adjustable height

Adjustable armrests (in terms of raising or lowering the height)

A headrest to ensure that you sit straight at all times with adequate support to your entire upper body

An adjustable backrest that allows you to set the backrest at the ideal angle or to accommodate relaxing and leaning back when you want

Lumbar support to ensure that your lower back has the support it needs during long gaming or work sessions

Casters to move the ergonomic gaming chair around your room

When You Should Reconsider Investing in a Gaming Chair

While there are numerous benefits to investing in a gaming chair, there's one instance in which gamers may not need to make the investment. Gamers who play on consoles or use controllers only on their PC or gaming laptops may not need a gaming chair if they have a couch or bed near the monitor or TV screen. You will need to hold your controller in your hands, so you can lean back and rest to play games on your controller. However, if you are playing competitively, you may still need a gaming chair to sit close enough to your screen and upright for long practice sessions. That said, if you play casually on your controller, investing in an ergonomic gaming chair may not be worth it.

Final Thoughts

Reading this article should make it clear why you should consider a gaming chair when playing video games on your PC with a mouse and keyboard. Ergonomic gaming chairs can help improve overall comfort and allow you to play at your fullest potential. These factors can appeal to both casual and competitive gamers.