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Why You Should Keep Your Workspace Clean

01 June 2021

The sense of having a clean desk is exhilarating and even motivating. The desk is clean, you are concentrating, and the work will be completed. This typically lasts a day or two; after a few major projects, the clean desk reverts to its chaotic condition. Some folks have massive work desks - imposing workstations that compel attention when you go into an office. Others reading this content can only look forward to working in such spacious settings.

Experts estimate that your office desk can be 400 times dirtier than a typical toilet seat. Some people utilize their workstations for activities other than work, such as snacking, gaming, or drinking coffee. These activities aren't harmful in and of themselves, but they can offer a severe health risk if you don't maintain your workplace desk sanitary regularly.

Why bother?

Cleaning can be tedious, but having a clean and organized workstation has a range of benefits for the entire company. Let's have a look at how your office might benefit and offer some tips on how to obtain a flawlessly organized and tidy working area.

Less clutter means less stress

Even minor annoyances such as dirty surfaces, poorly labeled files, and hallways filled with boxes or other rubbish can cause discomfort. On the other hand, a clean office with organized surfaces and neatly labeled filing might help de-stress your workday by making things quicker and easier to find.

Clean means safe

A clean workplace has fewer injuries, illnesses, and risks of harm. Maintaining a routine cleaning program can be the best device to avoid accidents and injury, eliminating potential hazards and the chance for accidental scratches, with safety being a key focus for both employees and visitors.

Decluttering can boost self-esteem

We spend so much of our day at work that it is going to have an impact on how we behave. A busy environment can express more negative views, both subconsciously and consciously. It's challenging to avoid gloomy feelings at work when you're exposed to them every day.

A place for everything

With a particular place for whatever you need, your desk and workstation will run smoother. Every office supply should have a home. A nice, organized area encourages productivity by making it easy to utilize and encouraging a balanced approach to work and lifestyle.

Keep pests away

Roaches, vermin, and other awful critters might be attracted by anything from scraps on the countertop to food and empty packets discarded in desk trash. Keep pests at bay by providing designated receptacles for food waste and ensuring that meal preparation facilities are cleaned regularly.

Reduced sick days

Germs can be found anywhere, especially in crowded workplaces where food debris and malfunctioning air conditioning can spread sickness. When a few employees become ill, it can be difficult to recuperate, primarily if the illness spreads throughout the office. Take the lead to clean your office regularly, put hand sanitizers at each desk, and keep pesky pests at bay during flu season and beyond.

Keep your equipment and furnishings safe

Tools that are maintained clean have a longer lifespan. This can be anything from personal computers to factory equipment. Floors and carpets will also last longer if cleaned regularly, and discoloration on office furniture should not be a problem if caught early.

Find everything effortlessly

Misplaced or missing items will be a thing of the past if everything is where they're supposed to be—no more scrambling through your drawers or asking your colleague from the next desk where your favorite stapler is.

Valuable tips to guide you

Now that you've understood all of the advantages of cleaning your desk, it's time to learn how to make it happen. It's one thing to desire a cleaner workspace; it's quite another to make it a reality. Here are a few pointers to make cleaning your desk a little smoother. Begin small, slowly but surely, and you'll soon acquire the practices for keeping your workstation nice and organized:

● Make a to-do list. To-do lists help divide down extensive cleaning down into simple, more manageable activities. A to-do list allows you to work through each item and cross it off the checklist, giving you the delight of finishing the next stage in the job.

● Get everything off the desk. If you want to clean your computer desk effectively, remove any unneeded items because this will make the cleaning smoother. Your computer display and keyboard area can be some of the worst spots on your desk, so putting them out of the way might help you determine most of the dirt more readily.

● Place things only that you regularly use on your desk.

● Sort out paperwork. You'll accumulate dust and crumbs around them, and one of the best things that might happen is that you'll feel a bit better after you've done this since it will aid in de-cluttering and organizing your thoughts.

● Wipe the surfaces. Use a clean microfiber cloth and softly moisten it. You could use water for this, but if you want the best outcome, use a disinfectant because it can remove dust, dirt, and germs better than just hot water. You may use this chance to clean your computer equipment, such as your keyboard, with a damp piece of fabric. But, be gentle with your devices because getting moisture into them could cause damage.

● Look "up." By placing your computer display on a stand or riser, you will not only lift it to an ergonomic height, but you will also have additional work surface area. Install floating shelves above your desk if possible, creating a place to keep binders and other documents within arm's reach.

● Set your drawers in order. Reorganize everything, put the papers back in stacks, take everything out, and even a simple wipe of the clutter will help. It's also a good idea to give each item a quick cleaning before returning it.

● Make a system. Place your existing projects in project jackets, file folders, or other folders to organize them. Tag each folder before storing it upright in a sorter. This is an excellent method to avoid file stacks and to view all of your works at a glance.

● Papers and mail that arrive at your desk require a temporary area until you can decide on them. The bottom of the two trays may serve as your "in" box, limiting the amount of material that can gather before you give it some attention.

● Remove distractions such as excess personal belongings, including things that you must return home. Also, pay close attention to the area under your desk as it is a typical hideout for clutter.

● Don't neglect your chair. Check to see if they've been cleaned, wiped, and are still adequately adjustable in terms of tilt and height. If you realized that it had been quite a while now that you have been enduring back, shoulder, or neck pains, do yourself a favor and switch to an ergonomic office chair. One that has lumbar support will serve you best!

● Treat yourself to something new. What about rearranging your workstation, moving your desk, or better yet, upgrading to a height-adjustable standing desk?

If you are contemplating this alternative, FlexiSpot offers various solutions based on your job requirements and preferences. Professionals looking for a basic yet sturdy standing desk might consider the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series. If you require a larger work surface with more customized alternatives, consider the Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-shaped Standing Desk or the Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop, both of which offer limitless customization options. Ultimately, you might go with the Vici Duplex Standing Desk if you need to segregate a part of your devices. All of these solutions are rather simple to clean, making these products an excellent alternative.

These simple yet effective solutions will help you keep your desk clean throughout the year. You will now have more time and attention to focus on more important things.