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Why You Should Reward Yourself

24 September 2021

Do you remember yourself as a kid when your parents would try their best to get you to do homework instead of spending it on another hour of playtime? It wouldn't work until they promised you a treat and you were suddenly all ears. You’ve fallen right into their trap, but then you realize to yourself that it’s actually fun once you finish what you have to do. The more you accomplish a task, say you ended up being first in the class because you studied hard, the bigger the reward. 

This is what the JMC Academy refers to as the theory of operant conditioning. It is a “psychological concept that suggests we learn through reward and punishment.” The theory goes on to explain what positive reinforcement is. It’s that when our behaviors are followed by a pleasant outcome, we are more inclined to repeat the same behavior. When we associate a goal with a happy reward in the end and deliver like we said we would in our minds, we’d enjoy the reward and will be more motivated to work harder the next time. 

This is why even though the times are different now, the reward system still works. We keep on celebrating our smallest and biggest wins for the following reasons: 

We reward ourselves for motivation.

We reward ourselves for motivation. 

As mentioned, we feel motivated to work harder when our minds have linked hard work to a particular reward. We know it’ll be worth it in the end because the only way we get the reward is when we finish what we have to do or we tick off something on our to-do list. 

It is important to note, however, that there is a tendency to get burnt out just for the reward. This is why you must celebrate progress and small wins. Reward yourself, say for example if you finish your day’s work an hour before log off time, you deserve ice cream. 

We reward ourselves to avoid burnout. 

You should reward yourself to avoid feeling burnt out. If you are working towards a big goal and still feel that you’re nowhere near it, the tendency is to just feel overworked. You might even be frustrated that all your efforts are not paying off and end up quitting. 

To prevent this from happening, you have to set mini-goals and reward yourself for accomplishing them. In this way, you are able to enjoy the journey of working and eventually reaching your big goal. 

We reward ourselves to recharge. 

Look at the reward as both the end and starting point. After accomplishing a task, you get a reward at the end that will make you happy. Because you are happy, you are more motivated to start another task that will help you become even better or closer to your long-term goals. 

We reward ourselves because we deserve it!

We reward ourselves because we deserve it! 

It’s this simple. You resisted all temptations; you set your heart on a goal, and you made it happen. You deserve the reward more than anyone else in the world because it’s your hard work that’s finally paying off. 

Making A Rewards System that Works 

Some rewards may be counterproductive so you must be wary of the rewards you give yourself. Take note of the following pointers to make a system that might actually work: 

A reward should make you happy. 

Focus on yourself and your interests. What makes you happy? Is it a limited edition of a good book or is it going on a beach trip with your friends? A reward must be something that you find valuable, something that you will work hard for and is guaranteed to make you happy in the end. 

A reward should not cancel out your hard work. 

For example, you had a sweaty two-hour session at the gym. It would make no sense if you reward yourself with a pint of ice cream and a box of pizza, especially if your goal is to lose weight. 

A reward should not be something that can be easily done or accessible.

A reward should not be something that can be easily done or accessible. 

If you reward yourself with something you can do anytime, the tendency is for that reward to lose its value. You might just end up getting that reward even when you haven’t accomplished the task that you should do. 

A reward should be proportional to the amount of effort exerted.

The harder the work, the bigger the reward. Start small; maybe treat yourself to a salon visit after a month of hard work. After six months, you can buy yourself a bag you’ve always been eyeing. Since you’re motivated to work, you’d have more resources for bigger rewards in the future if you become consistent. 

A reward should create good habits. 

If for example, your goal is to quit smoking, don’t reward yourself with another puff as it might just lead you back to square one. You want to reward yourself with something that will help you be consistent, stay motivated, and reach more life milestones. 

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