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The Advantages of Working Out with Your Teammates

11 August 2021

Exercising makes you a better employee, according to research.

By assisting you in maintaining a healthy weight, lowering stress, and improving your sleep, all of which have been proved to increase workplace happiness and productivity. Additionally, while working out with a friend might boost the advantages of exercise, working out with co-workers can be very beneficial. Outside of the office, co-workers who participate in sports or exercise together can better connect to one another.

Combined with the beneficial effects of regular exercise, getting active with your co-workers can improve overall workplace performance.

According to research, couples who exercise together stay together, and the same can be said for co-workers. Individual health is improved by regular physical activity by weight management, reducing stress, and stimulating better sleep, all of which have been found to promote performance and workplace satisfaction. These advantages are amplified even further when employees work out as a group.

When co-workers work out together, motivation and inspiration skyrocket.

The accountability component can help each of them accomplish their goals more quickly, and having shared targets can help encourage the group much more. Some businesses engage their employees by offering additional advantages to those who follow a fitness plan or holding enjoyable competitions. Companies can place signage throughout their building to indicate the number of steps on a stairway or hallway. This inspires employees to make healthy decisions, such as climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator or walking the longer route to anywhere in the workplace.

Building Team Morale

Exercising with a partner or in a team not only enhances performance and reduces stress, but can also promote team morale, promote team chemistry, and improve workplace productivity. Positive competitiveness can emerge in group situations. For example, desiring to keep pace with those around you may cause you to push yourself harder than you would otherwise. Organizations may establish a more pleasant, cohesive work atmosphere by encouraging healthy competition among employees.

Providing Emotional Support

According to one study, the level of support provided by a training partner is also a factor influencing results. The same study found that getting a suitable workout partner boosted the number of activities people did. Moreover, it was discovered that when the new partner was supporting this enhanced even more. Yet, there isn't as much practical help as never missing a session. We're talking about emotional support and motivation. According to the findings, the emotional, social support provided by the new workout partner was the most helpful. As a result, encouraging one another is more vital than participating in the activity together.

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Reducing Exercise-Related Stress

Working out with a buddy or a squad can help alleviate the stress and pressure that many people experience while exercising alone. For many, the pressure that comes with working out alone is a significant barrier to admission, and having a sense of friendly competition and fellowship may make exercise more fun and entertaining. Based on one study, those who trained on a stationary bike with a teammate for 30 minutes felt calmer afterward than those who cycled solo. The FlexiSpot Desk Bike Series is ideal for exercising with a teammate or team during the intense workday to de-stress, keep on target, and burn additional calories. Be sure to check their under-desk bikes out:

Enhancing Better Mood

Employees were encouraged to work out at their workplace in another research, which included aerobics classes, yoga, and strength training over lunch. In the afternoon, they went back to their desks feeling less tired, more effective, and patient and accepting of their co-workers.

Improving Performance

It has been demonstrated that exercising with a buddy or in a team improves overall performance. People are known to work much harder as a group than individuals due to the Köhler effect. Working out in a team can help you improve your endurance, motivation, discipline, communication, and inspiration.

Boosting Workout High

Simultaneous group activities such as laughing, dancing, and performing music together provide a similar shared sense of joy – therefore, performing Zumba with your co-workers boosts your fitness level. And the increased endorphin surge promotes your pain tolerance, allowing you to work out for longer with friends and colleagues than you could alone.

Better Results

According to one study, having a committed exercise partner can also assist people in losing more bodyweight. Subjects whose partners lost at least 5% of their body weight lost more weight than those whose partners lost less than 5% of their body weight. Another study found that working out as a group has even more perks. If you've ever battled to stay on track with your weight loss goals, working out alongside your co-workers could help. While doing out with a friend increases your chances of staying with a weight loss program by about 20%, another study found that exercising as part of a team increased those percentages by an astounding 42 percent.

Lowering Stress

According to one study, working out with people you know relieves stress by 26%. It significantly increases the quality of life, with those who train as a team demonstrating improved physical, psychological, and emotional health. Those who went it alone saw little difference in their stress levels or well-being. The community benefits of gathering with friends and associates and doing something unpleasant while supporting one another yield dividends that go beyond exercise alone.

Keeping You Accountable

If you have a group of people cheering you on, you are more likely to adhere to your fitness plan. According to one study, participants who started a weight loss program with friends were more likely to stick with it than those who started independently. When you have to face your colleagues around the break room the next day, you're less likely to abandon the workout.

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Examples of Exercises for Teams

  • Running and walking are also great hobbies for teams. Consider getting a group together for a lunch hour walk or a jog after work if there is a trail near your job. With a "walk-run," you may build an exercise for various levels of fitness by alternating two minutes of strolling and two minutes of running. Those who want to run frequently can utilize this time to warm up before embarking on a more solid run.
  • Co-workers who have accessibility to a company gym can set up casual weight classes or spin courses. Even without such encouragement, co-workers can organize a group activity at a nearby gym to gain from shared responsibility and friendly rivalry.
  • Another supportive approach is to set a pace that the slow members of the team can align and then recognize points along the way where faster runners can separate. They can probably take a detour to ramp up their kilometers run while still finish at nearly the same time and endpoint as the rest of the crowd.
  • Consider running together for a marathon, fun run, or charity or fund-raising run.

Encouraging a devotion to fitness and health at the workplace can benefit both the organization and the employees who participate. 

Employers gain from more team effectiveness and performance, while employees benefit from health improvement and job satisfaction when they have excellent work connections. It's a major boon that more and more workplaces are adopting.