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Why you shouldn't hide your mental illness at work

06 December 2021

Life is filled with many different things. Love, loss, excitement, joy, and adventures. One thing that people don’t like to mention among these many different things is mental health issues. People tend to hide their mental health issues as if they were wearing a mask. Putting on a brave face is good in some aspects but having to hide that you’re in pain is never worth it.

We all want to make sure that we have our defenses up when we are at our weakest. We put a wall up to keep out things out and prevent them from taking us down when we are the most vulnerable. Mental health issues tend to be something we all go through in some aspects. It can hit us with a small swipe in the face or knock us down to the ground. Mental health issues can always affect us at any age starting from grade school up to old age years.

When it comes to mental health and work, they tend to not mix well. Work is pretty stressful as it is already, but having to fight the stress and mental health monster, while trying to put on a straight face can drive anyone mad. In those moments we can feel like we are drowning, reaching out frantically for some kind of lifeline to keep our heads above water.

mental health issues at work

You may be surprised to know that you are not the only one wearing this mask to hide your mental health issues at work, or even in the real world. People everywhere are going through what you are going through. It may be someone down the street from you or someone who sits right next to you at work. It is more common than you think. There are even people in higher-up positions at your work who may be going through the same thing you are, or even worse due to the stress climbing the corporate ladder can bring.

You may feel that you can’t talk to anyone about this but that is never the case. No matter where you are, it is a safe place to remove that mental health mask you wear and tear down that protective wall. Some people want to help you feel more comfortable with how you are feeling or even help when you may be having an anxiety attack. Most people who work in offices tend to suffer from anxiety, whether it be social anxiety or just regular anxiety or stress.

Some people may have these develop over time or even have pre-existing issues or trauma that follow them into a work environment. Knowing that you are not alone and people want to help, you can feel comfortable going to your managers, team leads or even your higher-ups in your work to let them know how you are feeling.

provide a friendly ear

These days, mental health issues while in the workplace are things any employer will take seriously. In the 10-20 years, employers are wanting to focus and show their employees that they are sensitive, as well as help to mental health issues. They want to be a resource for you at work and provide a friendly ear for when you need to speak to someone about this. Many companies offer healthcare that assists with therapy, prescription drug costs and even go as far as suggesting their employees have a mental health day.

Mental health days are very important, no matter the level of your mental health issues. They give us time to refresh our brain, calm our demons, and even take time for ourselves to take care of ourselves. Over the years many companies have even gone as far as to have their employees take a mandatory vacation or do a once-a-month mental health day. This support by employers has helped their employees and overall has shown spikes in productivity with their employee’s work.

All this help we can get from our employers is just an arms reach away. It isn’t something we should be ashamed of or even hide. It may take a lot for you to take that next step. It is scary for people to admit they have mental health issues. No one wants to be judged for being different. The great thing about the time we live in is that people are more accepting than they used to be.

feel comfortable taking that next step

When you feel comfortable taking that next step it is good to remind yourself that you should be proud of what you are doing. You are taking a huge step towards a better tomorrow and towards getting the help you need. Help is a great way to make your work life better. Due to perspective, many employers may take you as an employee who isn’t as productive as your peers, someone who isn’t showing growth, or even carving a career path towards more responsibility.

This of course is just an outward opinion but you got to realize that if they don’t know you are suffering, they won’t be able to tell just by glancing at you. Many people who have mental health issues tend to show it at times but many people seem happy or angry on the outside but are struggling or in pain on the inside.

Being honest with other people will also help you be honest with yourself. Being able to admit to people that you struggle with mental health will also help you admit to yourself that there are times you can’t fight it on your own. It will help you admit that you do need help and need to reach out to someone. The best thing to realize in all of this is to know that you aren’t alone, you don’t need to hide and you have helped out there for you. You have what it takes to conquer your mental health issues and progress to a happier life at work.