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Why Your Business Should Go Paperless: 5 Advantages

18 September 2021

If old files have taken over your workspaces, you may want to consider revamping your paper document filing system. Regulatory compliance frequently requires companies to keep boxes, cabinets, and stacks of records for security reasons, and this stockpiling is starting to cause congested workspaces across the country. You might even be making multiple copies of important documents just in case anything goes wrong, and you've likely seen how time-consuming it is to put so much effort into preserving information printed on one of the world's most fragile materials.

For businesses, the market is very competitive. The constant pressure to optimize efficiency and to reduce costs while keeping excellent customer service is felt. Going paperless is a great way to approach this.

Even though technology has made going paperless smoother than ever, many businesses have yet to make that transition. Many individuals are unaware of the tremendous benefits that paperless processes could provide; others are overwhelmed by the prospect of implementing completely new methods. But even so, there is no need to be concerned; the benefits of going paperless are significant, and it is now simpler than ever to eliminate paper from your processes and workflows.

A Paperless Workplace

A Paperless Workplace

A paperless workplace or office, also known as a paper-free office, is a workplace that uses minimal hardcopy and primarily digital documents. A paperless employee has reduced or eliminated the use of paper in the workplace. Digitization is the process of transforming paper files into digital form.

Since personal computers had become the foundation of the modern workforce, the concept of a completely paperless office has appeared. Despite the increasing number of digital files and email, most organizations continue to rely on paper files.

How Going Paperless is Good for Your Business

Businesses are unaware that the time spent searching for files and documents costs them money and harms their bottom line. 31% of survey participants in a study said that if they weren't looking for paperwork, they would be working on business growth. There are numerous advantages to a digital workplace, some of which you may not have considered.

Saves Space

Saves Space

One of the primary reasons for going fully digital in the workplace is to reduce the amount of office space that your paperwork takes up. Consider how much more productive your business can be once you get rid of those thick and heavy filing cabinets, containers, as well as the industrial-sized printer you had to buy. It is entirely up to you what you can do with this new space, and there are countless possibilities, the majority of which are much more interesting than physical documents. You may be able to transform the old archive room into a social hub for teammates, or you may be able to bring in new innovative and ergonomic furniture to add comfort and modern touch to your office aesthetic, such as those from FlexiSpot. Ergonomic furniture is beneficial to overall employee health and well-being. 

Enhanced Document Management

The workflow process for simply finding or trying to obtain a file can be time-consuming and exhausting. Paperless workplaces can alleviate this problem by streamlining their document management processes. Using specialized file management software can free up personnel resources while incorporating version controls, cloud-based editing, versatile search options, simple file transfer, and other features.

Disorganization can gravely limit your ability to get things done; the average individual spends about 10 to 15 minutes each day looking for misplaced items. Going paperless will relieve you of the stress of having to keep up with the chaos. You also will never have to worry about missing that one document that requires approval because it fell through the cracks.

Efficiency of Working Remotely

Efficiency of Working Remotely

Many businesses now consider remote working to be a part of life. The COVID-19 pandemic, which pushed many companies to change processes and enforce work-from-home opportunities for workers, emphasized the dangers of relying on paper records. While the COVID-19 pandemic may be over soon, work from home is here to stay for many business owners, which implies that paper documents may no longer suffice in terms of performance. A virtual office can guarantee that remote employees can work efficiently and effectively.

Your employees will no longer have to bring around folders full of documents to present and work with customers if you use a digital system. They will be able to use the handiest and modern method of working with PDF documents and emails. This can free up your key employees to work from anywhere because they are no longer be required to be fully present at the workplace to fill out paperwork and input data. Because of the rising use of laptops and tablets, those with authorized access will be able to access your cloud from anywhere at any time.

Reduced Costs

Adopting a paperless office saves your company more than just paper. The money being spent on printer maintenance, ink, toner, postage, and storage space, to name a few, will all lessen as your dependence on paper decreases. This is why switching to a digital platform saves businesses an estimate of $80 per employee. Workplaces that are becoming more efficient will reuse your expenditure as well. For instance, you pay for your employees' time; the more time they spend doing value-added work rather than routine paperwork, the greater the return on investment for them.

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Decreased Environmental Impact

Reducing your dependence on paper makes it easy to create a more environmentally friendly company. Even with recycling, the amount of paper used in workplaces in the United States increases by 20% per year. By reducing the amount of paper you use, your business can improve the environment. An eco-friendly strategy is not only more sustainable and environmentally beneficial, but it also benefits your company's reputation. Most customers know how much waste is generated in a workplace and are concerned about climate change in today's culture.

Speaking of eco-friendly approaches for your business, you may opt for eco-friendly ergonomic furniture for your organization, such as the following from FlexiSpot:

Shifting to paperless doesn't have to be overwhelming, and you don't have to make all of the changes in one go. Even minor cutbacks in daily paper utilization will lead to reduced costs. Begin your paperless journey today to see just how much it can profit you.