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Why Your Gaming Station should be a Stand-desk Gaming Computer Desk?

16 April 2021

The video gaming industry earned about 100 billion dollars in revenue in 2017. A majority of those gamers are using desktop gaming computers to play their games. Therefore, it’s no surprise that standing desk manufacturers are trying to get a piece of that action by designing “gaming desks,” which are standing desks that look cool with the gamers or have an impressive sound system built into the desk.


The million-dollar question here is; do gamers really need a gaming stand desk? When it comes to health, that is a big yes. Gamers spend hours sitting in front of their PCs and do nothing but just sit and play their games. That is more harmful than sitting in an office cubicle. In an office environment, the benefits of standing while doing the work can go beyond office hours. This should also apply to gamers when playing in front of their computer screens.

The issue here while work is earning a living and gaming is for leisure activities, most of them don’t want to compromise their comfort when playing. That means sitting all day playing not wanting to sacrifice the quality of their free time.


But what if we can convince the gamers that there is a reason beyond the health benefits and the reducing the chance of disease when using standing desks? What if standing desks can enhance the gaming experience itself? That way, it wouldn’t feel like they are sacrificing “me time,” but actually improving it? There has been some research that they can have a better gaming experience while standing, for a variety of reasons.


Benefits of Play Standing?


  1. Better Health….

Sitting too much is really bad for the health. The time spent sitting in a day during meals, commute, office hours, and leisure time like watching TV or playing video games can add up to 10 hours.

The healthier way is to spend less time in a chair. This means moving from a traditional desk to an active workstation like a standing or treadmill desk. If unable to acquire a standing desk at work, you can cut sitting time by 2 or 3 hours by changing the gaming desk to a standing desk.


Standing promotes physical benefits that include reduced back, neck, and shoulder pain, improved blood circulation, increased energy expenditure, and better posture. These will lead to a healthier life and happier gamers.


  1. Better Focus.


People who play while standing share a common experience once they stood up, they feel present and engaged in the game. Once the trend from sitting to standing is caught on, gamers immediately feel more connected to the screen and more focused on the game at hand. Being alert might actually improve gaming performance if they are into competitive games that need focus and quick reaction.


But in the case of higher dexterity movements of gaming, the use of a stand-desk gaming desk may throw off their strive. It is advisable to start with turn-based strategies or similar games that don’t require quick reaction time. In time the gamers will get used to the standing desk before moving on to quicker games

A good example is online chess, where adding a treadmill while playing can improve concentration and win percentage.

To further convince the gamers, studies show you can burn 16.7% more calories standing than just sitting playing your game. Any small actions while standing, like shifting the body weight from one leg to the other, can add up to burning calories.


Ergonomic Problems and Solutions


While setting up the ultimate gaming desk, it is a good idea to get a wireless headset. Some gamers noticed that standing let them be more physically active either due to slightly adjusting the standing position or celebrating a win.

Other changes to the standing desk setup will include getting an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat. Gamers will feel their feet hurt after standing too long or leaving an impression on the carpet. The mat will make standing more comfortable and enjoyable. It can even make prolonged standing painless.


Monitor height and distance are considered a must for ergonomic comfort when going to a standing desk. This to avoid straining the neck when looking down at the laptop screen. It’s advisable to buy a separate monitor and mount. The mount allows adjusting the height, tilt, and distance way more smoothly than a fixed stand or shelf.


A keyboard tray is discretionary since the elbows can rest on a full-standing desk. A mount can sometimes hamper the standing position of the gamer due to crossbars on most height-adjustable desks. But if the gamer wants to experience true ergonomic bliss, where the shoulders are always level and wrists are perfectly neutral, it is advisable to have the mount.



Choosing the Perfect Standing Gaming Desk


To get a great standing gaming desk, here is a checklist:


  1. Stability

Stability is even more essential for gamers than the average office workers because too much shaking can ruin the game. This is an important quality that cheaper desks lack. Gamers always go for desks that don’t always break down when pounding on the keyboard.


  1. Fast transit speed.

Transit from sitting to standing and back again is crucial when playing for long periods of time. It might seem a minor detail, but it can be frustrating at times when trying to change the height while the game avatar stands idly by. The silence of the motor is another sought-after characteristic. A noisy motor might not only disturb your gaming concentration but also others around you.


  1. Spill-resistance.


It’s true every dedicated gamer eats at his or her desk more than once so they can keep their focus on the game. With that, there will be spills and food scraps laying around the desk. Avoid getting a desk that will look filthy and stained over time. Make sure to find a work surface that can be cleaned easily and doesn’t warp when wet due to liquid spills.


  1. A bigger work surface for all the other items.

Space is important. Most standing desks do not have additional storage of traditional desks. Items like cellphones, headsets, or mouses can be misplaced if there’s enough room on the standing desk. Also, when it comes to setting up a multi-monitor for gaming, it will need more space.



For gamers on a tight budget, standing desk converters can be used. However, the large size of gaming rigs compared that to office desks would lead you to problems with smaller converters. The Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 55" W by Flexispot is a good starting point.


When looking for a desk, set aside a part of the budget for essentials like a monitor arm and an anti-fatigue mat to minimize fatigue, prevent foot pain and blood pooling, and promote good posture.