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Organize Better At Home With A Monitorstand Workstation

29 February 2020

Technology has become a part of everyday life, especially in the workplace environment. In the work place, you may be staring at a computer for hours at a time. Then at the end of the day you may have complaints about your neck being sore. Being ergonomically correct is very important to ensure you do not have any discomfort while using your computer. A monitor stand is something that would be beneficial in providing appropriate ergonomics, which will in the end provide more comfort just as an example.

Here are some benefits of a work stand:

Better Ergonomics

By having good ergonomics in place, it allows you to have better efficiency and comfort. A work stand will raise your work station to eye level, which will help to prevent strain on your neck and back from sitting in a downward perspective.

Comfort While Typing

Most surfaces and tables are not designed for how much you may be using a computer during the day. Your computer should be at eye level, which will allow your back to be straight and your elbows bent to a comfortable 90 degrees. With a work stand you are able to adjust how your body is positioned to your computer for a comfortable work experience.

Improves Airflow

Keeping your laptop cool is important for maintaining its longevity. Heat, generally speaking, is an enemy to electronics. Therefore, that is why they have built in fans to cool down. One source of heat your laptop comes from the inability for air to flow underneath. Work stands help to reduce this issue by elevating the device so to encourage airflow, thereby decreasing the heat of the electronic.

Organize Your Space

An organized space is something that something which helps with efficiency in your work. With a work station you can keep your pens, highlighters, etc all in one spot. Many of us live on Post It notes which may get scattered all over, but with a work station it would provide a magnetic board and magnets so you can keep all your note reminders in one spot that is visible for you. Organization and storage of things that are essential for your work day can help you to be successful.  

At FlexiSpot, they offer a monitor stand called MonitorStand Workstation S6G/S6T which offers many added benefits to your workspace. The stand provides a large draw which was specifically designed to be able to equip you with ample storage space which will allow your desk to be more organized and reduce and/or avoid clutter. The stand has a USB port on the side which will allow you to keep all of your electronics charged and you do not have to go digging under your desk for a plug. Another big added bonus is this stand has a built in UV sterilization feature. Your keyboard, mouse, pens, and all the things you may use/touch within your day all are filled with germs. You can place all of these items beneath the stand and in just ten minutes the items will be completely sanitized and disinfected. Therefore, this will help to keep you free of germs and healthy all year long.

When you receive the FlexiSpot work stand, the main body of the stand will come completely assembled. You will be able to set up the stand within a minute therefore not to affect a large amount of your time. All you have to do is attach the four feet to the stand, you do not need to have any tools! Once you have adapted to your work stand, you can purchase added accessories such as containers to really be able to organize your space. In conclusion, a work stand is a little investment that will improve your work life.