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Work Breaks and Hobbies: Exploring New Potentials

08 November 2021

Hobbies are key to helping us all find the little joys in life

We all enjoy the fun life can bring. Whether it is going to a new travel destination, experiencing the joys of an amusement park, or a laugh at a funny movie we enjoy the feeling we get when we have fun. These days fun can be a bit limited. With the pandemic making social distancing a stricter rule and not many people having a chance to go out in the world, many of us are looking for ways to enjoy ourselves.

Coffee Shop during Pandemic

With the limitations we are all having these days, things that used to be easy to do like going to the movie theaters are almost a thing of the past. Doing something as simple as sitting in a coffee shop to read is also something many people are losing the ability to do due to the pandemic. Because of this, many people have found that they are more invested in their hobbies as a form of entertainment.

Hobbies are great to have available to yourself anytime you find yourself in need of something to occupy your time. Everyone has a different hobby that reflects their personality and creativity. Some people enjoy writing or seeing a movie, while others enjoy drawing or collecting things. There are a million and one different hobbies you can enjoy or even try. If you have ever had a desire to learn something or even to dive back into a long-lost hobby, now is the time to get back on the horse.

Work breaks are a great way to not only look into hobbies but enjoy them as well. We all roughly get about an hour a workday of time for breaks. Sure using them to eat lunch and go to the bathroom is necessary, but you can also use that time to rediscover an old hobby or find a new one that you have always wanted to try.

drawing away on your tablet or iPad

There are so many possibilities on what you can do when it comes to finding a hobby you can enjoy while you are on your work break. Many people these days find that art is a much easier hobby to have on the go than it used to be. With modern technology these days most people are utilizing tablets or iPads to draw. The jump in modern technology has enabled people to take art tools with them anywhere they go. There is a nice feeling of relaxation enjoying your lunch and drawing away on your tablet or iPad.


Another great hobby that people have enjoyed while on their work breaks is crocheting. This is a great way to relax, be creative and also make something you will love. Many people have used crocheting to make things like stuffed animals, desk toys, coffee cup warmers, and many more things. Crocheting has been another way to help ease people’s anxiety, which is why a lot of therapists will recommend this as a way to turn your brain off during an anxiety attack or stressful situation.

Anxiety can be hard, especially while you work. People who suffer from anxiety tend to feel that their breaks are their only escape. This is all the more reason why finding something that can lower your anxiety levels and bring some joy to yourself while you relax.


Many people us other different types of hobbies to expand their knowledge. Some people have hobbies such as genealogy or even researching historical moments to learn about the ways of the past. These are very laid back and easy to do. You get a chance to not only learn but also get a chance to read up on things that may inspire you towards greater things.

stamp collection

Some people enjoy something simple as collecting items as a hobby. While a good amount of us tend to online shop on our breaks already, utilize your time to not only shop but shop for a collecting hobby you can expand on. Other people enjoy collecting art rather than drawing it while others enjoy collecting something a bit more low key such as pins or stamps. Whatever you collect expanding on this hobby or even joining an online community is a great way to share with people who also enjoy this hobby.

blog writing

One hobby a lot of people have been participating in the last few years has been writing. As mentioned earlier, modern technology has helped any time of creative hobby we have to be easily portable. Much like art, writing has endless possibilities to choose from. You could write poetry as a way to express some of the feelings you keep buried. You could also create an online blog where you write about truly anything. Some people create blogs as a way to share their opinions on something they enjoy.

There are great blogs out there where people write about movie reviews, video game reviews, how-to, or DIY-type projects. One that has been quite popular lately has been mommy blogs or new mother blogs. These are great for new mothers who want to write about their experiences or seasoned mothers who want to help the new moms out there who may be overwhelmed or confused on those to handle their infant.


Lastly, one other hobby you can try or pick back up again while on your work break is scrapbooking. Many people do this as a way to preserve memories of moments in their life they want to share with their families as the years pass on. Sometimes it is great to look back on those memories while you are building your scrapbook and bringing a smile to your face while you do so. This in a way is a similar way to journaling, which some people do as a way to write about their day to feel in some way they are being heard.

Hobbies are truly a fantastic way to spend your time while you are on your break, expand your mind and bring a form of accomplishment in your life. Work is stressful enough so finding a way to escape with these hobbies will truly do wonders for your mental health. Go out there, explore the world and find a hobby that speaks to you.