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Work from Home with Pets: How to Create a Cozy Corner for Your Furry Friends?

19 May 2021

Back in the days when you worked from your office, you may have gotten used to mild interruptions such as colleagues knocking on your door. However, despite working from home for so long, you still haven’t gotten used to pet interruptions. 

Sure, spending all day with your playful pup (or any other pet) may seem like a day well spent, but these mischievous critters aren’t good news for your productivity. Now that you’re stuck at home, and they might be disrupting your work area while seeking treats and begging for love and attention, it's time you learned how to create a cozy corner for them. 

Of course, it isn’t easy to explain to them which places of the home are forbidden to them and which of your belongings cost a fortune. However, you can always introduce your furry pal to a corner where they can spend most of their time surrounded by their favorite toys and treats. 

In this article, we will shed some light on how you can create a cozy corner for your pet without spending a fortune and going against your home’s interior design. 

Separate House

Granted, a run-of-the-mill dog bed may work for you, but if you’re looking for something a little more pleasant than a few worn-out blankets, you should consider building them a tiny wooden house. In doing so, your pup will now have a place to stay busy or rest while you get free from work and become their favorite source of entertainment. 

It shouldn’t be all that difficult to build a dog house that complements your home’s interior design. However, before you begin, make sure to leave adequate space by measuring your dog from nose to tail instead of measuring their height. It would also help if you left a couple of inches on either side for extra room. 

Recycle Old Items

It is also pretty easy to turn your pet’s corner into somewhat of an interior design feature. All you need is a little creativity and imagination and you can make something wonderful with some basket, cardboard boxes, or even some old suitcases. Again, what you make will depend on your pet’s size and breed. 

Try to make sure that your pet has enough housing space inside their new home, otherwise, they are bound to reject it completely and keep annoying you at work. 

Under Your Table

You can also utilize the space under your kitchen table or office desk for your pet. For instance, you can create a cozy little corner for your 4-legged buddy by adding a tiny dog bed and a couple of soft pillows to go along them. 

To go along with the aesthetic of a dog bed and your wooden furniture, a bamboo sit-stand desk may work well. The only other thing you might need is some of your pet’s favorite toys and their favorite snacks. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about them being up to no good while you are busy working from home.

Maze of Walls

If you have a cat you will know just how much these furballs like to climb high, especially when they are under a ceiling. This allows them the opportunity to watch over everything and keep a lookout for all the events. 

This way, you can design a brilliant decorative element in your home as well as satisfy their thirst for height by creating a maze of walls. This can easily be done with the help of several small shelves and maybe a dense fabric, so they don’t damage your furniture. By laying down this design, your feline pals will finally be able to satisfy their desire to climb to the highest spot in the room to stalk their prey. 

Window Sill

Another great option to satisfy your little furball is to hang an outdoor pet crate outside a window sill. Your pets will love the refreshing change of environment with some fresh air and countless new elements to sneer at. 

While a window sill may be a great corner for your pet while you work from home, you must provide them with adequate safety. For this reason, it would be a good idea to throw a net over the crate and use strong fasteners to hold it in place. Even if your window sill is closer to the ground, these safety precautions are a good idea to keep your pet safe from the external environment or, perhaps, from running away.

Secret Lair

It is no secret that cats love to keep an eye out for their surroundings from hidden spaces. Yes, this is a fact. However, they prefer their secret lair to be a comfortable place to relax as well. Well, we’ve got a couple of brilliant ideas for you. 

How about you empty some kitchen cabinets and cut out a decorative hole for your felines to enter and exit as they please. Similarly, you could also tailor a hideout for your pets in a closet that has plenty of room for the critter. The latter wouldn’t just work for a cat but also for a dog. 

Go ahead and create a cozy little corner for your pal to enjoy while you’re busy in the lowest part of your closet while placing all your personal belongings and books on upper shelves. Chances are that your pet will love its new home and won’t encroach your workspace.


Modern pet brands offer a large collection of options suitable for cats. If you aren’t willing to spend too much on your pet, you can also create a DIY solution. Here’s what you will need to do:

Get your hands on a tree trunk that has plenty of strong branches. When you’ve found one, equip it with a tiny house and a couple of benches on it, and then let your imagination lead the way. You can also let the tree trunk remain unchanged if it suits your home’s interior. Alternatively, you can decorate the trunk with some wound twine or other decorative elements like fairy lights. 

This treehouse will not only serve as a cozy corner for your furry buddy but also as a scratching post. As a result, you can keep them busy for a decent number of hours. 

Feeding Spot

Make sure that you pay attention to where you feed your pet. If you have a lot of pets, make sure all of them have a bowl so that they do not fight over food. Your pets should also be provided with a constant supply of water and all of these should be allocated to one particular corner. 

You see, it is a good idea to feed your animals at the same time and place daily so that they quickly get used to their eating routine and don’t nag you while you’re working.

Bed Basket

If you didn’t already know, both dogs and cats love sleeping inside a basket. It is both convenient and comfortable for these pets and a win-win for pet parents because they make a stylish element of interior decoration. 

If your puppy is small, you don’t have to spend too much money on expensive dog houses or baskets. It would be a better idea to pick an inexpensive option that you wouldn’t have trouble replacing later. 

But why not choose mattresses or rugs if you’re on a budget? Well, this is because baskets protect your pets from drafts and let them curl up inside to stay warm.

When your pal is all grown up and has stopped destroying all your belongings and everything that comes their way, you can finally invest in a most premium bed basket. If you’re wondering how to pick the perfect bed for your pet, make sure to measure their size beforehand. 

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