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Work Hard, Look Pretty

24 May 2021

While the world was on lockdown, people have let loose their image as they work from home. But as the vaccinations roll out in every state, there would come a time that we all would come back to report at our respective offices.

As you have spent a lot of time in quarantine, you may have forgotten how to put your best foot forward. Fret not, though, since here are a few tips for presenting your best as you head back to work outside the confines of your home.

Keeping your skin pretty and healthy

 Beautiful skin is always in, and it will enhance a flawless makeup look. To begin prepping your canvas, a.k.a. your skin, gently cleanse it with a mild cleansing foam to remove any dirt or grime—this aids in the absorption of the following skincare goodness.

Utilize a treatment to address particular skin conditions after cleansing. Luckily, several brands have been releasing excellent serums at a reasonable price point with high-quality ingredients. So, with a few drops of your favorite serum, you're ready to move on to the third stage, which involves massaging your under-eye bags with creamy eye treatments. These tiny but mighty creams will keep your concealer from creasing and will help it stay put long enough to keep you looking as radiant as fresh snow.

After tending to your eyes with tender loving care, it's time to hydrate! Avoid skipping this process if you have oily skin also. Your skin would love the added hydration, which would reduce the amount of oil it assumes it needs.

Although numerous moisturizing creams on the market, choose one that provides intense hydration while remaining lightweight and comfortable for your face. A heavy moisturizer is ineffective if you want to wear full-coverage makeup, as this will seem to move around on your face. However, if you're aiming for a natural makeup look, opt for tinted sunscreen for sheer coverage that will beautifully balance out your skin tone as it provides sun protection.

Following a hydrating moisturizer, the most critical stage is also the final one. And if you're not wearing makeup, sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine. Japanese sunscreens are your top pick if most sunscreens turn you off (thanks to the dreaded white cast and greasy residue! ). Not only can their sunscreens provide protection, but their oil-free formula also provides the ideal canvas for your foundation.

A full-coverage liquid base is a way to go for perfectly glam and flawless looks. In addition, you can choose an oil-free liquid foundation to ensure an all-day-wearing base. Consider cake foundation as makeup artists developed this form and formulation with movie stars under hot and stark studio lights in mind. If applied thinly over well-moisturized skin, the cake foundation will last through a hot and humid day.

Along with foundations, don't forget to set your base with a translucent loose powder to keep it matte and fresh. However, you can opt to set your foundation with a pressed powder that can add a tad more color to your face for more coverage.

Your peers' first impression of you is how expressive your eyes shine. This reason makes eyes the "windows to the soul." Meanwhile, the eyebrows are the "curtains" that beautifully surround them.

Still consider the less is more approach when it comes to daytime looks suitable for the office. To add depth to your skin, you can use earth-toned browns, pinks, nudes, and peaches, as well as some light shimmer to bring more light to your eyes. Besides that, save the dramatic smokey-eye looks for evening activities that need glamorous looks that stand out even at nighttime. In any case, you must not forget mascara, as it will serve to pull the whole look together for your beautiful eyes.

The natural look is your best choice for the most flawless brows for the office. Following the natural shape of your brows will give your face a subtle lift. Additionally, the lighter your brows are shaded, the more youthful and healthy you appear, as dark and square brows tend to age an individual.

This should be an everyday routine

After you've perfected your base and eye makeup, it's time to concentrate on your cheeks. Although there are three things you can do to improve the look of your cheeks, you can leave one or two out. Remember not to miss something, as a touch of color or glow at the highest point of your cheekbones will instantly transform you from plain to doll face.

Blushers shimmers and contouring will restore the depth of your face that foundations and powders take away. If you're unsure of the function of each cheek product, the blusher's role is to offer your cheeks a lovely effect. Additionally, this will make you appear younger and more lively. On the other hand, the highlighter is designed to give your face the most desired radiance that everyone is dying to have. Place it strategically on the highest peaks of your face, and you will shine like a goddess. Finally, the shading powder will give your face a chiseled look comparable to that of a model.

Although these three look fantastic together, they can also be worn separately for a natural approach appropriate for office daytime looks.

Lucious Lips

Ultimately, you can express yourself freely or subtly with your lips. Simply prep it thoroughly before applying any lip product. To do this, you can create a sugar-and-honey combo to scrub away the dry and rough patches of your lips. Gently massage the mixture, and you will notice that your wrinkles are redder and smoother.

In terms of formulations, liquid lipsticks provide a rich, matte finish that can survive your daily dose of coffee and lots of presents. These are difficult to remove but are ideal for long and busy days without the need for touch-ups.

Tints are sheer substitutes for those wanting a just-bitten-a-strawberry pout. If you wish to vivid colors but prefer a lighter option than liquid lipsticks, standard bullet lipsticks will suffice, though they will not last as long or stain as the first two options currently gaining popularity.

Remember, the lip color is the icing on the cake of your makeup look; hence, never leave the house without swiping one!

As you have an incredible arsenal of makeup, you must also invest in a standing desk that can prettily display your makeup as you get ready for a day at the office. It is a good thing that FlexiSpot not only offers a functional standing desk, but they are pretty to look at as well. A great example of this is the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W.

With four programmable height presets, you can comfortably transition to a sit-stand position from any of your preferred height settings with just a touch of a button. There is also a convenient USB charging port embedded on the table so that you can charge your phone while you are busy putting on your makeup. But that is not all because a convenient pull-out drawer provides seamless storage for your vanity table to neatly put away your makeup kits.