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Working With Pets: 11 Tips to Stay Productive

04 August 2021

Congrats! You've recently started working at home, or you're a seasoned remote worker who has recently welcomed a four-legged housemate/family member— and that's reason to celebrate. Amid all the excitement, you're worried that working remotely with a pet will be tough. You'll undoubtedly have a cute possible distraction. With the significant increase in virtual work rates over the last year, an increasing number of people have become "fur-workers," with pets accompanying them all through the day. Working from home has its pros and disadvantages, especially if you have a pet as a coworker (or boss!) who needs constant attention and amusement.

Pets help relieve stress, resulting in a more positive work atmosphere. Studies have shown that pets decrease stress hormones and some companies that allow pets have improved performance and motivation. Cats crying to be let out or dogs barking can, on the other hand, be a huge distraction from work.

Having a pet in the house could be one of the biggest hindrances to getting the job done. This does not imply that you must forego the home comforts in your life or your workplace. Because your pets are family members and stay in your home, it is normal for them to stroll in and offer you company. They don't understand the distinction between 'work' and 'home.' To them, home is wherever you may be.

Medical studies have shown that having a pet in your office makes you calmer, easing stress and lowering your blood pressure. You can appreciate your pet while also working successfully if you take a few minor measures in setting up your office. Here are a few pointers on how pet owner can retain their efficiency while still caring for their pet.

Exercise and feed your pet before work

It's a good idea to take the dog for a walk around the block after waking up early, then come home and feed them. Have your own nutritious breakfast before heading off to work. Your dog will be exhausted from the activity and will most likely sleep for most of the day. You will then be able to continue working uninterrupted.

Separate the workspace

It is beneficial to create a basic barrier between your work and your pet's play space. Setting restrictions during your work-at-home hours helps your pet get into a pattern, whether you put them in their crate or confine them to a specific area of the house. Setting them up in a space where they can relax, play, and sleep will go a long way toward keeping them occupied during the day. On the other hand, don't pay them too much notice when they walk into your office, as this would urge them to poke you even during business hours. Boundaries are beneficial.

Free the floor area of work and computer equipment

The space underneath your desk is a pleasant position for a cat or dog, and feeling the warmth of a pet on your toes can be soothing. Check that the area is free of anything that could be chewed or played with. Keep your computer equipment clean by placing it on your desk or a table near your desk.

Keep feeding times in mind

Feeding time is a crucial bonding occasion for pets, as well as a hint that you are paying attention to them. Consider breaking your pet's meals into smaller, more regular portions that you can integrate during play or training time. This can also help you resist the temptation to overfeed your pet or overindulge in treats only to keep them entertained during the day. Some owners prefer to feed their pets at particular times of the day, while others let their pets eat whenever they please. Having water and food ready for your pet while you work eliminates the need to take breaks to feed your pet.

Have a variety of stimuli ready

Older pets usually sleep the majority of the day, while younger dogs and cats will look upon you to keep them entertained. Provide them with the toys they want to keep themselves occupied until you can take a break for a play session. Because you're not paying any attention and have nothing to do, they may turn to scratch, gnawing, or other boredom- and anxiety-related tendencies.

Use a hard keyboard cover

Get a hard keyboard cover to prevent the cat from typing or trampling on your keyboard. Letting your pet step on your keyboard may result in a computer glitch. Pet fur in the gaps might potentially cause the keyboard to malfunction. So the simplest solution is to cover the keyboard while not in use and instruct the cat not to hop on the desk. This can be accomplished by squeezing a noisy toy every time they climb up.

Do not cave in to the begging and crying

If your pet has just been caged up for some time, mainly if they are used to having your attention whenever they want during confinement, you may notice signs of uneasiness. If your pet starts whimpering, weeping, or poking you at work, don't give in. This serves to remind your pet that they are in command and that they can obtain what they want by whining. Your pet may notice you are concentrating on something else and demand attention. Still, it is critical to dismiss this attention-seeking and educate them that calm conduct will be rewarded.

Install a pet flap/door in your home

By adding a pet door, your dog or cat will be able to go outside anytime they want or need to without bothering you. Nothing is more inconvenient than nature's call while on a video call.

Take a break halfway through your day

This is a tip for you as well as your pet. Your lunch hour can help you rejuvenate, raise your creativity, improve your memory, and revitalize your energy, to name a few benefits. As a result, if you spend your spare time outside with your pet, you will both gain. While you'll be eager to complete the day when you return to your desk, your pet will be exhausted after a rush of exercise. You can get through your tasks while they sleep.

Be ready for important phone calls

You should try to ensure your pet is quiet when you are on a business call. If you have a divider, you should go out of your way to keep them engaged. There are various toys available that'll have your pet completing a puzzle before it gives a treat. That should slow them down whenever you need them to remain silent.

Savor it

On certain days, you'll do everything on your to-do list, while on others, you'll be entirely sidetracked and unable to accomplish anything. This should not make you feel bad, nor should it negatively reflect your pet as a coworker. Allow yourself to "paws", spend time with your four-legged companion, and see if you can get recharged and back on track with your to-do list. Most don't have the opportunity to work from home, and even fewer have the pleasure of doing so with their pet by their side. It will take a little more time, but you will find a way to manage your tasks while also attending to your cat or dog.

Your Reliable Equipment

Numerous elements must be considered when optimizing productivity during the workday. External conditions encompass all of the effects that surround you while you focus, such as the quantity of light, your nutrition, the presence of other people at home, noise, and your working condition. This comprises ergonomic work equipment such as standing desks and ergonomic office chairs, which have scientific proof that they improve posture and health outcomes for professionals who spend many hours in front of computers.

Many pets would just love to be where your attention is, which means there is a tendency for them to join you on your tabletop. Big dogs can try to jump on it while cats can easily do so, only they can trample on your keyboard, and you can lose your work! Have a spacious while compact enough for small spaces and a sturdy and smooth height-adjustable standing desk with FlexiSpot's Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk. Your pet can take advantage of the space underneath your desk, significantly when elevated as you stand, whether for play or napping, long as they're sure they remain next to you. 

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk is a revolutionary desktop that is so comprehensive and practical it not only enhances productivity by prohibiting you from sitting all day, but it is also laden with functions and has an appealing elegance that sets it apart from the competition. With the press of a button, it changes from your ideal sitting position to your preferred standing position, all while keeping your monitor, mouse, and keyboard in the optimum ergonomic position for efficient and productive work.

Let's take a look at Comhar's features: 

  • Programmable Height Presets: The Comhar, which has four programmable height presets, is ideal for multiple users to save their favorite height setting in a family or work share situation. With a single button press, you may simply and smoothly transition from sitting to standing.
  • Spacious Embedded Drawer: A handy pull-out drawer in the tabletop offers convenient integral storage space for your essentials. The sleek design complements the rest of the structure while putting your belongings out of sight and securely tucked away.
  • Convenient USB Charging: 3 convenient USB charging ports (2 ports for type A USB, one port for type C) is incorporated in the desk for broad electronic device compatibility, sparing you the clutter and worry of tangled cords behind or in your under-desk space and keeping your devices energized throughout the day, as well as keeping your cables and pets safe from each other.
  • Wide Adjustable Height RangeComhar was created with the complete family in mind, and it has a wide adjustment range of 28.3" - 47.6" that find it suited to children's height.
  • Perfect Corner Desk for Small Space: A nook, corner, or vacant wall is all that is asked to accommodate Comhar for setting your own home corner office.
  • Anti-Collision Function: The anti-collision mechanism protects the desktop by preventing it from being damaged or crushing other objects and gadgets while in motion.
  • Safe Lock Button: You can disable the control panel feature by pushing this button so that you are not plagued by unintentional touches from your children or furry colleagues.
  • Three Classy Surfaces: Choose from wood, glass, or bamboo tabletops to suit your workspace aesthetic.

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