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Workout While You Work Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

24 May 2021

All-day work and sitting in front of a screen can be harmful to your health. After all, the body is designed to be active for the majority of the day. Sitting is intended for rest, and doing so for extended periods can have a detrimental effect on your health. Unfortunately, before being aware of what is occurring, it could be too late to reverse the consequences of excessive sitting.

Hitting the gym may be a sensible move. You have a personal trainer and a routine designed specifically for your body type and objectives. However, not everyone has the time or financial means to follow through with a workout schedule. In addition, working conditions and commitments will sometimes consume your day, and you'd rather relax at home than get shredded at the gym.

Luckily, FlexiSpot provides workers with diverse ergonomic height-adjustable desks and office furniture that complement each individual's personality and needs.

Now that you know where to find the suitable ergonomic height-adjustable desks and office chairs, what can you do to maximize your body's performance when working? Do not fret! This article will provide you with valuable hints and suggestions from the working world about maintaining a balanced lifestyle when performing sedentary responsibilities.

The starting moves

First, stretch your muscles out to alleviate the stiffness that has formed from working for extended periods. This would also improve blood supply in your body, which had been confined to one place as you concentrated on work.

Now that we've established that, let us begin flexing!

As with daytime stretching, clasp your hands together as you reach for the office roof. When you push and extend your arms up high, keep your palms facing upward. Maintain this stance for two to three deep breaths. After reaching up, Lift both shoulders toward your ears. After successfully raising it, slowly roll your shoulder backward. Repeat this backward movement three times more and then repeat the process, this time moving to the front.

Due to the high volume of typing and computer-related work, the finger and wrist stretch is critical to maintaining productivity and avoiding the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, this motion allows you to stand up to give your spine relief from prolonged sitting. To do this correctly, stand up and put both of your hands on your FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk, palms down. Ensure that your fingertips are facing in the direction of your body to maximize the stretch. 


The second segment of your workstation workout will concentrate on the upper body. Your upper body comprises your arms and shoulders, which are also critical if you spend your days working and typing.

Start with simple upper body exercises and gradually increase the strength and endurance to perform more.

While these arm circles will appear easy, be advised that this exercise can pack a powerful punch. When you stand, adjust your feet to be shoulder-width apart. Following that, stretch your arms horizontally to shoulder height and shift your arms in small circles. Repeat this 20 times backward and 20 times forwards. After going in circles, arm pulses are the step to do if you want to work your triceps while stretching and giving your shoulders a break from too much work. When you stand, bring your weapons to your sides. Then, holding your palms facing behind, pulse your arms towards your back while maintaining their straightness.

Another variation of arm pulses is prayer pulses, which are another way to work the pecs, biceps, and triceps. This step can also hit your stomach and upper back, which is a massive benefit if you spend your days sitting in front of a desk.

To do so, extend your arms forward and bend them upward 90 degrees, then surge up! Although it will seem to be easy, this exercise step will cause you to feel the burn. Rep 20 times and then take a break.

Although performing this move on the ground would be ideal, we strongly advise you to do so with your sturdy Theodore Standing Desk. As much as possible, minimize the contact with the surface because of germs and bacteria, which is why doing push-ups with a desk is perfect.

Start by stepping back a few steps so that your hands are completely flat on your desk and extended slightly wider than your shoulder length. Next, reduce yourself carefully to your desk and retain a tight heart. Then straighten your arms but keep your joints loose to perform a desk push-up smoothly.

Standing rear pulses is a relatively simple maneuver. To accomplish this, all you need is a sturdy standing desk. First, maintain a firm grip on the edge of the desk and bend your leg backward while flexing your foot. Next, lift your heel to the ceiling for a few inches and then return it to its original position behind you—alternate between raising the heel and pressing it down for 20 to 30 reps before switching sides.

And to finish...

The final move will improve your lower extremities' blood flow with the effortless calf raise. Stand on your toes and lift your heels ten times.

After engaging in physical activity, follow up with another stretch session to fully relax your muscles. Although these exercises will not make you sweat like a dog at the gym, they will ensure that your physical and mental health remains in good shape.

After all, your body is a sanctuary that you must maintain to continue serving you well. What is the point of working hard to accumulate savings if you are not healthy enough to reap and enjoy the rewards? Taking care of your body would also guarantee you that you would always be up on your feet for whatever task or obstacle your employer throws your way. You are always prepared and ready to accomplish every goal.

Therefore, go ahead and exercise while you work to help you achieve your optimal health!