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Would You Like to Own One of the Best Selling Chairs in the World?

28 April 2021

Chairs are of different designs, color, functionality, and materials.  These days, elegant chairs that are used by royalties are not one of the best selling chairs in the world.  People nowadays are not looking for opulence and complexity of a piece of furniture like chairs.  It is surprising to note that  a simple chair such as the stacking chair is one of the best selling chairs in the world.  So far, there are 14 million units sold and still counting.  That is, based on online  information about stacking chairs.

A Backgrounder on Stacking Chairs

A stacking chair is a simple but functional chair which is usually used outside the house for different occasions and events such as meetings, conferences, seminars, banquets, offices, hospitals, airports, canteens, restaurants, outdoors  such as the garden, or  patio, and homes have stacking chairs . As the name suggests, they are usually stacked up after use. They are  space savers, too because they are usually foldable or stackable.  The stacking chair traces its roots in 1963 when it was created by Robin Day for a certain company.  He used a plastic material called polypropylene, a” lightweight thermoplastic material” that undergoes the process called “injection moulding.  The byproduct of this process was a  stacking chair that had  a high impact resistance and durability.  Due to its durability and affordability, today,  it is still popular and patronized by many countries globally.

With the practical design and functionality of the stacking chair, it won  the “ Council of Industrial Design” award and was out in the market in 1965. Today, owning this practical chair is cheaper with bulk buying.

Types of Stacking Chairs

With different colors and styles  to choose from, stacking chairs were innovated according to its functionality.  As such, different types emerged. Some of them have different designs

There are also various types of wooden stacking chairs such as the 2-seater wooden stacking chair, armchair, and stacking stool. They also come with cushion or padded seating and / or upholstery arms offering more comfort to its users.

Benefits of a Stacking Chair

You may be wondering why many people all over the world patronize and buy stacking chairs even today.  One of the great benefits is having its practical use and durability.  A stacking chair can be used in any setting  and easy to move anywhere, outdoor or indoor.  The light plastic material  it is made of,  makes it lighter to lift and stack on top of the other after an event is finished.  Today, with innovations made on stacking chairs, they are improved with  different designs and  more comfortable to sit on.  There are also stacking chairs that are made for children’s use in  5 different sizes,  made with lifting holes so that even children can carry and lift it wherever they want to use it.  Another design caters to grown ups with graduated holes  for easy lifting whenever you want to use it outdoors.  Its versatility goes along with comfort  with additional designs to promote the best sitting experience for any user..

Factors to be Considered When Buying a Stacking Chair

Just like buying any piece of furniture for our homes, we can also consider some factors in buying a stacking chair.

  • Durability - when we buy a stacking chair, we can consider the material and compare plastic and wood for durability

  • Location - we may consider the venue where the stacking will be used often and who will be the common users. Some occasions like weddings may require chairs to be padded or cushioned for the visitors’ comfort and relaxation.

  • Common users - if the location where the stacking chairs will be used is a classroom, common users are young children who are active most of the time. So for practicality, you can opt to buy stacking chairs made of plastic.   

  • Style and Design - as there already modern changes applied in designing a stacking chair, the style and design matter if these chairs will be used for important events such as conferences, banquets, weddings, and the like  for added sophistication and elegance

In modern living, the stacking chair is never out of style. Innovations are continuously developed such that having a stacking chair is no longer for a practical use or to simply used to sit on, It is upgraded.  This quaint piece of furniture is now used as a decorative ornament at home.  With the changes applied to the structure, for example, the design of the leg has been given other form to make stacking more attractive to look at showing different colors as they are kept  in any part of  the house.  Piling them up on top of the other is seen as a form of aesthetics in terms how they are stacked up flaunting different colors.

With the evolution of stacking chairs, FlexiSpot has designed a great stacking chair that you will dream of owning one or more.  The Stacking Chair With Wheels And Tablet Pizarro T is the byproduct of  FlexiSpot’s ingenuity and creativity.  The features are outstanding with its functionality to boot.   Stacking Chair With Wheels And Tablet Pizarro T is not the ordinary stacking chair you know.  It has a tablet where you could use to write  or use your devices while sitting on this beautiful and ergonomic stacking chair.  The Clatina Pizarro-T Stacking Chair is an upgraded version of the Pizarro Stacking Chair with the tablet built with it. The tablet can be used to write down your thoughts or to use it as a workstation where you can also put your laptop or tablet to work on.  It also has a pencil groove for  your pencil for corrections, designing and drawing ideas.  When not in use, the tablet can be placed beside the chair for comfortable physical movements.  The backrest is also adjustable so that you can tilt it up to 15 degrees for a more relaxing sitting experience. The stacking chair comes in black and gray colors.