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Do You Like Your Job?

16 August 2021

Before the coronavirus pandemic, most employees were usually commuting to get to their place of work. Most employees worked in office buildings where they became adjusted to working and spending more time outside their homes. I surmised that they also found satisfaction with their jobs and were staying longer until they thought of retirement.

In my case, I spent more than 22 years with my employer because I was satisfied with my job and with the salary plus fringe benefits I received for those fruitful years I stayed with. Actually, it is not only me that spent long years of employment with my company. Almost all of us stayed with our employer longer than expected. We had the same reasons for doing so.

Today, the pandemic is still lurking around us and this was the very reason why most employers allowed their employees to work from home. It’s been a year since the onset of Covid-19. As such, those working from homemade some adjustments to their lifestyle which now becomes an issue.  

I think most of us are informed through news stories that workers now find it difficult to go back to the office while they were already used to working in the comfort of their homes. Companies or employers are requesting their employees to report for work. However, some employees found that it is more advantageous to work from home than commuting to the office to work.

Based on what I have heard and read from news stories, most workers found working at home more beneficial for several reasons: Working from home is a smart choice financially because they do not need to spend on gas, food, and other expenses when they are in the office. So they have more savings for doing so.

Another reason is that they can avoid stress due to traffic jams waiting for them on the street. Rush hour traffic congestion is a pain in the neck and it produces stress among workers. Staying on the street for a longer time is exhausting and boring. The time spent being stuck in a traffic jam is time wasted that should be put to use for other tasks that could be done at home.

Next, workers argue that staying at home is more comfortable and stress-free as the atmosphere is more relaxing and refreshing than an office building where many employees can be subjected to different stressors such as noises, employees being so busy, bosses that are always visible in the workplace make the atmosphere more intense,

Lastly, bonding with family members and spending quality time in between breaks is a great moment for both the worker and family members. Relationships become more stronger and communications lines are widely open for some small talk and other activities that may establish greater rapport among family members. Telecommuters or workers from home can also take a rest at any given time to regain strength and to rest their minds. They are all necessary for a worker’s efficiency and productivity.

While some resist reporting for work, it does not mean that they have to change jobs or employers. Although, these days, workers prefer to work from home or resign and get a new job. While others prefer to stay with their present employers for several reasons and I guess they are satisfied with their job and financial rewards.

There are several reasons why workers want to stay with their employers. I have mentioned earlier my reasons for doing so. However, I also share some of the reasons which are different from mine as indicated in an online article for your information:

  • Personal values or ethics of an employee conforms to the company’s values that the employee can be satisfied in their work and stay longer with the employer because they agree to the organization’s values that also mirrors the employee personal values
  • Job satisfaction - this entails work environment, financial rewards such as salaries, and fringe benefits that employees receive in the company. Company policies and rules also contribute to employee’s happiness or satisfaction they get from the job. Workers’ smooth relationships with others is also a factor that is considered why some employees prefer to stay with the company.
  • External environment - this may indicate the proximity of the worker’s residence to the office building where he works and the time he consumes commuting from home to work. When the worker’s home is near the office building, there is a tendency that the worker will stay longer with the company as it has many advantages over working in a far-flung area.
  • Internal environment - some workers have already established strong relationships with their co-workers that make it hard for them to leave the company especially when these workers have been working for the company for many years. They do not want to break the relationships instead they want it to extend until they retire
  • Workers like the job they are doing even though they receive salaries that are not that high. These workers are those who do not want changes in their lifestyle. They just want to have a decent job which they can perform well without getting stressed and anxious.
  • Workers stay because they see that the management takes care of them giving priority to their health and well being

We can name other reasons for staying longer with employers as our financial and other needs are met and we can enjoy our job as we perform our tasks efficiently and productively.

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