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Writing Advice to Ponder

14 June 2021

Writing is one activity that we cannot do away with because it is a form of communication. I mean, if you cannot share your ideas verbally or in a conversational manner, you have to write your message of your ideas on a piece of paper to make your intended receiver understand you.

Young and old people, unschooled or schooled, have to write to send messages and ideas to the receiver. For example, when you are late for work and there is no way for you to give some reminders at home, you write a small note and post it on the fridge so that your family can see it. 

Another instance is when you are in pain and unable to speak, you also write your message on a piece of paper and hand it to your intended reader or message receiver. We cannot avoid writing even in this time of digital technology, with our smartphones and other devices, we still cannot avoid writing.

Although we have notes, reminders, and other Apps to write down reminders and other notes that are important, these Apps sometimes fail. For example, when it is in low battery mode or no longer working, we cannot see those important notes that we need to retrieve at any time we need them. There are times that we cannot recall other people’s phone numbers, and the phone is not working, it is useless to write down the notes on the App.

I admit that I have my App for notes on my smartphone. However, I still carry a small notebook where I write important numbers, passwords, and other relevant notes on my small notebook which is more handy and easy to retrieve for that important number or note regardless of where you are and when your phone is not working.

In other words, we still have to write and we still need a pen and paper to do it. I think it is still very useful to have it handy inside your bag. However, sometimes we change our bags and leave other things including the notebook. That is the risk now when we have to write notes manually and not with our smartphones. So be sure to put it inside your bag which you are going to use for the day.

Another risk is when you are forgetful at times because your mind is already overloaded with information that we tend to neglect some things that are important to us. I think even young people experience forgetfulness due to information overload. So, they want to retrieve information the fastest. Anyway, my point here is that we cannot do away with some traditional ways such as writing notes in these times of technology and the digital era.

You may find that it is a little bit awkward to know some important things about writing. Anyway, I hope you find these reminders helpful especially for those whose profession is writing. Here are some bits and pieces of writing or rewriting rules and regulations if you are into it.

  • When writing, be consistent in using short and average sentences. You know long sentences are hard to read and they make us impatient. Although, writing short sentences should be indifferent sentence patterns to have variety.

  • Do not use unfamiliar spelling or strange words. Otherwise, your target readers might not understand your message and not continue with the reading

  • Remember that using plain language for easy reading is sometimes hard to write. So be sure to have your simple vocabulary words ready when you write

  • Nothing is supposed to be self-explanatory. You are responsible for making your readers understand your point and message on your written article by explaining it to them through written words

  • When you want to catch your reader's attention and you want them to recall your message, place the emphasis on your message at the end.

  • Try to give illustrative and tangible examples to your readers to make them understand easily

  • Start with the general statement and end with more specific ideas and with examples.

  • Have a consistent organizational structure for your composition. That is, expressing first your observation about your topic. Then give factual information such as statistics to support your stand. Lastly, express your stand on your topic, it might be negative or positive depending on where your decision lies.

  • Each of your ideas should be written in separate sentences to avoid confusion from your readers.

  • Echo your stand at the end of your composition or article so that the readers will not forget your point of view

  • Do not forget to check your grammar and vocabulary words when you write your rough draft

  • Use a basic dictionary so you could use common and simple words as plain language is usually encouraged for better reading and comprehension among your target readers

With these writing reminders, you can already start doing your writing task as a freelancer or company-based. I treat these reminders as a gem because I also do write as my means of livelihood. Although I admit sometimes, I find writing already boring, I still do it because it is my passion and I think I have a knack for it.

Regarding where I usually write my articles, I have an old table given by my grandma because I do not have the time to scout and buy one. But I have one company in mind where I can purchase a great table for writing. 

FlexiSpot is a manufacturing company for ergonomic home and office furniture that I am now interested in. There is one desk that I really love to own and that is the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk which I find to be unique with the bamboo material for the desktop. The bamboo surface implies nature which is eco-friendly.

I also love it because the surface is resistant to insects, water, and scratch. It also has a reminder system alert that will allow the user to sit or stand while working to prevent discomfort and pain. It will alert you when it is time to stand. Of course, it is ergonomically designed. Why not have yours too, today!