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17 Ideas on How to Use Floating Shelves

11 January 2023

Floating shelves are an incredibly versatile and chic addition to any home. They are a design trend that refuses to go out of style, and for good reason! Floating shelves can be used to store and display a vast assortment of items in all corners of a house. They are space-saving, decorative, valuable furniture pieces that can elevate the look of any room. But the best part about them is that there are endless ways to use floating shelves.

Let's explore some tips to use floating shelves in your home!

Here are some fantastic ideas to use floating shelves creatively:

Practice Minimalism

If you have a lot of space in your room or home, it does not mean that you need to hang artwork on all your walls or occupy every corner of the space. You can let the room breathe by installing floating shelves to ensure a minimalist, organized look. Similarly, if you have a smaller space, you can beautify your home with floating shelves as they fit neatly in tight spaces. With the right type of floating shelves, your tiny space can become your minimalist abode with its defined character without overcrowding your home.

Welcome a Modern Approach

Give your Floating Shelves WSF1 a distinct look by bridging the gap between your kitchen cabinets with these shelves. The shelves can extend the length of your wall and make your kitchen appear modern with an effortless installation. It will also give you ample storage space for all your essentials.

Add Your Shelves above the TV

Another brilliant idea is to add some floating shelves above your TV to draw the eyes of your guests to your décor. It will enable you to fade the TV into the background seamlessly. You can decorate the shelves with color-coded books to attract the eyes and make your space more inviting. Alternatively, you can place figurines and potted plants on the shelves for a cleaner look.

Less Is More

At times, you will only need one floating shelf to complete the look of your room. For instance, in a chic living room, you will only need a subtle, understated floating shelf that you can use for various objects, such as tech accessories and décor items. The space might appear too busy with too much furniture, so a floating shelf will be the perfect addition to keep things light and breezy.

Build a Statement Wall

If your room is a hub of neutral hues and sharp, clean lines, you can add a lot of dimension without compromising the aesthetic of the space by installing linear, neat rows of Floating Shelves WSF1 adorned with your chosen décor. For instance, you can choose to line the walls of your drawing room with these shelves and break the monotony with bold, colorful sculpted figures or your favorite leather-bound books. You can also showcase different types of artwork on these shelves.

Use the Shelves to Display Your Books

Suppose you are a bibliophile who loves displaying your books. In that case, you can invest in narrow floating shelves to display your vast collection without the edges of traditional shelves getting in the way. You can break the uniformity with small potted cacti, figurines to hold your books, or statement décor situated amongst your books. You can also keep the shelves solely for your prized possessions. Be it magazines, limited edition copies of your favorite fiction, or historical and nonfiction books and biographies, you can display them all and create different codes for them.

Create Laundry Room Storage

If you have a small laundry room and you are struggling to accommodate drawers or cabinets inside because of the limited space, you can install floating shelves on the walls to make the space more functional. This way, you can put your laundry essentials on the shelves and even throw in some décor to add some personality to the room.

Beautify a Corner

If you have an empty corner in your room that looks bland, you can install floating shelves in that space to spruce it up. Depending on your vision, you can adorn the shelves with your favorite décor pieces and family pictures or personalize them however you want. You can also use this tip for bathroom or kitchen storage and make use of unused corners of these rooms.

Display Your Memorabilia

You can install floating shelves in your drawing room or lounge and use them to display your favorite memorabilia, trinkets or souvenirs from your family adventures or solo travels, old family photos, and even the awards you or your children might have won academically, professionally, or in another sphere of life. It will act as a gallery-like display.

However, if you are taking this route, make the shelves the center of attention of the room and don't add other special elements; otherwise, the space might end up looking too crowded and lose its charm. Moreover, when styling these shelves, arrange the smaller objects of various heights together for a dynamic look that will balance everything out.

Camouflage the Shelves

If you want to give the ultimate effect of floating shelves, choose shelves that will match your walls seamlessly. They will effortlessly blend with the background and make the space look more inviting while giving the effect of floating shelves. You can use the shelves to place your photographs or books and ensure the camouflage look will make your objects pop.

Use the Shelves for Your Plants

If you're someone who loves caring for and planting indoor plants, you can benefit from durable Floating Shelves WSF1. These shelves are designed to withstand the weight and look effortlessly chic. You can use them to display a vast array of your potted plants, including beautiful cacti, flowering plants, herbs, perennials, and more. With the natural wooden texture of the shelves, the plants will contrast beautifully with the background, making your room appear more inviting and adding that fresh green color to the space.

Organize Your Kitchen

You can use top-quality floating shelves to replace your kitchen cabinetry. For instance, you can install floating shelves atop your counter and style them with your dishes, cutlery, etc. You can also use these shelves to keep kitchen essentials, such as your spices, coffee, sugar jars, knife holders, wooden bowls, etc. Make sure to mix and match things to add visual depth to your kitchen and make it aesthetically appealing.

Make an Above-the-Bed Display

One of the most useful tips for using floating shelves is to make an above-the-bed storage and décor space with them. You can build these shelves into the room and use light accents to accentuate them. Alternatively, you can install them on your walls and keep woven baskets, books, statement pieces, and other items on these shelves.

Makeup Storage

If you want a minimalist look for your room and don't want to invest in a chest of drawers to store all your beauty, skincare, and makeup-related products, you can invest in floating shelves. Keep all of your skincare products and beauty routine items in neat storage baskets or bags on these shelves. You can also display the bigger items as is on these shelves and make sure to install them close to your mirror for easy access. They work well with floor-length or full-length wall mirrors.

Beautify Your Home Bar

If you have a bar in your home, you can use floating shelves to keep your stemware within reach above the bar cart or wet bar. It will ensure that your fragile stemware and other glassware remain out of children's reach. Moreover, it will create a beautiful, aesthetically appealing bar with crisp lines and pristinely decorated sparkling glassware and alcoholic beverages.

Display Your Record Collection

Are you a music lover through and through with old-school preferences? Do you have a vast collection of priced records in your home? You can install floating shelves in your bedroom or drawing room and display your incredible record collection on these shelves. You can add higher shelves for larger collections and display your albums according to a code that works best for you based on what you listen to the most.

Create a Beautiful Entry Space

A house's entryway is often the place where you keep essential items, such as your house and car keys, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, outdoor shoes, etc. If you have a small entryway and no space for storage cabinets, you can invest in low-hanging floating shelves to keep these essential items so that you don't misplace them.

The Bottom Line

Floating shelves are a brilliant furniture accessory you can add to your home for a clean, minimalist look. Review the aforementioned tips to use floating shelves so that you can make full use of them. You can also use Floating Shelves WSF1 for office supply storage, kiddie room toy decoration, bathroom storage space, and so many other purposes. It all depends on your imagination, available space, and needs.