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19 Accent Chairs for Your Office

23 March 2022

Accent chairs, aka side chairs, are always a pleasant addition to any room. Be it a bedroom, a living room, or an office; an accent chair can make a world of difference in the aesthetics of the space. On top of that, it provides an additional seating option, which is not needed!

No matter how much seating space you have in a place, it is pretty much never enough. That's when an accent chair can come in handy while enhancing the room's visual appeal. All in all, accent chairs make excellent furniture pieces for an office and home alike.

That said, choosing one may be tricky as there are so many choices to consider when buying an accent chair. Like pretty much all furnishings in a room, a side chair is not only about enhancing the functionality but also bringing depth to the space's interior. Therefore, picking an accent chair becomes a complicated task for anyone.

But don't worry, to help you pick the perfect piece for your office (or even house, for that matter), we will share most of the available options so that you know which style matches your taste.

Ahead are some incredible accent chairs for a workplace.



Traditional accent chairs are reminiscent of the Victorian era with petite design and narrow wooden armrests. They typically come in earthy tones and seem rather inviting.

For a workplace, a traditional accent chair may not be the best choice because it can give off a cozy vibe which is not the atmosphere you want in the office unless it's for the break room or reading nook. Smart and sleek furnishings are more appropriate for workplaces as they complement the business environment and don't let employees get too comfortable.

Modern And Contemporary

Modern and contemporary design are often used synonymously, but the two are quite different.

Modern accent chairs follow a minimalist approach with clean lines and pastel, muted colors.

Contemporary pieces, on the other hand, are compact and have sharp lines but with bold patterns colors.

Both styles are well suited for a workplace because of their simple designs.

If you want to keep your office decor strictly business-like, you should go for a modern side chair. However, if you wish to add a bit of character to your workplace by bringing cozy furniture, you should opt for a contemporary option for your accent chair.


As the name suggests, transitional accent chairs reflect a shift from the classical style towards a more modern approach. Simply put, they combine the old and new features in a single piece.

A transitional accent chair has clean lines and elegance of the modern-day design with a touch of warmth and comfort from the past. It's a glorious mix of a bit of everything, making it a wholesome addition to a workplace.



Rustic furnishings stick to the basics keeping the appearance of the accent chair as natural as possible. Wooden structures and earthy tones are the main elements of rustic design.

Rustic accent chairs work incredibly well in attracting attention instantly as they typically stand out from the rest of the furniture pieces in an office. In simple terms, they are excellent to add a bit of drama to your workplace. If you are down for it, invest in a rustic side chair.

Cottage Or Country

Cottage or country decor style takes inspiration from the rustic design but with a twist of its own. It is generally based on wood and has a rugged structure topped with brightly colored upholstery. Think of those massive sofa-type chairs grannies use in cartoons, such as the one in courage the cowardly dog.

Of course, that's not the most elegant example; it's surely enough to give you an idea.

Pizzazz Or Glam

If you work in showbiz or are involved in any kind of creative job, you should consider buying a glam accent chair. It is full of flamboyance, masking a simple basic structure. That is, the overall design of such a piece is not too elaborate; the upholstery fabric and colors are what blow the pizzazz in it. Features such as metallic colors, velvet upholstery, and bold patterns are some quintessential elements of a glam accent chair.



Coastal accent chairs are inspired by the sea, which is why they often exhibit cool colors, such as blues and greens. They are meant to give off a welcoming and laidback vibe, pretty much like the ocean.


Scandinavian design is all about functionality over everything else. It uses organic materials such as timber and leather to give a luxurious vibe.

French Country

The french country primarily focuses on glamour. It offers a warm and welcoming vibe mixed with luxury. Think of fluffed-up, incredibly comfortable furniture pieces that draw you towards them with their grandeur.



Bohemian accent chairs blend all the bold and bright design elements into one. If you are drawn towards vibrancy, artistic flair, and overall fun creativity (nothing too high-brow), the bohemian style will work for you.

Aside from the styles, another aspect of accent chairs that you need to know before buying one is the different types available in the market.

Arm Chair

Perhaps the most popular accent chair choice, an armchair comes in many textures and colors. It is a comfortable seating option with broad armrests to rest your elbows.

Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is pretty much like an armchair without the armrests. Since it doesn't offer a resting place for the user's arms, it may not be the comfiest option for many people.

That said, slipper chairs are excellent to add a touch of elegance to an office. Besides, why do you need a comfortable side chair in your workplace? You don’t have to spend hours in it, so the smart approach would be to go for looks over comfort.



A lounge chair might not be the most suitable for an office as its main purpose is to provide the user a place to rest their back- not something people usually get the time to do at work! However, if you want to set up a reading or relaxing nook in the corner of your office, a lounger with an ottoman may be an ideal fit.


As the title gives away, a barrel-shaped accent chair is a circular (barrel-shaped) furnishing that’s cut out for a seat in the front. It has a high back that continues into high armrests.

Wing Back

Wing-back chairs are timeless furniture pieces that have been a highlight in most formal rooms, such as a library or study. With its broad back that turns inwards towards the base into petite armrests, a wing-back chair is perfect for a workplace.

It not only offers functionality but also comfort and elegant touch. If you bring one to your office, you might find most visitors hogging it while on a visit.



A Papasan chair is more likely to be seen on a deck or balcony where people go out to take in the fresh air. But you can put one in your office if you wish to be known for your bold design choices.

It consists of a circular frame with a pouf cushion that perfectly fits inside, creating a dish-looking crater. It is comfortable but doesn't allow the user to do anything other than to read a book or kick back and relax. So, if you want to use your office accent chair as a seating option to take a break from work, perhaps a Papasan chair would work.

Club Chair

If you have watched mad-men or any other show set in old times, you must be familiar with club chairs. These pieces were a highlight of clubs back in the day, but now they are used as accent furnishings in homes and offices.

A club chair has a deep cushion surrounded by high rectangular armrests that merge at the back to form a broad high back. It's typically seen in dark brown; however other colors are also available in the market.


The compact, versatile piece of furniture that is a convertible chair fits incredibly in every space. Be it a living room, library, or office; a convertible will blend in well with the surroundings.

It features foldable backs and feet rests, allowing it to transform into a variety of shapes. It can work as a formal seating option for your office and also provide you with a lounger to relax when necessary. Simply put, a convertible chair is the ultimate package you need in your workplace.



Also known as a sofa, a chesterfield chair acts as a remarkable accent for any room. Its deep seat cushion, leather upholstery, broad back that turn into rolled back armrests, and nailhead trim offer unmatched comfort and a refined aesthetic.

Ending Note

While knowing all the different styles and types of accent chairs can be helpful in deciding on a piece for your workplace, your preference should take precedence over all else when choosing a side chair.

That said, we’d suggest you consider the look and feel of your office to choose the perfect furniture piece for the space.