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2 of the Best Study Desks for Students this 2021

12 August 2021

Studying is a laborious journey that needs a tremendous amount of time and considerable effort. Nevertheless, this journey will bear more fruit in the future for your child. As you supervise your child, you will notice that there would be minor and even major distractions along with hardships that they must face.

From a mind-boggling topic to an uncomfortable study desk, these are just some of the problems your child can encounter. It is your duty as a parent to be the guiding light whenever they will face these scholastic hardships.

But why is it important to be a guide rather than coddle your child when it comes to their studies? Here are the three reasons why:

  1. You are teaching children to be autonomous. - While giving in to your child’s tantrums and cries may seem like a good solution, this is only for a short time. The next time that they do not get what they want, your child can revert back to throwing tantrums and crying loudly. You are then compelled to soothe them in ways such as answering their own assignments or letting them take too many long study breaks. That is the reason why as parents, we can only be the guiding light. It will help them develop critical thinking skills and better study habits in the long run. 
  2. You are teaching them to be creative. - As parents, we can provide our children with the necessary materials that they need for their projects. Let them take the reigns as you help them accomplish their artistic or scholastic requirements. For example, if they want to use glitter for the model of their solar system, let them be. You can teach and supervise them as they do their projects but the creative control should be theirs. If your child asks for your opinion, honestly tell them what you think without being overly critical. You can poise your opinions as suggestions. Children can take these suggestions to heart so it is important to guarantee that it can foster a great learning environment for them which also values their skills.
  3. You are teaching them to manage their time efficiently. - Once you give a child free reign to their studies, things could go south if they never learned how to schedule properly. During pre-school up to elementary, set a study period in which all of their assignments must be finished with your help. This can cultivate a routine that your child will bring as they grow up. Once they are old enough to study on their own, they will learn that time is on their hands. Your child will then have to make decisions that they think would benefit them more. For example, If your child loves gaming, they could be tempted to start gaming right once they step foot inside the household. This could be counterproductive for their studies though as it can get harder to study at night when they should be sleeping. As a parent, you must instill in them an appreciation for the time and teach them how to manage it efficiently.

As you guide your child through their studies, you need to equip them with the best study desk to help them get better grades and posture as they hit the books. And lucky for you, FlexiSpot has the best study desks to match your child’s personality.

The Best Standing Desks From FlexiSpot

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

1. Vici Duplex Standing Desk

The Vici Duplex Standing Desk by FlexiSpot offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for the child who wants a clean table whenever they study. This FlexiSpot ergonomic standing desk has two modes: the single-tier and two-tier mode. But what is the difference between the two? Here are their uses which can help your child:

  • Single-Tier Mode - When your child uses the single-tier mode, the Vici Duplex Standing Desk helps them have a stream-lined space where they can sprawl out every art and study material they may have. The single-tier mode provides ample area if they have tons of work to do for their study session for the day. 
  • Two-tier Mode - This feature can be done with a little raise of the rear desk which will reveal another ergonomic way to study. Your child can place their computer or laptop on this elevated part to provide a better studying position. The two-tier mode can also be used by parents while they work while supervising their children. 

The Vici Duplex Standing Desk has every feature that your child will need as they study. FlexiSpot guarantees every parent and child a sturdy and dependable design that can fit any home's aesthetic. This standing/study desk is made with powder-coated steel tubing that can withstand cracks and scuffs and maintains steadiness even at its maximum level.



The GAMING DESK WITH MOUSE PAD - 63" W is the perfect gaming/study desk for every child who loves to play computer games and keep their minds sharp as they study. But what are the features of the GAMING DESK WITH MOUSE PAD - 63" that can help them? 

The first feature is the mouse pad that encompasses the whole span of this gaming/study desk. The mouse pad is crafted with a substantial silicone material covered in a microfiber cloth to provide a smooth and comfortable surface as they play or study. The second feature can help your child organize their station. As most schools are sticking to distance learning, your child may be using headphones for a long time. Many headphones available in the market are bulky which takes up so much space whenever it is left on a desk. But worry not because the GAMING DESK WITH MOUSE PAD - 63" W has a headphone hook that will be within a convenient reach. Every child also needs a bit of refreshment as they entertain or study by themselves, that is why FlexiSpot included a cup holder which will keep every drink out of the way and secured to prevent any spills and stains. 

Final Thoughts

Studying is a laborious journey that needs a tremendous amount of time and considerable effort. But with FlexiSpot, your child has the best study/standing desk combo they could ever need. Head over to our website to learn more about our products and score amazing deals to help you build an ergonomic study area and office in the comforts of your own home.