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3 Unique Standing Desks for Corporate Achievers

07 June 2021

The Challenges of Being a Corporate Achiever:

Goals and achievements. These are the things that most corporate achievers reach in the office. Alongside these things though are the harmful effects of stress and fatigue that they experience. These are not just creating havoc on their mental health but also create problems like:

  • Ergonomic Problems:

When stress triggers, one worker finds it difficult to maintain a good posture. It affects their spine health and as a result, they lose good blood circulation. This is for the reason that long hours of sitting with an improper posture. This habit creates effects on the spine area, hips, legs, and feet. Hence, some corporate people experience severe back pain, cold shoulders, gout, and other illnesses that started from poor posture. 

  • Weight Problems:

This is one of the problems most corporate workers encounter. Due to the sedentary lifestyle that they have because of long hours sitting by the chair, they lose the chance to get rid of the fats through sweat. Sitting for long hours could affect their movements and limit their ranges. This could accumulate fat in the midsection. Thus, if you notice most corporate workers have a bigger stomach because they are the ones who spend more time sitting all day long and their workout activities are replaced with sedentary ones 

Aside from these, there are other complications caused by a sedentary lifestyle however these are the ones mostly encountered by office workers and that's what we are going to focus on. How to help them look for alternatives that could promote an active lifestyle. These alternatives are found at Flexispot where standing desks that promote good ergonomics are found. These products are made to ensure the safety of the users and are done in a precise manner to achieve ergonomic products that are on the cutting edge. 

The Gift of Ergonomics:

Countless articles talk about the harmful physical effects of poor posture that most office workers experience. Hence, one of the ways to find a solution for this is to help promote good ergonomics in the office. Thus, Flexispot is here for all the corporate achievers who wish to venture into the best careers without putting their health at risk. The products from Flexispot are considered to be above and beyond because of the precision of the materials used to create these ergo products. Aside from these, Flexipot standing desks are considered to be premium quality because of the following:

  • Users may choose between single motor and dual motor when it comes to standing desks. The motor system of the Flexispot standing desks optimizes the lifting system of these products. With these parts, the height adjustability of these sit-stand desks becomes possible.
  • The Flexispot standing desks are sturdy and robust because of the metal bases that are installed with them hence putting objects on the surface would not be a problem because they could carry these objects without getting wobbly or damaged. 
  • Standing desks from Flexispot have memory presets that could help a person make the operation of this product easier because one just needs to check his height preference for a quick lifting. 
  • These standing desks have buttons that have the up and down movement hence one could do the phone calls while waiting for the desk to be lifted or put down without the worries of the objects on the surface tumbling down or getting damaged. 
  • These standing desks could carry devices like laptops and they are not fragile compared to ordinary office desks. They are fully motorized too hence the mechanism of these products is considered superb. 

With the good points of Flexispot standing desks, one could consider these products to be part of the office. These are just some of the basic information that could help one decide if he would purchase a product from Flexispot. The next part of the discussion will focus on the product descriptions and specs that could distinguish one superb product from the other. These are the top-of-the-line standing desks from Flexispot that are: 

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5

  • This is the standing desk that is made for the goal-driven corporate workers. This is designed with a dual-motor lifting system that makes the operation quicker. In a corporate setting, time is of the essence hence using this kind of standing desk could make a worker save time as she works different tasks in a day. 
  • This standing desk from Flexispot has an anti-collision system hence it could protect the product itself from getting damaged no matter how many objects there would be on the surface of the standing desk. 
  • It also has a lifting speed of 1.4 inches per second so a worker could assure that the product would give a fast movement during operations. 
  • With just a touch of a button, this desk could lift a weight of up to 220lbs which means even with large devices or other office stuff, one could ensure that this would be easy to use. 
  • Even with the fast lifting speed supported by the dual-motor system, one could still ensure a quiet and steady operation hence it would not disturb others who are working in the office.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

  • This is another standing desk created for the achievers. This could carry a heavier weight that is up to 275lbs which means aside from the laptop, one could add other office stuff that is considered heavy. 
  • This also has a dual-motor system that is incomparable and unique. This is because compared to other office desks this system could optimize the lifting capacity of the sit-stand desk without much noise. It could also ensure the steadiness of the product when the desktop is lifted with the objects on the surface. 
  • This could also be adjusted to a width of 43.3" to 66.9". So it would be spacious especially if one would prefer to maximize the space occupied by this product. 
  • What's amazing about this standing desk is it's made of natural materials hence the user is safe from other pollutants that are commonly used in ordinary office desks. There are materials used that could be harmful both for the user and the environment. 

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

  • This is best for the corporate achievers who do multitasking. This is because of the design of this duplex standing desk.
  • It could hold a lot of office materials because of its two-desk form. It means that a user could change it to a two-tier deck making it more versatile and could give him a wider worktable surface. 
  • It also has a lifting capacity of 132lbs hence it would be easy for it to carry objects like small office devices, paper, and folders.
  • One could also record his preferred sitting and standing height with ease. With just a little click, he could preset the digits on this standing desk. 

Final Thoughts:

Being a goal-driven person is not easy. More moments test your patience and give a lot of stress but one could find the right pieces of equipment such as the ones from Flexispot that could help her achieve her corporate dreams and would protect her against the possible health effects of fatigue.