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4 Ergo Chairs for Young Gamers

07 June 2021

Young Gamers and Their Health:

Roblox, Call of Duty, Mobile Legends,

Name them all and you would see a bunch of young gamers getting excited to play these games. These games are not just enjoyable but most young gamers find them satisfying because they can take part in a bigger community and they can express their creativity through these games and platforms. However, these games become harmful for kids because aside from they get to spend more than 2 hours playing these games which are considered addictive, these games place havoc on their health. In particular, the body parts that are strained because of long hours of gaming are:

  • the eyes
  • the lumbar area
  • the spine
  • the lower torso

Kids may not notice the health problems that are created because of long hours of gaming. However, these would have long-term effects that are delayed. When they get older the effects might be triggered and could cause complications. Hence, the best solution for this is to provide them with the best ergonomics and Flexispot has a wide array of products that could provide the young players the safety and protection that they deserve. Hence, let us enumerate the reasons parents should consider the best ergonomic gaming chairs from Flexispot.

Why Choose Flexispot Ergonomic Chairs:

  • Aside from the sturdy and height-adjustable standing desks, ergonomic chairs from Flexispot could also offer the best and incomparable ergonomics in the market.
  • Ergo gaming chairs are made from parts that are fully motorized and are applied with a reliable gas lifting system that makes a person protect his shoulder area, arms, hands, and lumbar. 
  • These chairs from Flexispot are having sturdy frames that could carry and lift children who are tall and have bigger body frames. 
  • The metal bases of these ergo gaming chairs are considered durable and could stand hazards that could damage the product itself. 
  • Ergo gaming chairs from Flexispot have the rocking function that could make the motion of the person sitting convenient no matter how intense the gaming is. If you noticed especially with kids when they get excited they tend to jump or leap that causes friction on the chair. For ordinary gaming chairs, this may damage the base or the adjustor installed on it but with Flexispot ergo chairs, one could ensure the safety of both the child and products no matter how forceful the movement on the product is. 
  • Flexispot ergo gaming chairs are easy to clean too because they are considered soft and smooth plus these chairs have cushions that do not collect moisture even when water is spilled on them. These cushions do not accumulate moistly which might make them a breeding ground for insects. Hence, we may consider these ergo gaming chairs to be safe for our young gamers. 

So, we are done now with these reasons to choose Flexispot ergo gaming chairs. Many parents worry about their children's health and safety. A lot of kids these days become sick and weak because of certain improper ergonomic practices such as incorrect posture. Thus, choosing Flexispot is recommendable for parents who want to let their children enjoy their game time without putting their health at risk. 

The third part of our discussion would be focused on enumerating and describing the topmost ergo gaming chairs from Flexispot. These ergo gaming chairs that we would be discussing have incredible product specs and descriptions that could be considered beneficial for young gamers. The best ergo gaming chairs are: 

The first one in the list has a wide chair dimension and is considered a big gaming chair. Despite its size, it could still be used by our young gamers. This ergo gaming chair is called the:

Gaming Chair GC01

  • GC01 has amazing specs such as its dimension which is 26"Lx19.3" W5x51.2"H. Looking at these specs, it could make a parent decide to purchase it because it could be safe for the child to use this product in his game. 
  • This product has a weight capacity of 275lbs too. Hence, regardless of the person who's going to use it has a large body frame, this ergonomic gaming chair could carry the weight of the young gamer. 
  • The headrest measurement of GC01 is 22.8 inches wide and the backrest measurement is 19.3 inches wide. Hence, sitting on this ergo gaming chair is convenient. 
  • This ergo gaming chair also has a pillow and a lumbar pad. These parts allow the young gamers to optimize their movements during games. 

Now, we're done with the first ergonomic gaming chair. The second one that we are going to discuss is: 

E-Sports Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Pillows 8521

  • This ergonomic gaming chair is multi-function and has a great ergonomic design. It promotes a comfortable sitting position. 
  • Its weight capacity is up to 300lbs hence it could carry a weight of a child easily. 
  • If a gamer needed to rest his arms, it would be easy for him because this ergo gaming chair has a padded thickened armrest hence he may relax and optimize his blood circulation after an intense game. 
  • This ergo gaming chair also has a seat cushion that makes the sitting experience comfortable especially for the hips and buttocks because these are the body parts that are severely affected once a person does an improper ergonomic posture. 
  • Lastly, this ergo gaming chair has smooth-rolling casters that make the product easy to use. 

Now, we're going to discuss the third ergo gaming chair on the list. The third in the list is known for:

Ergonomic Gaming Chair 35717

  • This is an ergo gaming chair that has a wider seating area dimension that is: 19.5"x20". This is ideal for gamers that are active and keeps on moving a lot during the exciting games. 
  • It has a backrest dimension of 23.5"x19" so let the young players use this would be ideal because it could safeguard the movement of our children while playing games. 
  • It also has a soft padded seat that makes it comfortable for those who would sit here. 
  • Its gas lift system is also superb compared to other gaming chairs because this gas lifting system is SGS-certified. 
  • We're halfway through this discussion today. Now, as we move on, let's talk about the last kind of ergo gaming chair. This gaming chair is known for having a footrest. The last one on the list today is: 

Gaming Chair with Footrest 8525

  • Gaming Chair 8525 is an adjustable PC chair. You may adjust and recline it up to 155 degrees using a lock mechanism. 
  • This is made from high-quality materials such as steel frames. 
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs hence letting your child sit here is easy and would be safer for him because this ergo gaming chair is considered sturdy. 
  • Lastly, the dimension and weight of this product is 16.54" by 20.47"

With these specs and descriptions, the Gaming Chair 8525 is truly one of the best choices for gaming chairs. 

Final Thoughts:

Playing games is part of the child's right to enjoy, hence it is good to let them play and discover their skills in a fun-filled way. However, we must also take care of their health through equipment that could help them improve their posture and ergonomics through products from Flexispot.