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4 Ergonomic Chairs for Corporate Achievers

04 June 2021

The Ergonomic Problems of Corporate Achievers:

Back pain, neck pain, numbness around the back, spine fatigue. These are the things that most corporate workers experience. These may not have immediate effects as they slowly occur and get worse in a long time. A lot of hardworking individuals complain about these kinds of pain in the later years. Some may not affect their motions but some easily feel this pain especially after working the 9-5 work hours. Some workers are also unaware that these kinds of body pain may lead to serious illnesses such as: 

  • Osteoporosis for Women

This is common for women. This happens because the bones on the back become brittle as we grow older. Women are the ones prone to this condition. Some women experience having a hunched back in the later years. Some symptoms start with simple back pain then as years pass by this may worsen. 

  • Lumbar Pain

This pain is felt around the spine area. This is common with people that do not use the right equipment such as the ergo chairs. This is because ordinary office chairs do not have the right design that could support the lumbar area. 

  • Buffalo Hump 

This is the lump around the back of the neck. This is caused by the pressure put around the neck brought by the improper sitting position where the back is not straight and the pressure is accumulated at the back. Hence, if you notice, some workers have thick backs because of this. 

Now, moving on, we will discuss the importance of choosing the right ergonomic products that are designed to support the lumbar, hips, legs, and spine. These ergo products are made not to break your bank but would give you an above and beyond sitting experience. These ergo products are from Flexispot. In this next part, let's know why one may consider Flexispot being part of their office and what are the advantages of purchasing an ergo product from this company: 

Flexispot: The Home of Superb Ergo Products:

When we talk about the amazing ergonomic products, Flexispot could offer a wide array of these pieces of equipment. At Flexispot, every corporate achiever would be able to achieve the absolute comfort and ergonomic solution that he deserves. The other advantages of choosing Flexispot are the following:

  • Flexispot ergonomic chairs are done with precision and engineered with sophistication. They have combined the aesthetics and science of ergonomics with their products. Hence, one worker could enjoy an absolute sitting experience with Flexispot ergo chairs. 
  • The ergonomic chairs are made with superb quality mesh brackets, headrests, and adjustors that could optimize comfort for anyone who likes to use the product. 
  • Flexispot ergonomic products are height-adjustable and offer parts that make them on the cutting edge. From the adjustors to the rolling casters, these ergo chairs could safeguard the posture of any office worker that would spend more than 8 hours on this chair. 
  • These products are considered stable are fully motorized. Hence, one could be at ease with these ergo products because these ergo chairs could carry weights as heavy as 220lbs so one could freely move while sitting on these chairs. 

Looking at the advantages, one could easily decide what kind of ergo chair from Flexispot would be suitable for him as an office worker; what specs would make him decide on the right product to choose. In the next part of our discussion, we will be talking about the 4 ergo products that could aid the corporate achievers as they continue taking care of themselves and optimizing their posture in the office.  

4 Ergonomic Chairs for Corporate Achievers:

Being a champ at work becomes a challenge for some because of different reasons and one of these reasons is the ergonomic problems that a worker experiences when doing tasks in the office. Hence, these ergonomic chairs could aid any worker who likes to finish a task delegated to him with a sense of fulfillment. The following ergo products from Flexispot are: 

Under Desk Bike V9U

  • This is known as the best standing desk mate. This is a very reliable desk bike that you could cycle on while doing a task in the office. This could make one worker stay active without going off the bike. Finishing a task would be more exciting with this under the desk. 
  • It has an 8-level magnetic resistance that helps a person control his cycling as he continues working on his standing desk. This is helpful because one could enhance his sense of balance while he is on the desk bike. 
  • This product has a weight capacity of 300lbs so one could be ensured of stability during his cycle on the desk bike because it could bear his weight without him falling off this piece of equipment. 
  • This piece of equipment has a height-adjustable range from 75.2cm to 94.2 cm so people ranging from the height of 5'1 to 6'2" could sit on this desk bike comfortably. 

Adjustable Ergonomic Office Executive Chair LYL

  • This ergo chair has an adjustable seat height that could cater to the needs of anyone who wishes to feel comfortable while working and sitting on this chair. 
  • This ergo chair is known for its mesh ergonomics. It has a breathable mesh that could allow a great airflow as one sits here. It also has a waterfall seat edge that adds up to the comfort this chair may give. Compared to ordinary office chairs, this ergo chair lessens the numbness or pain felt within the legs after hours of improper sitting. 
  • One could take his arms too with the curved armrest on this ergo chair. It could optimize the comfort because we all know that after long hours in the office our arms and shoulders are the parts of the body that experiences pain hence this kind of ergo chair from Flexispot could be helpful to alleviate pain along the forearms and shoulders. 

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 5405

  • This ergo chair is made not to break someone's bank because, for just $134.99, one could enjoy the ultimate ergonomic experience that a worker deserves to have.
  • This ergo chair from Flexispot also offers a breathable mesh fabric that does not trap the body heat optimizing the circulation in one's body. Hence, by sitting on this, one could greatly experience the comfort that could help him focus on his tasks for the day. 
  • The Mesh Office Chair 5405 also gives the absolute ergonomic back support with its curved backrest that follows the curve of one's spine. 
  • This ergo chair also offers 3 different tilts such as the independent back tilt, variable seat tilt lock, and Pneumatic seat height adjustable which would help anyone achieve their desired sitting positions.

Ergonomic Office High Back Mesh Chair with Adjustable Headrest H3005

  • This ergo chair is known for its superb rocking function that is from 90 degrees to 108 degrees. With the said function one could be able to relax and stimulate his body system safely and accordingly. 
  • This also offers the seat height adjustable function that allows one to adjust the ergo chair especially during busy hours in the office. With this function, one could multitask effectively at work. 
  • This ergo chair also has an adjustable headrest that could help him relax his neck after long hours of leaning closer to the computer.

Final Thoughts:

Working on the goals we set in our daily tasks in the office could be challenging. One must stay alert and active for him to achieve these things. Physical pain could be a hindrance but choosing the best products such as the ergonomic chairs from Flexispot could help one overcome these constraints.