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4 Ideal Standing Desks for Kids and Adults

08 June 2021

Differences and Similarities of Kids and Adults:

Adults and kids are different in many aspects-from their body frames and height to physical activities; adults tend to do a lot of stressful activities while kids do activities they love doing very much. Despite these differences, both still need the same protection against ergonomic problems such as spine strain and sprain. Both adults and kids experience these kinds of body pain hence they should have the same protection against injury. However, what is the best way to alleviate or prevent further injury? In today's article, we will answer that question. We will discuss the importance of ergonomic products that could protect both adults and kids from severe body pain and injury.

The Kinds of Body Pain that are Commonly Experienced:

Most of the time, adults are the ones prone to these kinds of body pain but in some cases, especially these days that more people are drawn to gadgets and poor ergonomics children sometimes experience the pain that adults experience too such as: 

  • leg pain
  • neck pain
  • spine sprain and strain 
  • numbness in the lumbar area
  • pain around the lumbar area

The levels of tolerance of adults and children differ but in some cases especially for severe cases, some pain could not be endured. Hence, there should be solutions to that. 

One company has this kind of solution and those are the ergonomic solutions. This company is Flexispot where a wide array of standing desks, ergo chairs, and office equipment made on a cutting edge technology are offered. Thus, let us know why Flexispot could offer these solutions and what makes these ergo products suitable for the market. In particular, Flexispot standing desks are some of the products that could help most people experiencing these problems. This is because the ergo products from Flexispot are known for: 

  • The most flexible height adjustability:

This is one of the most impressive features of Flexispot standing desks. They grow with kids and they could support the adults while working and studying. With the help of the lifting system and motors that could be single or dual, the user could fully rely on these products.  

  • Being fully-motorized:

Flexispot Standing desks are fully motorized. With the parts that enable the rocking function and adjustability of the products, one could enjoy and feel relaxed while using these ergonomic desks. 

  • Features and parts that give absolute convenience: 

Memory presets and height adjustors: these are the parts that give full convenience for these products. 

Now that we have ideas on these standing desks we will talk about the next part of this topic which will discuss the sought-after ergonomic standing desks that are offered by Flexispot. The following height adjustable standing desks are: 

The 4 Ideal Standing Desks for Kids and Adults:

The first one in the list is known to be a combination of modern technology and classic design. Both young and adult users would get attracted to this not just because of the design but the features as well. This standing desk is the:

Theodore Standing Desk UD1B

  • This standing desk has a 3-step quick installation that would not be complicated to install compared to other office equipment. 
  • It has up and down buttons that help a user adjust the height of this standing desk. 
  • The height range of this standing desk is 29.5" to 49.2" so it could also be useful for our kids. 
  • It has a desktop size of 47.6" for the width and 23.6" for the dimension. With this, putting a mini device on this standing desk would be fine and safe. 
  • Its maximum lifting speed is 1" per second so it would be fast but still safe to use. 
  • Charging of devices is convenient with this standing desk because it already has a built-in charging port hence it's not difficult to do a lot of things while at work. 

Now that we are finished with the first standing desk, the next one that we are going to discuss is 

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

  • This is a standing desk that has improved stability. This sturdy and could carry more stuff. 
  • This has a lifting capacity of 154lbs (not including desktop weight) 
  • The height range of this standing desk is from 28" to 47.6". So it is ideal to be used by adults and children. 
  • It is made from natural sources like bamboo. 
  • This product has an MDF (medium-density fiberboard) that protects the standing desk from kinks or knots; giving it a smooth surface. 
  • Its chipboard comes in different sizes: 





  • This is an affordable standing desk that protects the user from spine-related injury because one does not need to bend when adjusting this standing desk. 
  • Using this standing desk is convenient and does not create noise because of its whisper-quiet operation. Hence, it would not be a disturbance if one would decide to operate this or use this during work time or study time. 
  • This standing desk offers a smooth adjustment because of its lifting system that makes it easier for one to operate on it.
  • What's amazing about this product is it has a sit-stand reminder hence if one would work using this standing desk, a healthy routine would be done effectively because of this.

Next on our list is a standing desk is known for its natural material that is bamboo. It has a desktop that is insect-proof and scratch-proof. This standing desk is:

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk:

  • This standing desk has a lifting capacity that is 220lbs (not including the desktop weight) 
  • Its height range is from 24.4" to 50". 
  • One could use it without disturbing others because it has a whisper-quiet operation. 
  • It is a stable and sturdy standing desk because of its metal base that is coated with a 2H-lacquer coating. 

Now, we are down to the last kind of standing desk that is the:

Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B

  • ED1B is a drafting table that is height adjustable. It could suit the needs of both adults and kids. 
  • It has an anti-collision feature that protects both the user and product from damage or injury. 
  • It has integral parts that help a smooth operation and transition such as a tiltable tabletop, an extended platform and a spacious drawer 

Final Thoughts:

With the following standing desk products, both kids and adults would be protected against the common pain and strain felt because of poor ergonomics. Hence, choosing Flexispot products is wise for that matter.