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4 Pieces of Office Equipment Every Home-Based Startup Needs

19 June 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented crisis for businesses. According to reports, over 200,000 permanent closures of businesses over pre-pandemic levels were reported, and individual companies account for at least two-thirds of these closures. These closures are outside of layoffs during and after the pandemic.

However, a positive trend that emerged in a post-pandemic world is the surge in new businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a tidal wave of entrepreneurial activity. Statistics reveal that paperwork to start over 4.3 million businesses was reported last year, which accounts for a 24% increase from the year before. Moreover, this is by far the most recorded in a decade and a half.

The surge accounts for an unexpected turnaround after a 40-year decline in entrepreneurial activities in the U.S. and has served as a hope for the economy as startups are typically the key source of job growth and innovation.

Given that there is an increase in home-based small businesses, it's critical that entrepreneurs are aware of what essential pieces of office equipment they'll need to sustain a successful business. While many entrepreneurs are of the view that they need capital and determination to run a successful business venture, they often need to pay more attention to the significance of an appropriate office equipped with the right supplies. With an appropriately equipped office, you can look forward to more efficient operations and fewer unnecessary hassles.

In this post, we share a list of four pieces of office equipment that your small, home-based startup needs.

4 Pieces of Office Equipment Every Home-Based Startup Needs

1. A Desk and a Chair for an Ergonomic Workstation

If you've decided to set up a home-based startup, the most critical step is to invest in an ergonomic workstation.

Many individuals who start a home-based business end up on their couch or kitchen stool. While it may seem like an easy way out, in the long run, inadequate sitting posture can seriously affect your physical and mental health.

Sitting for prolonged hours in an unsupported position without maintaining adequate posture can strain your muscles, joints, and tendons, eventually contributing to musculoskeletal concerns. As a result, it is common for individuals who do not maintain an adequate working posture to experience aches and pains, especially neck and back pain. Persistent aches and pains lead to various psychological concerns, including anxiety and depression, and can severely affect your quality of life.

Moreover, apart from posture-related concerns, not having a specific workstation can be distracting and have implications for your newly established business.

It's, therefore, critical to set up an ergonomic workstation in a specific section of your home and use it as your workplace every day. Choose a location in your home that's aware of distractions. If you don't have a separate room available at your home, you can set up your workstation in the guest room or even the garage. However, it's best to use something other than your bedroom as your workplace, as it often affects a person's productivity and focus.

Once you decide on the most appropriate location in your home to set up your workstation, you need to invest in appropriate workplace equipment.

An ergonomic office chair and a desk make the two critical workstation essentials.

Let's take a closer look at each.

Ergonomic Office Chair

An ergonomic office chair is designed to give your body adequate support while you're sitting so you can maintain proper posture at all times. It makes a critical piece of office equipment as an ergonomic office chair is often height-adjustable, allowing you to adjust the height of the chair such that you can maintain an adequate sitting position with your feet firmly rested on the ground. Moreover, ergonomic office chairs are also depth adjustable, so your hips and back are firmly aligned. Some ergonomic office chairs also feature adjustable armrests for optimal balance and relaxation.

With proper use of ergonomic office chairs, you can look forward to improved posture and enhanced quality of life.

However, given the overwhelming variety of ergonomic office chairs that are available on the market, it's often difficult to decide on which one makes the right choice for you.

The Ergonomic Office Chair BS7 makes a great ergonomic office chair for your workstation. Combining the elements of ergonomics and elegant design, it makes a great investment for your home-based startup. Featuring an adjustable seat and a breathable mesh construct, the ergonomic office chair is designed to keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

A Desk

The other critical aspect of an ergonomic workstation for a home-based startup is a desk. Once you have designated a space in your home that you intend to use as your workstation, you can then decide on which desk will be the best fit for you, given the space considerations. Moreover, you also need to decide on how much you're willing to spend on the desk when setting up a home-based work set-up.

You can choose between smaller, fixed desks if you have limited space; however, if space is not a limitation, you may invest in a height-adjustable standing desk that allows you to alternate your position from standing to sitting and vice versa. With the flexibility to alternate your position, you get a chance to work in different postures that are good for your overall health and well-being.

2. A Computer or a Laptop

One of the other critical essentials you need to operate a home-based startup is a desktop computer or a laptop; hence it should always be on top of the list of office equipment your home-based business needs.

You can choose a desktop computer or go for a Windows laptop, a MacBook, or a Chromebook, and you'll come across endless choices of laptops to choose from. However, if you're planning to get one on installment, you should beware of the high-interest rates you'll be paying.

With this piece of equipment, you'll spend less time maintaining data about your existing and potential clients, calculating payrolls, filing tax forms, invoicing customers, and a wide range of other functions.

3. Computer and Laptop Accessories

While a computer and a laptop make a great versatile tool that helps you smoothly manage your day-to-day tasks related to your business, you'll still need to invest in a few computer or laptop-related accessories that will ensure that you can work efficiently while maintaining adequate posture.

Some of the accessories you'll need for your home-based startup include the following.

A Laptop Stand

A laptop stand allows you to adjust the position of your laptop such that you don't have to slouch or hunch over the screen. Placing your laptop on a stand raises it to your eye level, which ensures that you maintain adequate posture and can conveniently prevent neck pain, headaches, and backache.

A Separate Keyboard and Mouse

To set up an ergonomic home-based workstation when using a laptop, it's essential that you invest in a separate keyboard and mouse. Using a separate keyboard and mouse will allow you to position your arms in an ergonomic position such that there's no strain on your hands, wrists, and arms, and you can protect yourself against repetitive strain injuries.

Monitor Arm

Investing in a monitor arm makes a tremendous home-based workplace solution if you decide to work on a desktop. Using a monitor arm allows you to elevate your screen, which leaves enough room on your workstation while raising the screen to eye level, allowing you to maintain good posture while working.

4. A Phone

It's always a good idea for a small business set-up to invest in a separate landline or smartphone that allows you to stay in touch with your business stakeholders.

Depending upon your preference, you can opt for a landline or a smartphone, and while the choice of phone is important, the strength of connection will be equally critical.

If you choose a smartphone over a landline, consider the storage space, speed of charging, quality of the screen, and the phone's software when deciding on the most suitable phone for your business.

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