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4 Positive Feng Shui Office Ideas for Home

25 May 2021

Are you looking for some Feng Shui office ideas for your home? 

producing your home office might make things look pretty and presentable. Feng Shui lets you take things further by attracting positive energy, good fortune, and success into the mix. The ancient philosophy is equally beneficial for workspace productivity and efficiency. 

This article covers the basics of this philosophy along with practical tips to incorporate according to your style. 

So, get ready to design a home office you love with these simple tips. 

Let’s begin. 

The Basics: What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (means wind-water) can be traced back to ancient Chinese practices. It’s a pseudoscientific philosophy that keeps you in sync with your surroundings. Thanks to specific design and layout techniques that create the perfect energy for productivity, prosperity, and positivity.

Many people claim that these strategically designed spaces attract those much-needed good vibes to get your creative juices flowing.

Despite popular belief, these principles go beyond trivial décor styles. When done right, they activate positive emotions and feelings based on your environment. That’s why everything from color schemes, home office furniture, and architectural details to interiors are of utmost importance here. 

Having more control of your home office layout makes these principles easier to implement. 

3 Essential Principles of Feng Shui

Geomancy principles focus on location and directions to create a positive vibe. Knowing this, there are three significant areas of your home office that require Feng Shui treatment.

  • · North 
  • The water zone has the power to affect your career path and success. Adding metallic elements and water features generates the energy required to thrive and succeed in professional life. You can place inspirational photographs inside metallic frames here.
  • · South 
  • Often called the ‘Light in the World’ area, it’s linked with fire energy. One associates the southern area with fame and reputation. Avoid putting water elements (i.e. blue color schemes, water paintings, or mirrors) in the zone. That’s because they cancel out the effects of its fiery energy. 
  • · Southeast 
  • This part of your Feng Shui layout must focus on elements denoting prosperity and abundance. Wood elements play a pivotal role in this. That’s why we recommend purchasing a wooden standing desk for this place. You should also consider adding items that symbolize money and wealth. For instance, a piggy bank or images that show money can work here. 

Keep fiery tones and metallic items away from this area. 

We simplify these practices by sharing easy-to-follow Feng Shui office ideas for your modern workspaces. 

The Layout: Best Feng Shui Office Ideas

Get ready to design a home office you live with these Feng Shui inclined ideas:

Feng Shui Tip #1: Work with Colors 

Colorology is an essential part of Feng Shui office ideas and general geomancy. When it comes to styling your home office, align the colors you choose with your profession. Here it all depends on what type of work you do and how a specific color captures its essence. 

For instance, a writer’s home office will be different from an entrepreneur’s work desk. You’d probably expect lighter tones for writers due to their creative spirit compared to darker shades in a more business-minded individual’s office. 

  • · White, creamy tones and pastel shades promote creativity 
  • · Purple represents clarity and precision 
  • · Green reflects growth and prosperity 
  • · Black symbolizes money and wealth 

Apart from this, Feng Shui practitioners use earth tones to create a meditative, peaceful place. These design elements negate stress. 

On the whole, your choices depend on how each color makes you feel and what kind of energy it lures in from the environment. 

Feng Shui Tip #2: Show off Your Artistic Side 

Art and symbols are other important aspects of a FengShui office. Choose imagery and decorative pieces that inspire, motivate and encourage you to keep moving forward. Artists, graphic designers, and other creative can choose this corner to display their best work or ongoing projects. 

Here are a few vibrant ideas for inspiration:

  • · Pin up motivational quotes and affirmations on a corkboard bulletin board
  • · Hang images of family, friends, and famous people that inspire you 
  • · Add texture and colorful elements to your workspace with drawings, portraits, and mood boards

In ther words, everything from people you aspire to become to places you’d like to visit can be part of your home office wall décor. You can use shelves and desktops to place these items too. 

Feng Shui Tip # 3: Make Your Home Office Greener 

Plants have a way of brightening every room. They bring the same energy to your home office. According to Feng Shui principles, they are a source of happiness, life, and prosperity. Each plant symbolizes a specific element or stimulates a certain type of aura.

Here are the good ones:

  • · Jade, lucky bamboo, and bonsai trees for prosperity
  • · Areca palm and Boston fern for their air-purifying qualities 
  • · Money tree and lucky bamboo for wealth and good fortune 
  • · Orchids for their serene and tranquil appearance 
  • · Small citrus trees for their vibrant energy and positive vibes 

Use floating shelves with hooks or potted plants themselves to keep your leafy workmates. 

Word of Caution: Not all plants are alike. Some plants can have a negative impact on your work environment. These include dead foliage, spiky plants (like cacti), and fake plants. 

Feng Shui Tip # 3: Light and Air 

Your brain and body require sufficient oxygen and light for them to function correctly. Without these essential elements, you might feel dull and tired. Adding air-purifying plants can generate fresh, clean air required for a healthy work environment. 

When it comes to Feng Shui office ideas for light, aim to create a well-lit workspace. Choose a corner near a window for this to work. That way, you can receive ample natural light for rejuvenation. 

For supplementary lighting, you can opt for an energy-efficient LEDdesk lamp. Purchase a product that accommodates different angles to create an optimal lighting situation for nighttime tasks. 

The Workstation: Feng Shui Tips for Desks 

As one of the most important features of your smart office, desks require extra attention. The top Feng Shui qualities for desks include sturdiness, stability, and overall structure. 

Our Kana Bamboo Standing Desk fits these requirements. The fact that they are made of bamboo wood—which is considered lucky—serves as a bonus. Additionally, its contemporary construction and advanced tech features lead to a productive workspace. 

We’ve used lateral compression technology to create a smooth, scratch-resistant surface. 

Here’s why it’s an excellent option for a Feng Shui office idea:

ü The eco-friendly design and sustainable construction elevates your work experience 

ü Its earthy wooden tones promote stability and create a grounding effect 

ü Sufficient desk space that prevents clutter and optimizes workflow 

ü Made from highly durable wood that’s enhanced with a 2H lacquer and carbonized technology. In turn, this provides the desk with its moisture-resistant, scratch-proof, insect-proof surface.

ü Adjustable height to create an active and healthy work environment 

If you purchasing the advanced keypad means enjoying additional tech specifications. These include pre-programmable height settings and a stand/sit timer. These features allow you to adapt your workspace based on tasks and energy levels. Feng Shui considers this a conducive aspect of a workstation. 

The Ultimate Feng Shui Desk Setup 

Be mindful of where you are facing and the position of your standing desk. Most Feng Shuioffice ideas require you to place the desk in a commanding position. That means you get a vantage point from where you can view your surroundings clearly.

Nevertheless, your desk should not be placed directly in line with the door. You can set your desk diagonally or in a kitty corner to get the ideal angle. 

Other guidelines include: 

1. Ensuring your desk faces the door/window so that you don’t turn your back to the surrounding. 

2. Make sure you have sufficient room to move around. 

3. Feng Shui offices need to be clutter-free. Add an under desk drawer beneath your standing desk or a companion cabinet to keep everything organized. 

4. The window should be on your side instead of in front of you to workplace distraction. 

Besides this, you can place small succulents and a ceramic mug to create a positive work-at-home environment. 

In a Nutshell

Most Feng Shui office ideas focus on how furniture and its position interact with the surrounding. Incorporating visual details and relying on nature are other essentials for this type of setup. Aim to create a positive space with adequate lighting, creative influences, and artistic aesthetics. 

Moreover, your final layout depends on what your everyday activities and profession. Use these aspects of your work to choose the right color palette, plants, and furniture for your home office. Getting a standing desk and storage accessories will complete the look. We hope that our tips worked in helping you to navigate through the most important features for your smart home office.

Until next time. 

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