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4 Reasons a Sit-Stand Desk Is the Perfect Gift for Mom

30 October 2018

Perfume, flowers, and a warm-and-fuzzy greeting card are the go-to gifts for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, they don’t show that you put a lot of thought into honoring the woman who gave you life. How about this year you try something new that lets mom know you didn’t run to the mall at the last minute?

What Every Working Mom Needs

If she’s like 57 percent of women in America, your mom’s a working woman. That means she likely spends eight hours a day sitting at a desk. Research shows that type of inactivity simply isn’t good for her health. Some well-intentioned people mistakenly believe that switching to a standing desk is the answer to mom’s problem. But, standing all day comes with its own set of ailments like aching muscles, varicose veins, back pain and lower limb swelling.

What mom really needs is a flexible solution that lets her easily toggle between sitting and standing throughout the workday. That’s where you come in. Here are 4 loving reasons, you should consider surprising mom with a sit-stand desk this Mother’s Day:

  1. Boosts Her Mood and Energy Levels

Sitting all day can quickly zap the energy from even the most engaged and motivated working mom. After all, our bodies were made to move. By using a sit-stand desk, your mom can switch things up activity-wise to get her blood flowing and improve her mood.  This was proven in a 7-week study where participants were given a sit-stand device and asked to report the impact it had on their general well-being. The results were impressive: 62% percent felt happier, 71% felt more focused, and 33% felt less stressed while using the sit-stand device.

  1. Lowers Her Risk of Weight Gain

You probably know that standing burns more calories than sitting. But, did you know your mom can burn up to 10 pounds of fat a year just by standing 2 additional hours each day? CaptainCalculator.com has a cool calculator that lets you see the impact that standing while working can have on your mom’s daily calorie burn.

  1. Reduces Her Back & Neck Pain

She may be aging gracefully, but that doesn’t mean mom hasn’t picked up a few aches and pains along the way. Sitting for long periods–in even the most ergonomic chair–can cause both back and neck pain. It can also make an existing condition like sciatica worse. Remember that 7-week study we told you about earlier? Well, participants also reported that using a sit-stand device reduced their upper back and neck pain by 54%. Now that’s a result that will put a smile on mom’s face.

  1. May Help Her Live Longer

Sound like a bold claim? There’s evidence to back it up. Researchers studied the correlation between sitting and mortality rates and found that the death rate for women who sit in a chair for more than six hours a day is 37% higher than those who sit in a chair for less than 3 hours a day. One possible explanation researchers give for this alarming statistic is that prolonged sitting may negatively influence biomarkers like cholesterol, glucose levels, and blood pressure. That’s strong evidence to support the benefits of a sit-stand desk even for retired and stay-at-home moms. While they may not tackle traditional office tasks throughout their day, many non-working moms unhealthily sit for long stretches at their computers paying bills, checking emails, watching videos of the kids/grandkids, planning meals, and other tasks associated with managing a busy household.

Now that you know the health-affirming benefits a sit-stand desk offers the woman who raised you, it seems kind of lame to settle for a traditional, ho-hum Mother’s Day gift, doesn’t it?