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5 Desk Checks for Left-Handed Laptop Users

03 August 2022

In a world that’s designed for the 90% right-handed population, being a left-handed person can be challenging. Given that even the most basic amenities are designed for the majority of right-handed people being a part of only 10% of the world population makes it unique and difficult to fit in. Something as basic as a writing desk is designed for right-handers. Moreover, tech devices like e-readers, computer workstations, and even laptops are typically geared towards right-handers. What is more challenging is that equipment and computer accessories such as a mouse are designed specifically for the right hand. So is the space for placing your papers and some important office documents and stationery.

If you look at the history of left-handedness, uniqueness is often considered a condition that needs corrections. The origin of this thought comes from the fact that the word left is derived from the word "lyft" from the Anglo-Saxon origin, which means weak and even useless. Given that being left-handed is considered a problem, it was common in the past to force left-handed children to perform their everyday tasks using their right hand. And the practice is still common in some cultures. While the belief that being left-handed needs correction is just a myth, the challenges this left-handed minority experiences on a daily basis are a harsh reality. While many left-handers end up familiarizing themselves with their distinct surroundings, it’s often a good idea to adapt your work environment (office and home office) to better suit your needs if you have a dominant left hand.

In what follows, we look at five desk checks for left-handed laptop users so you can improve your workspace but before we delve into the details, let's get started with what exactly are the needs of a left-handed employee.

Left-Handed Employee

What Do Left-Handed Employees Need?

In order to create a productive and comfortable work environment for all employees, it is critical to consider the needs of the land-handed employees. Unfortunately, most employers fail to even ask their employees whether they are left-handed and many remain unaware that left-handed employees may need additional support to be in a safe and comfortable workplace.

Some of the desk needs for left-handed employees include

Lefty-friendly features

One of the most critical things that left-handed employees may need is office equipment with left-friendly features. Most of the office furniture and accessories come with storage and other features built into the right side of the desk to meet the needs of the majority. However, anything that makes the working experience more comfortable for left-handed employees is considered to have left-friendly features. Think of desks with no built-in mouse pad, cup holders, and clamps. Such a desk may be considered to have lefty-friendly features which allow you to place your laptop, desktop, or your accessories at your convenience.

A Right-Sized Desk

Another basic need of a left-handed employee is a right-sized desk. Many employers wouldn't even know that there is something like a right-sized desk for left-handed employees. However, it remains one of the critical essentials for left-handed workers.

Apart from the size of the desk, the size of the standing desk converter is also critical if you prefer to use one instead of a standing desk. Remember, investing in a standing desk is not the only solution to benefit from standing while working. You can invest in a standing desk converter that can be placed on top of your desk, and you can change its position from sitting to standing and vice versa by applying a little force to lift and squeeze the converter back into its original position.

Since most employees work on a laptop today and most of the laptops are around under 16", left-handed employees may prefer a compact standing desk converter that provides a surface on the desk that you can elevate as per your need. Moreover, it should also be able to hold some of the important desk accessories, including a regular mouse, phone, coffee mug, etc.

Therefore, we highly recommend choosing standing desk converters that are a little wider so you can keep other important stuff on hand while you work. One of the best standing desk converters that you can find on the market is the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W - 47" by Flexispot. Coming from the durable and reliable brand, Flexispot, this standing desk converter makes one of the best choices for most people, including the left-handed minority. The converter allows you to convert your conventional office desk into a standing workstation using little force to lift the converter or to revert it back to its original condition. The standing desk converter fits most people's height and can accommodate users up to 6'5' tall, depending upon the placement of the converter. It features an extra-wide keyboard tray that offers ample space for the placement of accessories such as a mouse pad and mouse. The easy-to-set-up standing desk converter can allow you to improve your posture and get all the benefits of switching your position from sitting to standing and vice versa.

Apart from improved posture, some of the other benefits of standing desks, include improved metabolism, better blood circulation, and enhanced productivity.

A Non-slip Surface

When it comes to the surface for the placement of your laptop, all users, including both left and right-handed users need a non-slip surface where they can conveniently place their laptop, desktop, and other accessories.

Convenient Storage Facilities

While it may not be a priority for right-handed people, adequate storage is a need for most left-handed employees. If you are a left-handed person, make sure you choose a desk that comes with convenient, lefty-friendly storage facilities such as drawers and storage pouches.

5 Desk Checks for Left-Handed Laptop Users to Improve Workspace

Now that we know what some of the workspace needs for left-handed employees are, let’s take a look at some of the desk checks for left-handed laptop users that can make their workspace a comfortable environment that also enhances their productivity.

Choose the Right Mouse

Choose the Right Mouse

If you are not using the touchpad of your laptop, you will need the right type of mouse to work efficiently. A better alternative is to invest in an ambidextrous or left-handed computer mouse. Depending upon your preference, you can find several different alternatives when it comes to picking a left-handed mouse design, so it delivers maximum support and comfort for your specific working needs.

Plan Your Stationery and Accessories Placement

Plan Your Stationery and Accessories Placement

While it may come naturally to right-handed people because the desks are designed in a way to facilitate them, for left-handed employees, it doesn't come so easily, therefore, if you are a left-handed person and are setting up your desk at your home or office, don't be afraid to modify the placement of accessories on your desk, so everything that is on your desk is easily accessible and helps in creating a comfortable workstation. When you set up a practical and functional left-handed desk setup, it will significantly limit how much you have to reach across the desk, which means you can enjoy a safe and practical workspace.

detachable number pad

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Invest in a Detachable Number Pad

If you are a left-handed laptop user, one of the desk essentials that you need to invest in is a detachable number pad. With a detachable number pad, you get the convenience of working with numbers while keeping your body in a comfortable position.

Aim for Flexible Desk Storage

Aim for Flexible Desk Storage

Another challenge that left-handed laptop users experience is desk storage. To meet the needs of the majority of right-handed laptop users, most desks are designed with built-in storage on the right-hand side. But left-handed laptop users can take a step forward and invest in a desk that features storage that can be conveniently maneuvered to suit their dominant hand better.

Buy a Convertible Standing Desk Converter

Buy a Convertible Standing Desk Converter

One of the best things you can do to yourself as a left-handed laptop user is to invest in a standing desk converter that allows you to transition from sitting to standing and vice versa without worrying about the complete arrangement of your workstation. However, when you are planning to invest in a standing desk converter, always make sure to choose a reliable brand like Flexispot that guarantees durability and functionality.

Now you know more about what left-handed laptop users need and how they can improve their workstations, you will need to make the changes to your existing work environment to better suit the minority without disregarding the obvious right-handed majority. Browse our range of ergonomic office equipment and accessories and find out the best one for yourself.