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5 Disadvantages of Not Upgrading Office Needs this 2021

26 September 2021

The transition in the work setting from the traditional on-site work setting has had a tremendous effect on the employees, particularly the ones from the corporate sector. People had to make significant adjustments at the start of the 2020 global pandemic, especially on the remote instructions and work regulations. Heavy workloads were not a cinch at first because it's a whole new work paradigm for most workers. Yet, it's not always hardships and hurdles because as the unique work setting continued, almost 80% of employees had already gotten the hang of it by the first quarter of 2021. 

Now that more and more companies switch to the new work setting, you may also work this out with your company. As an employer, you can consider this kind of work set-up and discover the significant profitability and expansion you can make when letting your employees work from home. 

Esben Standing Desk UD5

A Surprise for Beloved Employees

As part of the company's generosity and utmost compassion to the employees, providing them with the best equipment and furniture pieces could give them more inspiration at work and the drive to excel with the ideas and new projects that they can contribute to the company's growth. 

Another, when employees become more inspired, they have more reasons to take care of their health. Employees realize the dangers of acquiring illnesses, such as biomechanical pain or musculoskeletal disorders. 

Further, you may save more when you provide them with the best furniture pieces and equipment. They could be the products from FlexiSpot-the famous provider of standing desks, stand-up desks, and sit-stand desks. FlexiSpot creates products like Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, Esben Standing UD5, and Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk (all these products will be on sale from September 27-29, 2021; so you might want to check them out). 

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

The Best Thing about Standing Desks from FlexiSpot

For a hassle-free surprise for your employees, you may avail the standing desks from FlexiSpot. You would not think of problems with the logistics service once you benefit from these pieces because FlexiSpot can deliver the standing desk right at the doorstep of your employee. They may also enjoy an extended product warranty from FlexiSpot to ensure that if the workers need further assistance from the company using the standing desk, they may contact the hotline. You may also save money with this investment because you can have a flexible payment term for the stand-up desks at FlexiSpot. So, expenses would not be that much with these products. You wouldn't just help your employees achieve aesthetics in their home office but would also let them get the ergonomic protection they truly deserve with FlexiSpot. On the other hand, you might be casting doubts on this investment for specific reasons. But, it might be more disadvantageous if you would miss such an opportunity to help your workers achieve the best ergonomic solutions. 

The Downsides of the Doubts in Upgrading the Office Needs

FlexiSpot is a well-known brand in the market of most office workers that need the best ergonomic solutions. You might be doubting the effectiveness of these products and thinking twice about spending on the standing desks. While it's common to feel that way, there are downsides to missing such a great opportunity to go the extra mile in catering to the needs of the WFH and on-site employees. 

There Will Be Lesser Motivation and Team Dynamics Among your Employees

a. Lesser Motivation 

When employees see that their employers appreciate their hardship and efforts, they feel the more significant reason to cultivate active participation in the company. They feel more motivated to show their prowess. Hence, there must be great rewards and recognition that they could acquire because that adds credentials to them too, which may add value to them as employees. So, if employers would not show appreciation or give them recognition, they will not get the proper motivation to strive more. 

b. The Health of The Employee is the Company's Wealth

The employee must have adequate health care from the company, especially when it comes to their ergonomics because 90% of the absenteeism starts with the work condition of the workers. Hence, they must have the best furniture and equipment pieces. Moreover, it might cost you more if the employees get sick because of the inadequate work conditions. If employees get sick, the operations and workflow will get affected. 

The Employee's Retention would not Get Boosted Well

c. Low Employee Retention

One HR professional survey affirms that a recognition program boosts the retention of the employees. Providing them with the best standing desk products is one way of recognizing the employee's efforts. Hence, if you miss the chance to provide them with this kind of incentive or reward, they most likely will not stick with the company for a long time. 

d. Less Sense of Fulfillment

Employees stay in a company for one reason that's more important than the money-the sense of fulfillment. When employees see that there are incentives or rewards, they start to have the feeling of being fulfilled in their careers because they can see growth and stability. Hence, if you would miss this opportunity to make them feel fulfilled, there might be a chance that they would feel unmotivated at work. It could affect their performance, and they might lose the willpower to strive harder and join a fruitful and healthy competition in the company. 

It Could Create a Toll on Your Reputation

e. Ruin Your Reputation

While there are limitations in the provisions that employers can give to the employees, losing the opportunity to provide the workers with the necessities could impact the employers' reputation. It could reflect on how employees perform and the results that they could make. Hence, if employers would not go for an extra mile when it comes to accommodating the needs of the workers, there would be a possibility that it would affect their reputation. So, providing the employees with their needs, such as an ergonomic standing desk, could help them build a good impression from the business community. 

Final Thoughts

There is no such thing as a 'perfect company.' Every company has its flaws and experiences mismanagement in some ways. Yet, if employers like you will cultivate the culture of prioritizing the welfare of the employees and accommodating their needs, you may lead the company to greater heights.