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5 Home Decorating Suggestions for Taurus

07 April 2021

The sun signs or zodiac signs never fail to make us curious. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the zodiac signs or not; there’s always that little bit of curiosity to know more about the unique characteristics associated with your particular zodiac sign! The zodiac signs are categorized into air, earth, water, and fire signs. It is believed that the zodiac has an influence on the traits and personality of every individual. This influence also extends to various spheres of life such as romance, career, and even home design and decor. There are 12 signs of the zodiac and each is governed by one of the planets and recognizable by its own symbol. Today, let’s take a look at the special attributes associated with Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac.


Taurus Traits

Taurus is an earth sign and is identified by the symbol of the bull. It is governed by the planet Venus is thought to be most compatible with Scorpio and Cancer. People born under this sun sign are usually practical thinkers and well-grounded. Responsibility and patience are some of their other virtues. Taureans are usually conservative in nature and tend to be stable, unlikely to be swayed easily. Those who are born under this sign require to be enveloped by love and beauty at all times. They are fond of material things and physical pleasures and are guided by the senses of touch and taste more than others.

Individuals who come under this zodiac sign tend to be fond of activities such as gardening, music, and cooking. A stubborn streak can be seen in people born under this sign. However, this can easily be seen as commitment and given the tendency of Taurus individuals to turn out excellent employees, seems more likely. They like to live the good life and lean towards luxury. Food tops their list of desires and they take great pleasure in shopping for shopping’s sake. As a result, they can be obsessive about money and are keen on investing and saving.


Home Decor Suggestions

The home environment most suited to Taurus is one that is comfortable, secure, and peaceful. At the same time, you like to be surrounded by beautiful objects and entertain well and often! You like your home to reflect your refined tastes and discerning eye for the truly unique.

1) Staying close to nature- Being an earth sign, it is not surprising that you’d want to welcome nature into your home. If you live in a house, then you can have a lovely yard with a well-maintained garden and plenty of colorful blooms. If you’re living in an apartment with a balcony, there’s no reason to despair. Make sure that your cozy seating nook outside sits tucked within a green oasis created by a balcony garden or a vertical garden. When that’s not an option, you can always nurture a little herb garden along the kitchen windowsill.

2) Home accessories with utility and aesthetics - The practical nature of Taureans makes it important that every piece of furniture in the home be a fine example of usefulness combined with good looks. This applies to every piece of furniture in the house – from the beds to the entryway table. Some ideas that might help you with this are:

  • The stylish yet functional Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top is one piece of furniture that is in keeping with Taurean sensibilities. While the tempered glass top with rounded edges makes for elegance, the minimalistic design make it a practical option even for small spaces. This practical standing desk can help boost productivity and also prevents you from sitting down all day. It encourages sitting to standing transitions with just the press of button. Equipped with four programmable height presets, this classy desk easily blends in with all types of decor themes. Three USB charging ports and a convenient pull-out drawer are some of the other highlights. The safe lock button and anti-collision function ensure that accidents do not take place, during transitions or in the presence of pets and children. A comfortable couch with everything you need within easy reach is sure to appeal to your Taurean nature. It is the perfect way for you to relax every day and de-stress.
  • Given the Taurean’s inclination towards a laidback lifestyle, weight gain is a strong possibility. However, it is likely that you are not keen on gyms. Thus, an exercise room at home and easy access to jogging or biking trails would be a good option. Don’t cram you exercise room with all types of gym equipment. Just restrict it to the equipment that you will actually use.
  • A spacious and well-equipped kitchen is in keeping with the Taureans’ fondness for food and drink. State-of the-art appliances, sleek countertops with a touch of glamour, and a well-organized pantry are just some of the thing you might want. You might even consider putting in a wine cellar or a trendy bar area depending on your budget and availability of space in the home. Since you are fond of company, ample room for all the guests is a must. Exquisite dinnerware and silverware complete the picture of perfection at formal dinners.

3) Fabrics for the home – Opulence and plush are the keywords when it comes to choosing fabrics to decorate a Taurean home. Your natural propensity for material comforts and living life big, draw them to look at premium options. Think velvet, Persian rugs, and leather to showcase the fine taste of someone born under this sun sign. Don’t forget, smooth and silky sheets for the bedroom and soft, fluffy towels for the bathrooms. Your love for nature is also likely to draw you to eco-friendly fibers that are highly prized and quite expensive too.

4) Picking the right colors – Neutral shades combined with a generous pick of browns and cognac shaded are a Taurean’s choice when it comes to colors for the home. Being grounded and stable, you tend to prefer earthy tones and colors that reflect nature such as pale greens, pinks, and soothing yellows. Make use of these colors on your walls as well as in the accessories you pick. You could also add a splash of color to the neutral color palette with a few well-chosen, vibrant accessories.

5) Show off your creative side – You have an eye for beautiful things and so, it would go without saying that you’ll pick an artwork or two to adorn your home. Well-chosen accent pieces are also sure to catch your eye while you’re out scouting. Fabric tapestries, handicrafts, crochet or embroidered pieces are all things that you’re sure to find interesting. You could also try your hand at making something eye-catching for your home decor.


Tips to Remember

It is not easy being the zodiac sign synonymous with fine taste and style. This is all the more reason Taureans need to decorate with all their energy and focus. The following tips can make the process easier:

Look for statement pieces – Always remember that quality tops quantity any time! Look for that one item for your foyer or living room that has you saying ‘wow’ every time you look at it. Work with this formula for every room in the house and there’s no way you will go wrong. A uniquely shaped salt and pepper holder for the kitchen table or an antique chair for that corner near the elegant bookshelf. These can make more of an impact than run-of the mill table runners and bean bags!

Keep it clutter-free – Don’t go overboard with your shopping spree for the home. Having too many things around will take the focus off the truly unique pieces that you have found for your home. In order to succeed at this, you have to rule out things that you really don’t need. For instance, think whether you really need that stackable shelf for your kitchen countertop. Perhaps you could just substitute it with a couple of well-placed utensil hooks and keep clutter away from the countertop.

Go With Your Instincts – You are naturally wired to spot beautiful and unique pieces. So, don’t second guess yourself too much and trust your instincts when shopping for the home. While it is alright to seek inspirations for home decor from various sources such as websites and magazines dealing with interior decor, don’t just copy them. Give the ideas your own innovative touch to stamp your home with your indelible signature. If you think that the brightly colored vase will make your foyer table the cynosure of all eyes, then go right ahead and take it home.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating your home, irrespective of your zodiac sign. This is just to provide you with a broad framework to work on and improvise as you go. Remember that the key is to make the space a welcoming and elegant space for you and your friends to feel at home alike.