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5 Things to Remember About Standing Desk Columns

14 October 2021

The WFH work setup continues to boom this 2021. More global companies such as Google and Facebook give rise to this work trend for many reasons, and one of them is to protect the employees against the deadly Covid19 virus. 

The Continuous Battle against the Virus Strains

The Continuous Battle against the Virus Strains:

2021 gives a spark of hope to the vast communities across the US. Lives have begun to go back on track and become normal again little by little. People expect normalcy because vaccinations are already out to help people live healthier lives. Moreover, the unsung heroes in times of crisis continue to combat the battlefield. It's where the deadly virus becomes the foe. These unsung heroes maintain the status quo and make the economy afloat despite the threat of fatal virus strains like Lambda and Delta variants. 

The unsung heroes are the hybrid office workers and WFH people who need to continue working and running businesses. They are the ones that have no choice but to put their health at risk; despite the high numbers of vaccinated individuals still, there is a need to be vigilant. 

The Daily Plight of the Working Class:

Working people continuously face the battles in their lives. At the beginning of the global pandemic in 2020, most of them had heavier workloads. It was also difficult for them to adjust to the work setup because not everyone gets accustomed to the remote work setup. As a result, some experienced stress and exhaustion that led them to have a weaker immune system. Aside from that, some of the working individuals had experienced using non-ergonomic products. Hence, they shared a big ordeal last year. 

Unfortunately, people with a weaker immune system are the ones who easily acquire the virus. As new strains emerge, the threat of Covid19 is still here, and as WHO mentioned that prevention of the virus spread is still the solution to this predicament. Aside from that, making sure that the body is hygienic, clean, and healthy help the person fight the virus that can affect their immune system. So, to maintain a healthy mind and body, WFH and hybrid officer workers must have a conducive work area. This safe workplace will protect them against MSDs or musculoskeletal disorders. One of the ways to do that protection is by providing them with ergonomic products such as the FlexiSpot ergo pieces like standing desks, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks

FlexiSpot-From Desktop to Columns

FlexiSpot-From Desktop to Columns: 

Elbow pain, frozen shoulders, spine strain, and lumbar pain are the minor things that you would like to experience when working in the office. These severe conditions are the outcome of repetitive strain injuries. These things take place when:

  • a worker does not practice the proper posture
  • a worker uses non-ergonomic products 
  • a worker does not alter movements and does one task over and over 

So, if you try to think back on all those office practices that you do in the office, you might have done one of these things before. You might have slouched and craned your neck too much; you might have purchased a desk that you could not adjust the height at all, or you might be spending an hour standing while scanning the documents. These are the incorrect work practices that you might have been doing. 

The good news about it: you can still correct these practices with the FlexiSpot standing desk. FlexiSpot offers products like the desk with the bamboo desktop: Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and the sit-stand desk with solid wood and veneer coating like the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk. These products could help you protect your elbows, shoulders, and arms against the pain that can affect your spine in the long run. 

Once you try these standing desks, you will realize the best functionalities and features of these products. Indeed, they have fantastic desktops and columns that can help you function optimally at work. 

The Desk Columns of FlexiSpot Standing Desks:

The FlexiSpot Standing desks are some of the most unique ergo products in the market. Many WFH and hybrid office individuals rely on these products for many reasons. One of the reasons is the columns that the stand-up desks from FlexiSpot have. When you inspect the columns of the FlexiSpot products, there are five things that you will notice: 

a. The Speedy Inverted Columns:

Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad EC1/EN1

Speed is the most apparent attribute of the FlexiSpot standing desks. In just less than 30 seconds, the table can complete the transition, and you can use it on a level you prefer. The height adjustability and the power to lift the objects are because of these desks' columns, inverted columns, and enhanced columns. 

When we talk about inverted columns, these are speedy columns and get thinner as they rise. Standing desks like Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad EC1/EN1 are some of the products that have inverted columns. So, if you think this table would be practical for you, you may have this as part of your upgraded home office. 

b. Enhanced Columns for Bulky Office Needs:

Esben Standing Desk UD4

The enhanced columns at FlexiSpot are the kind of columns that can carry heavy weights of devices such as monitors. These are columns that you can find under the Esben Standing Desk UD4 that are heavier than the table products inverted. Although these products are sturdier than the inverted columns, enhanced columns are slightly slower than the inverted columns, but still, they are speedier than the non-ergonomic desks.

c. Inverted Columns are Lightweight:

The speedy nature of the inverted columns implies that they are not heavy. What's good about this product is it's easier to move from one place to the other. So, if you're a worker that loves to rearrange your office setup, then a table product with inverted columns is what you need. 

d. Match the Right Desktop to the Columns: 

Match the Right Desktop to the Columns

You would want to have complete convenience when you work and choose the right desktop for the columns. So, a thick desktop would be most suitable for the enhanced columns because it could handle well the thickness and heaviness of the desktop. Through this match, you would be able to utilize the desk product well. 

e. You Need to Make Sure the Desk Products Suit Your Work Pacing:

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

You have to be sure of the pacing that you have at work. If you're the type of worker that stands up most of the time and needs to have a lot of height adjustments on the desk, then the inverted columns are the right ones for you. It's because it would suit your pacing, and you won't need to wait for too long to complete the transition. So, knowing which standing desks and columns would serve most of their purpose for you will be a wise move. 

Final Thoughts:

As you keep these things noted, you will get guided when you choose the table products you'll need at work, and you will know that these products are worth the money you're going to spend. With the FlexiSpot products, you can ensure long-term usability.