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5 Tips to Establish a Connection with Your Child

05 August 2021

Being a parent to a precious child is the goal of most couples. They believe that a child brings happiness, luck, and an overall peaceful household when one is present in their lives. However, the modern and busy world may have kept parents from forming a connection and bonding with their children. As much as parents want to take some time, they are too tired and beat up by the workday’s stresses.

Is it true, however, that failure to provide a child with appropriate care, affection, love, and family time have an impact on their development? To put it another way, it has a negative impact on their growth. Here are some of the risks associated when a parent fails to be present for their child:

  1. Changes the way innate fight or flight processes evolve, increasing the likelihood of panic disorders, mood disorders, coronary difficulties, as well as other lifelong health and developmental problems.
  2. Is linked to a higher likelihood of cognitive challenges and late for their age academic performance, particularly cognitive control and concentration management deficiencies, poor comprehension abilities, and higher dropout rates.
  3. Elevated levels of pessimism, impulsivity, and psychological issues, as well as decreased levels of energy, optimism, and independence, are related to a higher probability for mental and social impairments.
  4. Inhibits the development and dissemination of knowledge in developing minds, raising the likelihood of negative behavioral, affective, and intellectual behaviors.

While it takes tremendous work, love, and time to be the parent that your child deserves, it has a profound impact on your life as well. Taking the time to bond and play with your child will leave you with no regrets later in life. After all, you need to face the reality that children grow up too fast. They would not be as receptive to your consensual cuddles and kisses once they feel too embarrassed for their age. Another great thing about spending time with your child is it reinvigorates your whole being. As you catch a glimpse of their sincere smiles and hear their joyous laughs, you will know that the time and care that you give them are all worth it.

Now that we have learned about the effects, both positive and negative, of bonding with your child, here are the ways you can connect with them through simple steps.

dad and kid playing

  • To establish a solid relationship with your child, proceed with the fundamentals.

The degree to which caregivers bond with their newborns from the start determines the intimacy of their relationship over the course of their life.

One example suggests that dads who take a paternal leave after their newborn child is out into the world have a tight-knit bond with them at all phases of life, and even as prepubescents and young adults.

Why is this happening? According to attachment theorists, if a man takes the time off to establish a connection with his infant, he will remain close to his child throughout his lifetime.

One might not understand that by connecting with the baby, it is important to notice that a father who values his infant and cultivates his loving home is more inclined to do something that would make them happier and connected during her development.

  • Enjoying a meal together has positive impacts on both parents and child

Most parents are too caught up with the daily grind at work that when they get home, all they could think about is catching up on some TV and sleeping. But it would be in your family’s best interest if parents took the time to set boundaries at work and maintain a professional attitude that never leaves their children behind. 

A simple dinner where everyone took the time and effort to participate in the preparation can foster your family’s bond. If there is an instance that everyone is too tired to even peel a potato, a take-out dinner is perfect as long as you sit down and eat together minus the distractions. 

However, there would still be professional commitments that would leave a family dinner out of the question. When this happens, make the weekend your family day and spend all meals eating together. To ensure that each child feels valued and acknowledged, you can discuss over how your day ended. Speaking of talking, the next step would be… 

Kid and father play talk

  • The old-fashioned way of face-to-face communication will never go out of style

As your child grows older, it might be difficult to start chatting with them. That is the reason why it is important to start them young in terms of building their trust in you. By simply asking questions about their favorite cartoon or school subject, your child will surely talk. Remember, kids, love talking to their parents to be patient if there are times when you do not quite get what they are talking about. Be responsive and at the moment. To prevent close-ended answers, steer clear from yes or no questions.

In addition to forming a bond, talking with your child also increases the likelihood of catching any irregularities that an absent parent will usually miss. So, start talking and listening!

  • Turn boring chores into bonding time

Children who were never taught about the importance of doing household chores tend to be unpolished and sloppy when the time comes that they have their own family and home. While they are still willing to be helpful, teach them the basic chores that everyone, no matter the gender, must learn in order to live their life. Never shout at them when they have made a minor mistake. Instead of getting angry, let this be a learning moment for your child. If you really want to minimize mistakes, teach them the chores that are appropriate for their age.


  • Treat them the way you want them to treat others and yourself

Children can indeed be troublesome, and they are bound to make blunders and messes along the way. Adults must remember, however, that handling children with respect is just as vital as correcting them.

Even though your kid did anything which necessitates disciplining, you can communicate with them in a reasonable and compassionate way.

It has been demonstrated time and time again that swearing or using physical aggression is counterproductive, but it can also have an impact on the outcome of your interaction with your child. Not only will addressing one another with regards help you stay connected together, but it will also make your life a more enjoyable haven.

Final Thoughts

It takes tremendous work, love, and time to be the parent that your child deserves. With our tips, you can keep the connection and bond alive that will last through ages.