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6 Best Gift Ideas for Writers

23 April 2021

Whether it’s blogging, freelancing, or writing novels, writers spend the majority of their time sitting at their desks. This is especially true when they’re focused, with them often sitting in the same position for hours at a time – it’s no wonder that writing is known as one of the most sedentary jobs out there. While creatives exercise their brains throughout the day, the same cannot be said for their bodies. 

Gift Ideas for Writers in Your Life

Therefore, when the time comes to come up with gift ideas for the writer in your life, consider gifting them something that is both practical and healthy. The following are some of the best gift ideas for writers since they combine functionality and activity.

1. Standing Desk

According to a research study published in 2011, the number of private-sector jobs that required moderate physical activity has decreased from approximately 50% to 20%. Not only has this contributed to the obesity epidemic in the United States, but it also leads to a variety of other health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, increased risk of diabetes, and deep vein thrombosis. 

Because of this, our top recommendation for the best gifts for writers is a standing desk, preferably an adjustable standing desk. Not only does this help combat excessive sitting, but the positive impacts of a standing desk also include improved posture, more calories burned, and an increase in focus and productivity.

An excellent pick is the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco & Pro). Not only is the construction aesthetically pleasing, but the desk uses lateral compression technology to highlight the natural grain of the bamboo. Because it comes in both curved and rectangular options, writers can pick the option that best matches their décor. 

Additionally, the bamboo construction ensures durability and is twice as elastic and durable as ordinary wood. The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk also uses carbonized technology to further increase durability, making the tabletop water-resistant, moisture-proof, insect-resistant, and scratch-proof.

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of a standing desk, consider the fact that some of the most famous writers in history have been known to utilize this amazing technology. These writers include Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, and Virginia Woolf.

2. Anti-Fatigue Mat

A great gift to give alongside a standing desk is an anti-fatigue mat. While standing is much healthier than sitting at a desk all day, it can take a toll on one’s feet. This is where the Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1 comes in – its ergonomic design provides support and a 0.75” thick cushioned layer that makes standing almost effortless. 

Besides protecting one from fatigue and stress, the MT1 anti-fatigue mat is also anti-skid and easy to clean. Not only will the writer in your life be extremely comfortable, but they also won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding around their workspace. The mat is also designed to stay flat, and its beveled edges ensure that it does not curl up and become worn. The waterproof surface can also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth so that it’s as good as new for the next use. You can also rest assured that this investment will last for a long time – constructed with a mix of PU and PVC, this anti-fatigue mat is resistant to wear and tear and is guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

3. Ergonomic Office Chair

While a standing desk is one of the best ways to ensure movement throughout the workday, it’s understandable that some writers may not want to use a standing desk all the time. To ensure that the writer in your life is taking care of themselves while sitting, consider giving them an ergonomic office chair. If it’s adjustable, the chair can help with their posture and back and neck pain while reducing pressure on the hips.

More businesses are investing in ergonomic office furniture, and for good reason – a study by Digby Brown Solicitors revealed that out of ~600,000 workplace injuries per year in the UK, a large proportion could be attributed to unsafe and outdated office furniture. Additionally, one survey revealed that 74% of individuals working in offices experienced pain at their desks several times a week.

The Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair OC5G could just be the answer to all of these problems. This is one of the best gifts you can give to a writer – not only is this helpful when it comes to resolving pain and increasing productivity, but it is also extremely affordable. 

This ergonomic chair can be adjusted up and down by 3.5” to ensure that any writer can find their perfect spot no matter their height. Besides being stylish, the chair provides lumbar support and extreme comfort with its curved back and high-quality sponge padding. The smooth-rolling anti-skid casters also make the chair easy to move and guarantee undamaged floors.

4. Floating Shelves

There’s no doubt that writers are inspired by their workspace. It’s where their creativity flows, and their imagination has no limits. While a neat and clean space is important, it’s equally important to have inspiration around. Beautiful and functional décor like floating shelves are perfect examples of this. 

Our Floating Shelves WSF1 are a great gift for writers everywhere because of their minimalist and sleek style. They’re also available in two wood tones (maple and mahogany) so that there are plenty of options for different styles. These shelves are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, making organizing as easy as it can be. A busy writer cannot afford to have clutter around, and these floating shelves provide a much-needed solution for any organizational needs the writer may have.

In addition to décor, these also serve as storage and make excellent gifts. Since each shelf can hold up to 44 lbs of weight, they can store anything from knick-knacks to plants. Writers are also often readers, and these shelves can serve as excellent storage for their favorite books and other resources. 

5. Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Because of the copious amount of typing that is needed, writing can be a painful occupation. The repeated straining of the wrist while using a keyboard is one of the major risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Typing is also a major contributor to writer’s cramp, also known as hand dystonia. One of the ways writers can avoid these complications is by creating an ergonomic workplace. This isn’t limited to using ergonomic chairs – it also includes the use of other equipment such as adjustable keyboard trays.

The Clamp-on Adjustable Keyboard Tray KT2B, therefore, makes an excellent gift for writers. It allows writers to align their arms and wrists properly during typing. This adjustable keyboard tray is also extremely easy to use and attach. There is no need for screws or other complicated hardware – a metal c-clamp makes attaching the keyboard tray to any desk easy and quick. As long as the desk surface isn’t thicker than 2.1”, this under-desk keyboard tray can be attached without any problems.  An adjustable keyboard tray also prevents keyboards from sliding around – the KT2B keyboard tray has a non-slip surface that ensures that writers won’t have to deal with their keyboards sliding and distracting them. 

While the ergonomic design may be the main draw of this accessory, it’s far from the only benefit it provides. The tray is extremely spacious and measures 25” x 12” – in addition to a keyboard and mouse, it can house other accessories and save valuable desk space.

Clutter is not only unsightly, but it can also be distracting. Using a keyboard tray can help writers achieve a clean, organized look and hide the keyboard and mouse under the desk when not in use. Organization and reduction of clutter can also lead to more efficiency and productivity – research has shown that clutter can result in procrastination and can even impact mental health.

6.  Desk Storage

While using a keyboard tray is a great way to reduce clutter on desks, it can only do so much – storage, especially hidden storage is important for all writers. That’s why the FlexiSpot Under Desk Drawer S01 makes for such a great gift. Not only is it sleek and able to match a variety of styles, but the Under Desk Drawer is spacious and secure. Because it can be locked, it is suitable for storing anything from junk mail to confidential documents. 

FlexiSpot is the go-to producer when it comes to providing high-quality, ergonomic solutions for writers. Whether it’s with a height-adjustable desk or through storage solutions like under desk drawers, FlexiSpot is committed to health and wellness and proves this with the high quality of every product manufactured. Unsure about where to begin? Contact us here, and our experts can help you get started right away!