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6 Things that Make FlexiSpot Better Than the Rest

04 August 2021

FlexiSpot has been leading in office ergonomics for quite some time now. Through the use of innovative technology, to creating the perfect office and study solutions for each person, FlexiSpot aims to please you. 

FlexiSpot only has one thing in mind and it is by giving every customer what they need to accomplish each of their tasks. While there might be other competitors offering a standing desk, FlexiSpot assures every customer with quality home and office additions that would last a lifetime. 

Here is why FlexiSpot is better than the rest.

Free Fast Shipping 

FlexiSpot offers free nationwide shipping that would not cost you an arm and leg. We all know that a hefty shipping fee is enough to ward off potential customers from buying. That is why our shipping is free so that our customers would feel like they just drove by a store to buy their standing desk. Yes, you read that right! Our shipping is fast as well to make the waiting time bearable. Imagine one to two days and your desk is in front of your doorsteps.

30-Days Free Return

If you purchased a FlexiSpot item that is defective, don't worry; we provide a free 30-day replacement warranty. While we can assure you of the quality of our items, there would be times when the delivery can unintentionally damage your package. As a means to keep a positive customer experience, FlexiSpot gives every buyer the option to return damaged parcels.

5-Years Warranty

Most brands only offer a one-year warranty when you have shelled out a ton of cash for their goods. At FlexiSpot, we care for our customers as much as we care for the spinal health. For 5 years, each customer will have a warranty that will cover any needed fixes as long as it is the product’s fault. To avoid abusing this warranty, measures such as personal neglect on part of the customer make the warranty null and void. This might seem like a bad thing but it also teaches our customers to use our products according to the instructions.


As a company that upholds a sustainable way of acquiring our materials, FlexiSpot remains eco-friendly for the future of the world and the company. Everybody knows that huge corporations are the biggest contributors to deforestation, pollution, and toxic wastes that harm our environment. But FlexiSpot has found a way to remain as clean and sustainable as possible by utilizing toxin-free chemicals and better wood for our desks. 

Installment Available

The installment payment makes FlexiSpot products accessible for each worker if you need a new desk right away but has not enough money to purchase one.

24/7 Customer Service

We care for our customer's welfare and happiness. That is why we offer 24/7 customer service every day to get right away to the concerns of our beloved clients.

If you are now convinced on why you must choose FlexiSpot, here are our latest offerings that will totally make your office look better.

Esben Standing Desk UD4

Esben Standing Desk UD4

By incorporating the warm and cozy vibe of the wood and the sleek, minimalist feel of the color white, the Esben Standing Desk UD4 is truly a knockout beauty. While it may look minimalist, don’t let that façade fool you because the Esben Standing Desk UD4 has more in store for every user. This desk is a practical choice for every home and office as it only takes up a small area. The added USB ports also make this desk multi-functional as you have the option to recharge your gadgets in the niftiest way possible.

Esben Standing Desk UD5

Esben Standing Desk UD5

Esben Standing Desk UD5 has a fresh, minimalist look that allows you to improve operational efficiency.

The innovative look lifts your morale and invigorates you for any job. This nicely crafted showpiece blends the adorable hutch form of an assistant's table with the beneficial aesthetics and ergonomics of a sit-stand workstation to tastefully bring your office space altogether.

Four roomy hutch sections for organization are great for safe-keeping documents, stationery, and make it more neatly managed. You can choose between the basic or advanced keypad. While both perform the same purpose of altering the elevation of your Esben Standing Desk UD5, the sophisticated keypad has more features. Assembling this is also a piece of cake because, in just three steps, you will have your desk up in no time. 

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo

And last but not least, The Comhar now comes in a bamboo desktop for customers who are after its beauty. The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo is an appropriate desk for every office employee.

Using the sophisticated keypad, the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo accommodates your length for the optimal stance. The motor helps in the effective and effortless shift between 28.3" to 47.6", which would be suitable for children's stature. This amazing desktop is a highly customizable and sensible ergonomic desk that not only enables you to be more professional as it also holds up to its competitors because of its beauty and many advantages.

The workstation is also ideal for many individuals to save their favorite elevation configuration in sharing situations since it comes with four adjustable elevation settings. The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo takes up very little room while providing one of the largest desks imaginable. Everything that you would want is a small space to place Comhar and create your own nice office in the home or office. 

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo is truly a beneficial workspace that lavishly accommodates your employee necessities and is the ideal way of indicating that it's best to focus now on your task.

Final Thoughts From FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot will always lead in office ergonomics thanks to our customer’s loyalty and support. Each day, we are working harder than ever before to provide each one of you with the most amazing ergonomic solutions you can find in the market.