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8 Bucket List Ideas for Daredevils

24 August 2022

Most of us live our lives with a bucket list in mind. In essence, it is a list of everything you wish to do before passing away. The term is derived from the expression "kick the bucket," which signifies to pass away, according to Berkeley Well-being Institute.

People have created bucket lists over the years to cross off accomplishments before they reach a certain age. To fulfill their goal to live their lives to the fullest, they wish to check off the items on this list.

No one sets the rules when you'll make a bucket list, except of course you want to make sure that everything is legal and won't harm or offend anyone. As long as it's authentic to who you are and as exact as you can manage, you may have fun and be strange while making sure you check it off someday.

But since we're on the lookout for adventures, we've come up with dangerous ideas for things you should accomplish before you pass away or get to a particular age.

A bucket list can only be completed with planning and comes with a certain level of privilege, too. You won't get any free things in this life anymore. So keep in mind to work hard today so you can lead the life you've always desired.

From a helicopter, bungee jump

1. From a helicopter, bungee jump

It is conceivable, yes. But it's incredibly risky. To secure your safety while performing the feat, you must have top-notch equipment and the backing of pros. Will Smith has accomplished it, and no less than into the Grand Canyon. Why can't you do it too if he can? A particular happiness can only be experienced during an adrenaline rush.

Travel around the globe, meaning circumnavigate it

2. Travel around the globe, meaning circumnavigate it

There are only a few people who have circumnavigated the globe, which means they have traveled along a particular route and have stopped in all the nations that make up the globe's circumference. You can complete it as soon as possible using an aircraft, jumping from one country to the next right away. Or you can embark on an adventure by visiting the nations that make up this circumglobal route.

Climb Austria’s Sky Ladder

3. Climb Austria’s Sky Ladder

Do you want to reach heaven while still on Earth? Go on a trip to Austria and climb the 40-meter long Sky Ladder that others call “Ladder to Heaven.” It is the bridge between the huge gorge on the Donnerkogel through a ferrata. This ferrata is a climbing route, literally a hoovering ladder that goes up for about 400m to the peak of the Donnerkogel.

Take part in an ultra triathlon

4. Take part in an ultra triathlon

People are physically demanding of themselves and have a movement obsession. There are triathlons with ultra-distances that exceed the 140.6 miles of an iron distance. Ultra-triathlons typically involves swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles, and running a complete marathon, or 26.2 miles. You must undergo intense training for this, be in top physical condition, and have your doctor's approval before you can become an official competitor in an ultra-triathlon.

Go to Cerro Negro in Nicaragua for a fun sandboarding adventure

5. Go to Cerro Negro in Nicaragua for a fun sandboarding adventure

Nicaragua, the biggest nation in South America, has 19 volcanoes that are still active. Without trekking even one volcano, your trip to this nation won't be complete. The Cerro Negro, which is in the middle of the Maribios Volcano mountain range, is one of the most exhilarating and adventurous places. The volcano is young but active, and throughout the 20th century, there were roughly 11 significant eruptions. The typical starting location for the volcano is Managua, which can be reached by car in about 90 minutes. The journey to Cerro Negro's core will thereafter take another 20 minutes. You're then prepared to hike for roughly an hour and go sandboarding in the active volcano's black sand.

Visit a place off the beaten track

6. Visit a place off the beaten track

It is simple to travel to nations that receive a lot of tourists, but few people would be adventurous enough to dare go to a nation that has experienced war, crime, or extreme poverty. People may claim that traveling to these nations puts you at risk, yet those who have done so for various reasons. Some people wish to offer assistance, while others want to learn more about these nations' genuine lives beyond what they see in the media. Additionally, these nations have so many undiscovered treasures that it would be a complete waste for no one to visit and discover them. Also, the locals are really friendly because they hardly see tourists around.

Go to the Blue Hole in Belize, Mexico, or Dahab, Egypt, all of which are accessible by scuba diving

7. Go to the Blue Hole in Belize, Mexico, or Dahab, Egypt, all of which are accessible by scuba diving

Scuba diving is an extreme activity, but you can amp it up by diving in a perilous location that isn't frequently visited. Egypt and Mexico each have two of the most hazardous diving locations. While the Blue Hole in Belize is roughly 125 meters deep, the one in Egypt is approximately 130 meters deep. These stunning, deep blue holes are, as their name suggests, only attempted by experienced scuba divers. To keep yourself safe, always abide by the restrictions given by your diving instructors. Of course, in order to dive here, you must first have a scuba diving license.

Travel using Switzerland's Pilatus Railway

8. Travel using Switzerland's Pilatus Railway

The Pilatus Railway in Switzerland is one of the most stunning railroads in the world, despite being quite hazardous. You will be moving to a station located at 7,000 feet in elevation. It will travel across stunning grasslands and mountains from Alpnachstad to Pilatus Kulm. You will need about 30 minutes to complete the approximately 4.5-kilometer hike. Dangerous yet incredibly attractive and thrilling.


Before you can set up for adventures like this, you need to have the time and money to do so. You can only save up enough extra money if you are efficient with your work time. You can invest first in ergonomic furniture so that you will be able to earn money through work and also gain more free hours because you work productively.