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9 Benefits To Business Culture When Using Standing Desks

01 September 2021

Ever wondered why many individuals who work in an office gain a lot of weight after a while? It's all because you've been sitting. According to studies, American employees spend approximately six hours per day immobilized in their seats. Desk-job workers usually do not realize the hours mount up—and hence the pounds/kilos add up—because they are preoccupied with their responsibilities. It may appear to be innocuous at first. However, sitting for an extended period causes more than undesired weight gain and minor discomfort in the neck and back. It may potentially shorten one's life.

Offices are often set out in rows of cubicles, with each employee in their own secluded cube. Not only that, but the employee is most likely to be seated all day with only a few coffee breaks. Perhaps you can empathize with this monotonous and soul-crushing situation. Sedentary living is defined as spending most of the day sitting down with little or no strenuous physical activity. This “sitting disease” can contribute to a plethora of major preventable diseases and has been dubbed the “new smoking” by so many. Luckily, businesses and organizations are becoming mindful of this and are working to make their workplaces healthier for their employees.

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Standing desks provide numerous benefits for both businesses and employees, ranging from establishing a healthy and active work environment to getting more out of your employees. Although sit-stand desks have been a growing global phenomenon for some time, many organizations have yet to make the transition. That implies that many employees and the organizations they work for are still missing out on the potential advantages of incorporating movement into the workplace. For every $1 invested in effective interventions that encourage employees to be more engaged on the job, the usual return on the investment is between $3 and $7. Standing desks are thus a win-win situation for companies.

Standing desks are considerably more than just stylish workplace furniture. If you or your firm have not yet made the switch, or if you are considering using sit-stand desks in your forthcoming design initiatives, here is some information on how these desks impact your business

Promotes Efficiency

In a study of students evaluating the influence of standing versus sitting, the respondents responded quicker when standing than when sitting. And, regardless of people's actual health issues, physical activity appears to increase cognitive ability. As a result, while comparing the effect of physical exercise for people with and without Parkinson's disease, a US study discovered that physical activity had a remarkable positive impact on mental activity and performance for both healthy and sick people.

Increased Collaboration and Engagement

Standing up now and again provides a fresh outlook on the office setting, allows you to see things in a new light, and promotes open collaboration. According to one study, students in standing classrooms spend more energy and had higher participation rates than those seated in standard classroom settings.

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Improves Attendance

In a case study, a multinational corporation supplied sit-stand workstations and ergonomic training to certain of its employees. Despite increased computer usage, 70 percent of employees expressed improved well-being. Furthermore, the number of reported sickness absences due to back pain decreased by 60%. The business discovered that the return on the investment was equal to ten euros for every one euro spent, for the standing desks and ergonomic training.

Promotes Health

When employees need to stretch more, encouragement for standing up during the day is critical. Because habits are tough to break, a study looked into motivation techniques and discovered that prompts best encourage office workers to use their standing desks. As a result, reminders quadrupled the time spent standing up among "occasional users," or those who stood up for 20% or less of their working day. Workers further demonstrate this trend with sit-stand desks who were supplied with "sit-stand reminders" massively improved their desk utilization and became more active during their working day.

Decreases Possibility of Company Claims

Musculoskeletal issues such as muscular strain and carpal tunnel syndrome are frequent problems. Employees may be less likely to comment about health difficulties associated with sitting for long periods if standing workstations are used. According to the study, workers benefit the most if they stand for two hours throughout their shift. Furthermore, standing has been shown to increase lifespan. This is explained by the lower likelihood of contracting the previously stated disorders. According to a study of American employees, individuals who reduced their daily sitting time from six to three hours added two years to their life span. They were also able to improve their posture and reduce eye strain as a result of this technique.

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Reduces Stress

A study of over 3,000 people conducted as part of wider health research discovered that sitting for more than 6 hours per day has a detrimental impact on physical well-being and raises the likelihood of mental health problems.

Offers Choice for Employees

Employees can sit or stand at a standing desk as they wish. It all depends on their condition and which position they find most comfortable when working. According to researchers, employees should take breaks by moving every now and again; according to researchers—even brief strolls in the cafeteria or trips to the restroom or water cooler will suffice. This is sufficient to combat the detrimental health impacts of sitting. Standing works because it burns 50 times more calories per hour than sitting.

Enhances Productivity

Standing not only improves posture, but it also improves general health. It has been found in studies to counteract the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. It lowers an individual's chances of getting heart disease, diabetes, cancer, back pain, obesity, and other diseases. However, productivity gains are not the only advantage that your employees can benefit from using standing desks. It also helps kids stay attentive and concentrated. Furthermore, it aids in the stimulation of creativity. So, if you're having trouble coming up with fresh project ideas, all you have to do is stand to get your imagination going.

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Happier and Healthier Employees

Standing engages more muscles and uses more energy than sitting. It also promotes healthy posture. According to one study, sitting for an extended time contributes to obesity and other health problems. A healthy worker is more productive and efficient. But, these advantages are not limited to the workplace. A more active atmosphere will provide your employees with the gift of health while also allowing them to undertake other important activities such as hobbies, which will enhance their lives.

Making the shift to height-adjustable desks is one of the simplest ways to get your business moving. Incorporating the correct sit-stand desk with alert functions and an intuitive design into your workplace can be an excellent way to kick-start an employee wellness program.