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A Comparison: FlexiSpot C7 vs. C5

10 May 2024

In this day and age, an ergonomic office chair is an indispensable part of every office worker's workspace and life. For the uninitiated, ergonomics is all about designing workspaces for human use and fitting an environment to a person's needs. An ergonomic work environment reduces discomfort and strain and improves productivity and efficiency. As such, when you spend hours working in front of your computer, it is imperative that you invest in a chair that will support your body and encourage a proper sitting posture to ensure you stay healthy and happy. Thus, an ergonomic office chair can make all the difference.

FlexiSpot is a popular brand in the office furniture industry, and the brand is known for its large selection of standing desks, electric recliners, and ergonomic office chairs. In this article, we are going to compare two of FlexiSpot's office chairs, the C7 and the C5, to help you determine the best ergonomic chair for you.


With a wide range of adjustable features, the C7 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair is FlexiSpot's most sophisticated office chair yet. In addition to an adjustable headrest, 3D adjustable armrests, and a reclining function, the highlight of the C7 lies in its dynamic self-adaptive lumbar support system, where the chair's lumbar support cushion detects subtle changes in your posture and automatically adjusts itself to ensure constant support. Plus, the C7 allows you to adjust its seat depth, and you can even tilt your seat forward if you tend to lean forward when working. You can also choose from either a mesh or a foam seat. Naturally, due to its large number of functions, the C7 is priced on the higher end, starting from $349.99.

On the other hand, the C5 Standard Ergonomic Office Chair offers standard but beneficial features that help to reduce discomfort during long work sessions. One of these features is an adjustable 2D lumbar support system that supports your waist to prevent strain. You can adjust the lumbar support cushion up and down by using the twist knob, and you can adjust the degree of support, too. Another useful feature is the chair's headrest which can be rotated to alleviate neck pain. Furthermore, the C5 has a comfortable seat and, overall, a stable and durable build. With a price tag of $239.99, it is also cheaper than the C7 office chair.


Seat Dimensions

There are two variations to the C7: one with a foam seat (C7 Foam) and the other with a mesh seat (C7 Mesh). Depending on which type of seat you choose, the seat dimensions will be different. The C7 Foam's seat measures 21" (W) by 17" to 20" (D), whereas the C7 Mesh's seat measures 20" (W) x 17" to 19" (D). Meanwhile, the C5's seat has a dimension of 20.8" (W) x 21.3" (D). Thus, if you prefer a wider seat that allows you to sit in a cross-legged position, you may want to consider the C7 ergonomic office chair.


As mentioned above, you can opt for either a foam seat or a mesh seat when you purchase the C7 ergonomic office chair. Both seat materials come with their own benefits, depending on user requirements. For instance, the foam seat is soft and relieves hip pressure effortlessly. Whereas, the mesh seat is resilient and breathable, which is suitable for users who live in warmer regions and those who tend to sweat a lot.

The C5, on the other hand, uses high-resilience, W-shaped foam as the material for its seat. Thus, the seat bounces back up after being pressed and does not get deformed easily. However, the backrests of both chairs are made of breathable mesh, so you can stay cool when you work.


The C5 ergonomic office chair does not have a footrest, but you can opt for a footrest with the C7 at an additional cost. With a footrest, you can stretch out and rest your legs on it whenever you want.

Stability and Durability

Both the C7 and the C5 ergonomic office chairs share two things in common: stability and durability. FlexiSpot prioritizes product quality control, and the C7, for instance, has passed BIFMA testing requirements and is built to last for years.

Unlike most chairs sold by FlexiSpot's competitors, the C5 uses a base with legs that are 27.5'' in length, making the chair more stable, more durable, and safer to use. As such, when you use the C7 or the C5, you do not have to worry about the chair toppling over.


At the moment, the C5 only comes in black and gray. As for the C7 Foam, there are four color variations to choose from, which are All Black, Black + Gray, White + Gray, and White + Black. In addition to the aforementioned color combinations, the C7 Mesh has two additional color variations, which are White + Green and White + Pink.

Weight Capacity

The C7 office chair has a maximum weight capacity of 320 lbs, whereas the C5 can support up to 300 lbs. Both chairs are suitable for heavier users.

Recommended User Height

Due to its larger size, the C7 is better suited for users between 5'7'' and 6'5'' tall, while those below 5'7'' in height may find that the compact C5 will accommodate their build better.


Backrest and Seat Adjustments

Both the C7 and the C5 ergonomic office chairs let you adjust the backrest and seat according to your personal preferences, though in terms of adjustment range, the C7 allows for greater flexibility. For starters, the C7 has a seat height adjustment range of 19.3'' to 22.6'', and you can also recline the backrest up to 128°. On the contrary, the C5 has a slightly more limited seat height adjustment range of 18.5'' to 21.65'' and the ability to recline from 95° to 115°. Moreover, you can even adjust the seat depth and tilt the seat of the C7 forward, in case you need to lean forward when working at your desk. Doing so relieves pressure on your sacrum, improves blood circulation, and prevents fatigue during long hours of sitting.

Headrest Adjustment

Both the C7 and the C5 ergonomic office chairs are equipped with adjustable headrests to support your head and prevent neck strain. Here, the C7 slightly pales in comparison to the C5, for the latter's headrest has a height adjustment range of 3.15'' in addition to a 45° rotation range. Although the C7's headrest also has a rotation range of 45°, the same cannot be said of its height adjustment range, which is only limited to 2.36''.


Armrests allow you to rest your arms whenever you feel tired from working. The C7 comes with a pair of 3D armrests that can be shifted up and down, forward and backward, and diagonally. As for the C5, interestingly, the armrest features differ depending on your chosen color. The black C5 has a pair of basic 2D armrests that can be adjusted up and down and forward and backward. On the other hand, the gray C5 is equipped with 3D armrests, just like the C7. If you prefer greater adjustability in your armrests, the C7 or the gray C5 ergonomic office chair would be a worthwhile option to consider.

Lumbar Support

As mentioned above, the dynamic self-adaptive lumbar support system is the defining feature of the C7 ergonomic chair. If you tend to lean forward when working and require stronger lumbar support, the separate and dynamic lumbar support cushion is a comfy addition as its curved design provides a snug fit to the natural curvature of your spine. Furthermore, as you move around in your chair, the cushion will detect small changes in your posture and automatically adjust itself to ensure constant support to your waist, leading to reduced strain and discomfort in your lumbar area.

On the other hand, the C5 ergonomic chair is equipped with a 2D lumbar support system. Using the twist knob on the backrest, you can adjust the position and degree of support of the lumbar support cushion for a comfort boost on your lumbar area. If you want to ensure that you maintain a proper posture while you are hard at work, the C5's 2D lumbar support system will be of great help to you.


FlexiSpot offers a 10-year warranty for some of the components of the C7 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair. Meanwhile, the C5 Standard Ergonomic Office Chair comes with a 3-year warranty.


The C7 Foam is currently sold at a starting price of $349.99, whereas the price of the C7 Mesh starts from $369.99. Depending on whether you opt for the footrest and the color combination you choose, there will be additional charges. On the other hand, the black C5 is sold at $239.99, while the gray C5 is sold at $249.99.


To sum up, both the C7 and the C5 are wonderful options for people who need an ergonomic chair that will help them maintain a proper posture. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences and budget. If you want an affordable ergonomic chair that can offer basic support to your head, back, and lumbar area, the C5 would be your best choice. However, if you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your work life, then you may want to invest in the C7. FlexiSpot is also offering massive discounts on both office chairs, so head over to www.flexispot.com now if you want to get one for yourself!