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A Happier Working Space: How to Transform Your Office

24 September 2021

Things are about to go back to how they were before the pandemic, which means resuming work from the regular office. Many people may have gotten used to working from home, and that arrangement may continue for some, but a good number of employees will be switching back to their workstations. One thing is for sure, though, the working space has to change. They have to be better than working from home for this change to make sense. But how exactly will employers pull this off?

We are going to look at how the working space can be made to be a happy and healthy place for the employees and the transformations that can be done to ensure the working conditions are right for those involved. If you are an employer looking to resume operations soon, this could give you a good idea of the things you need to do to ensure your employees walk into a conducive working environment.

Creating Ample Space

The biggest mistake that many workplaces make is trying to make use of every empty space available. As an employer, you have to understand that space is part of the environment, and leaving as much of it as you can will help transform the office into a conducive environment where people can move freely, stretch a bit, and inhale clean air. 

An office with enough space has reduced cases of injuries sustained from collisions with furniture, and that’s a good thing. When designing the interior space of the office, pay attention to the size of furniture you bring in and try as you can to leave enough empty space every chance you get.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

Adjustable Desks

The productivity of a workplace depends on the health and wellness of the people that work for you. One way to ensure that the people using the office remain healthy and fit at all times is by investing in adjustable standing desk plans and chairs that give people the freedom to modify them to their specific needs. 

Consider going for an Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series from Flexispot; a sit-stand desk allows the user to switch between sitting and standing without breaking their working speeds. By alternating between standing and sitting, the employee is able to maintain body fitness that helps them fight off back pain and fatigue that comes from assuming the same sitting position all day.

Add Plants

On top of adding an aesthetic appeal to the working space, plants create fresh air, and that’s another big plus for the health of your workers. The variety of office plants you can choose from are so many. You can even allow the employees themselves to make their own selections for a personalized touch. 

When choosing office plants, make sure you go for the type that is easy to maintain and doesn’t grow too big. You don’t want to end up with a mini forest in the office that will start attracting all kinds of bugs. Small plants that can stay in small pots and vases will do just fine.

Counseling Sessions

According to the CDC, depression impacts productivity significantly, yet not many employers provide help for their workers who may be dealing with mental health issues. Only 40% of employees who report severe depression receive some basic form of help. 

Considering the number of jobs that were lost in the pandemic, there’s a real possibility that many people going back to work are dealing with severe forms of depression due to accumulated debts and other issues. As an employer, you should provide a professional counselor for your employees to ensure they are in the right state of mind to work.

Add a Break Room

Forget an eating area; think of a break room where someone can go and sit in silence during their break time. This could be an open space on the rooftop with plenty of fresh air, or it could be a spacious room where someone can even get a quick nap undisturbed. 

Studies have shown that workers who get access to break rooms of this nature tend to be more productive as they have the freedom to do something outside their work for an hour, which helps them reset. It may cost a lot to set up something like this, but the positive long-term effect this may have on productivity is worth every dime.

Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair

Fitness Chairs

Sitting behind the desk for long hours has never ended well for the body, and this is why people are advised to take breaks for stretching a little to ease back pain and other complications. However, taking too many breaks may also interfere with productivity. 

So what’s the solution? A fitness chair. This is a special type of standing desk bike that comes equipped with pedals allowing an employee to do leg workouts without taking them away from their desks. The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair from Flexispot would be a good addition to the office. It has varying difficulty settings for the most effective standing desk exercises; it is quiet and has wheels underneath that make it easy to move from one end of the room to another.

Take Advantage of Light

An office that is well lit with natural light tends to be a more exciting working space for employees compared to a closed one where light is dim. Having access to natural light and good views through huge windows have been found to boost people’s moods, making them even look forward to coming to the office. 

When choosing or designing an office, it would benefit you greatly to grant your employees access to the outside world as they work. Being hunched over the desk for 8 hours in a room with small windows and dim lights is the fastest route to depression, and that’s the last thing any employer would want to deal with in the current environment. 

Use Color

Using a combination of good colors for interior design goes beyond making the room look Schick and stylish. There are certain types of colors that uplift moods, and using them on the walls are a trick that will make employees feel happy and relaxed. Happy colors are usually bright and warm, and they include orange, peach, pink, yellows, lilacs, among many others. Having these on the walls will make people happy and optimistic. 

Others like blues are known to have a calming effect on the brain leading to relaxation and increased concentration. Avoid dark and muted colors like brown, beige, and black unless they are used in an artistic context. 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Add Ergonomic Chairs

By definition, an ergonomic office chair is one that’s comfortable, adjustable, and constructed of high-quality materials. Most of the work in the office is done while sitting down, and this requires every employee to have access to a chair they can recalibrate to suit their body size and shape. 

Using the wrong desk chair can have devastating effects on the body, and that will, in turn, affect productivity. There are many ergonomic chairs in the market that promise heaven, but the one that should be on your shopping list is the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair that comes packed with exciting features like adjustable height, 3D lumbar support, cushioned armrests, and breathable mesh to stop the back from sweating.

Food Storage Facilities

You will be saving more time by providing your employees with ample food storage facilities inside the office to stop them from having to leave work when they need to eat something. At some point along the day, people will need to eat food to replenish the energy used, and having a kitchen space with all the necessary equipment like a fridge, a microwave, and water dispensers will make things a lot more comfortable for the employees. This will help them save money on meals as they can carry home-cooked meals that are healthier than food bought from a vendor. 

Create Fun Days

The office being a workplace doesn’t mean it is closed to fun activities. Designate a day every week where work is closed early to give your employees the space to socialize with each other over drinks, games, music, and other entertaining activities. This helps the mind and body to release all the tension that builds up due to constantly sitting behind the desk for hours a day. You will be surprised at how uplifting fun days can be on the overall outlook of life and work.


Creating a working space that’s conducive for every individual takes a lot of work and consideration, but the results are always instant. There’s nothing in the world that beats happy and healthy employees as they tend to push themselves to do more even without being asked. As people begin to go back to working from the office, every employer should do all in their power to make the office as welcoming as possible. For more information on the best office furniture, you can use to make this possible, check out Flexispot for the best deals.