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Applying Ergonomics Into Your Home Office

18 May 2022

Ergonomics is an important factor to incorporate into your workspace, be it at your home or in the office. Sedentary jobs including office desk jobs would subject you to prolonged sitting, looking at your computer screen for hours on end. It’s never too late to customize your workstation and workplace into a space that meets your particular needs. It’s as simple as investing in a standing desk or an ergonomic chair—two pieces of furniture that will improve your work experience by a thousandfold.

When you scour the internet for ergonomic tips, the rich trove of information gets overwhelming at some point. You find yourself lost on where to begin transforming your workspace into the ergonomic setup that you are dreaming of. You are in luck because our guide will help you in navigating the world of ergonomics as a beginner.

Considering Applying Ergonomic Factors In Your Workstation

Considering Applying Ergonomic Factors In Your Workstation

When you say workplace ergonomics, it particularly refers to the science of creating a workplace that takes into mind the worker's strengths and weaknesses. Poor workspace layout can exhaust, irritate, or injure an employee. It increases the chances of producing poor quality outputs, decreasing productivity, and resulting in a debilitating, not to mention, expensive injury.

But when you apply ergonomics to designing an office setup, you are guaranteed to reduce or even eliminate the risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injuries, which gives ample room to encourage human efficiency and boost productivity.

You are on your way to achieving an optimum healthy job efficiency once the work process has been enhanced. It is a win-win situation for both employer and employee. With an efficient, motivated, and healthy workforce, the company is propelled to success and can become a competitive force in the market.

What You Should Know About Ergonomics

What You Should Know About Ergonomics

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said it best when it described ergonomics as an approach to "fitting a job to a person.” You lower the chances as well as make work-related musculoskeletal disorders less severe. What are these disorders? Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, muscle strains, and lower back problems fall under the category.

Office ergonomics will include but are not limited to making sure there is adequate spacing in between equipment, maintaining a good posture while sitting down or standing up, having the correct chair height that fully supports your body, positioning your neck and back properly, placing your monitor at an appropriate height and setting, and ensuring good air circulation.

Knowing and Maintaining the Right WFH Posture

Knowing and Maintaining the Right WFH Posture

You might think that neck and back pain as well as aching wrists and fingers are inevitable when you have a desk job. Office ergonomics have made it possible to work without these body pains and discomfort. Adjusting the chair height, employing proper equipment spacing, and assisting with the best workstation posture are just some of the things that you could do to make your workspace ergonomic.

But it doesn’t end with design. You have to be mindful of your work posture all throughout the day, checking and monitoring it from time to time. Here are the things that you should be looking out for:

1. Your feet should be planted firmly on the ground with your legs parallel to it, and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

2. The elbows must be bent at 90 degrees and should be near your body, not tucking up against your ribs.

3. There should be no tension on your shoulders and back.

While working, your shoulders must be higher than your hips and your head higher than your shoulders, allowing the rest of your body to fall into the right alignment. What leads to musculoskeletal problems is your unaligned joints, putting your posture and supporting muscles off.

An Ergonomic Work Setup Will Help You Avoid Potential Health Issues

An Ergonomic Work Setup Will Help You Avoid Potential Health Issues

It’s now time to set up your ergonomic workstation. You can be ensured of better concentration and increased productivity while also promoting good health for your body.

There are many ergonomic office equipments available on the FlexiSpot website. You may start with a Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and pair it with an ergonomic chair like the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. The desk height is easily adjustable based on what you need and prefer. You can also have regular intervals in between standing or sitting while working.

If your workspace is limited and not flexible, you have to squeeze your creative juices to organize your work set-up in an ergonomic way. Many desks and tables are built more for taller people so if you’re petite, then make alterations accordingly.

FlexiSpot is one company that values your needs. Its aim ever since been to make the most out of what technology can offer to change lives and aid employees to improve their day-to-day work life. FlexiSpot hopes to assist its clientele with the work issues they face every day.

What Ergonomics Can Do For Your Work Experience

What Ergonomics Can Do For Your Work Experience

There’s no doubt that you will enjoy benefits when you incorporate ergonomics in your workspace. For one, you can save a lot of money from future expensive medical treatments.

Ergonomics can boost your productivity at work; thereby, ensuring that you work at your best. You work the whole day with full commitment and will be less tired and irritable, even with a full load.

Your health and safety while working will be protected with the proper use of office ergonomics.

Final Word

You don’t need to change your home office just because of aesthetics. It can be one factor but it’s not the only reason why employees decide to revamp their workspaces. More than just the overall look, you want to invest in your health. Pain or discomfort while working is not natural so when you start feeling and getting bothered by it, you have to pay attention to your body. It is your body’s response to something wrong that you have to address.

This is when you would probably realize to seriously consider living an ergonomic work lifestyle. Since you don’t want to deal with health issues in the future that you could have settled at present, you will begin making the necessary ergonomic changes to your work environment. Additionally, an ergonomic lifestyle also provides great benefits including increased productivity and general comfort. Check out the FlexiSpot website to start investing in quality ergonomic products.