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Are You a Pop star, Rockstar, or a Prodigy?

22 April 2021

While standing desks can fit anyone’s personality, choosing the one that matches you and your lifestyle would make working feel like a fun game of you just accomplishing challenges and daily tasks. A standing desk that screams your personality also makes your mental workload lighter because just seeing your favorite work desk makes you want to take on the world.

Are you living life like a famous pop star? High on life like a rockstar? Or a wise prodigy with ideas that will shake the whole world? Take this quiz to find out which standing desk fits your persona!

Instructions: Pick a letter that best represents you, your lifestyle, and your beliefs.

  • While at work,the music I prefer listening to;

A. Are upbeat tunes that are on the Top 40 hits that are meant for dancing.

B. Are any sub-genre of rock. As long as it will make me bang my head and get my adrenaline pumping, then it is all good.

C. Are classical music that has no lyrics. I find that it makes me focus better while I am working hard.

  • The style of my house feature;

A. Contemporary and industrialist designs that would look good in photos while still being multi-functional

B. Sleek lines which feature bold colors like black, red, or stark white.

C. Minimalist furniture with lots of plants to add relaxing pops of color. Of course my books have a special place that also displays their beauty.

  • My personal sartorial style can be described with

A. Whatever the fashion designers think are in-style right now, I put my own twist at it to make sure that my personality still shines through the layers of fabric.

B. Androgynous silhouettes with some unusual details and textures like spikes, leather,  and even safety pins.

C. Classics and basics that never go out of style. A subdued color palette and breathable fabrics are also well incorporated to my wardrobe.

  • The perfect date night for me is;

A.  Going to an up-and-coming restaurant that not many people have tried. My date would appreciate the fact that they are one of the first to discover the unique place before the surge of crowds clamoring to get a reservation.

B. A night out discovering some indie bands around the neighborhood while we tell each other about our childhood music heroes.

C. An at-home candlelit dinner complete with meals that we had fun preparing together. While dining, we are talking about the books we have read, some new scientific discoveries, and everything in between.

  • When i am not in the mood;

A. I prefer to go to a Pilates or cycling class to displace my annoyance in a productive way. This negative vibe would only be transformed to an energy that would make me a better version of myself.

B. I shred some mean guitar riffs that I can use for the new song that I am composing. Creating new music has always helped me clear my negative mindset.

C.  I tend to feel my feelings first to assure myself that it is a valid experience-- may it be a good or bad one. After I am done crying, I pour my heart out to my journal to better understand the situation I am in. This way, if ever a similar situation comes up again, I know how to tackle it head first.

  • I love reading;

A. Lifestyle magazines and self-help books.

B. Biography books about my favorite musicians and music sheets.

C. Literary and journal articles about any topic.

  • My working style is

A. Pouring all of my energy to every task that my manager assigns me. I love seeing all of my hard work get the commendation it deserves.

B. Relaxed and steady. I love working but I do not want to stress myself out too much. As long as every target is hit perfectly, then I am good. Being relaxed and steady also gives my other coworkers some peace of mind because there are no toxic vibes being emitted around our office.

C. Highly organized. This working style keeps me grounded and on-track about what I need to dutifully accomplish for the day or month. It also helps me have the perfect work-life balance that everybody will covet.

  • A perfect vacation for me is;

A. A relaxing beach vacation complete with a 5-star hotel accommodation and a trip to a luxurious spa.

B. Backpacking around the world and discovering every country’s rich culture and of course, their music.

C. Hiking mountains and camping under the ebony night skies dotted with the brilliance of stars. The bonfire also provides the comfiest warmth that is ideal for reading.

  • An ideal workplace is somewhere;

A. my talents are not wasted. A workplace should let you nurture your talents and give you opportunities to grow.

B. My supervisors would respect my personal space and maintain utmost professionalism.

C. That can let an individual shine and give proper compensation for the workers according to the law.

  • If someone will give me a gift, I would appreciate;

A. Something that is personalized to suit my tastes.

B. Music paraphernalia to help me have a better sound experience.

C. Anything that they think that I would use for a long time. Useful and durable gifts are needed by everyone.

Now that you have picked a letter from every selection,  tally the same letters together and whichever has the highest count is your best Flexispot standing desk match!

Mostly A’s 

You are a pop star all throughout and it shows through the way you carry yourself. You are someone who knows what is hot to what is not. This makes the bestselling Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) the best choice for you. The Seiffen was crafted by furniture professionals through listening to what the customers want-- that is your assurance that this ergonomic desk will never fail you.

Mostly B’s

As a full-pledge rockstar, you want a standing desk that has none of the unnecessary frills. You are straightforward with the things you want as well as with every task that you do. Which is why the the multi-functional and sleek Theodore Standing Desk-48" W will get your heart to beat louder than the crashing drums. Its convenience also shines through with its built-in USB charging port so you will have more space for your musical instruments.

Mostly C’s

The perfect prodigy like you adores the clean and sophisticated look of a smart standing desk. However, you are still after the ergonomic attributes that will help you achieve the best working experience. With the Vici Duplex Standing Desk, your workstation would stay organized while keeping your space stylish.


Now that you know the best ergonomic desk to match your personality, head on over to Flexispot and find the best deals for the perfect work set-up.