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Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand Desk Health Benefits

22 April 2021

Ergonomic Laptop Stand Improves Posture and Prevents Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most prolific disabilities worldwide. People working in the office often complain about this condition when they retire. Instead of enjoying their retirement, they spend their hard-earned money at the chiropractic doctors’ office. 

The underlying causes for back pains are often traced to poor posture and poorly designed office chairs. These chairs are not meant to be very comfortable nor to be ergonomic. Also, the sheer size of desktop computers could also be the culprit. Staring at the screen all day.

If you prefer the convenience and size of laptops, there is the need to adopt some good habits. Look for a better position and raising the laptop to eye level using a laptop stand.

The Underlying Reason Laptops are Bad for Posture

When looking at the computer screen, the tendency is to adjust the head so the eyes can see it properly. It is in poor form when the laptop screen is lower than the eye level due to having no laptop stand. This causes a hunched position that tightens muscles in front of the neck and the chest.

In addition to tight muscles, the neck and lower back's natural curves for support become stress as well. This happens too much focus on work while consciously unaware of poor posture. The body can adapt and ignore bad posture, but staying in the same position for extended periods while in front of the laptop can cause neck and back pain.

Many employees know this experience: Set the laptop on a tabletop or standing desk, and you’re in for a world of pain. The screen is too low, making you lower the neck and slump your shoulders at an uneven angle. When trying to use a full-sized keyboard, there's nowhere to place it because the laptop occupies almost all the surface are. And don’t forget about trying to use the laptop in bed or on the sofa.

This the reason why desk manufacturers are designing laptop stands to raise, angle, and support the laptop in different situations.  While spending much of the time working from home, a laptop stand is essential. In various locations, it’s a good idea to have more than one type of stand. One such laptop stand desk is the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters available at Flexispot.com


Laptop Stands Can Reduce Pain and Promote Good Posture

Health issues are often the leading concerns from recurrent laptop use. A laptop stand is a great way to get relief from stress. 

Here are some reasons the need for an ergonomic stand for your laptop:

  1. Better Ergonomics

This is the real reason for getting a laptop stand especially if usage of the laptop is on a daily basis for at least 6 hours. Its ergonomic nature can help eliminate the risk of stress injury caused by repetitive use. It raises the laptop screen to eye level and keeps the neck from strained caused by the forced downward perspective.

If using an external monitor, the stand helps in making multitasking easier. It raises the notebook's elevation to that of the monitor.

  1. Adjustable Angle

Aside from adjusting the height of the laptop, a good laptop stand helps adjust the angle and distance of the laptop from the body. A study showed that about 65% of adults suffer from what's commonly known as Computer Vision Syndrome. This disorder is an eye strain caused by looking at digital screens too long.

To prevent this, don't be fooled by gimmicky items like computer-exclusive glasses. Use a laptop stand to adjust the computer's angle. It minimizes the glare of the screen and preserves the eyes' health.

  1. Typing Comfort

Most of the tables and surfaces in the home are not designed to be used as a computer desktops. In using a laptop on a daily basis, the posture should always have a straight back, with the elbows bent at 90 degrees for comfort and the laptop at eye level. If not done properly, the entire experience becomes uncomfortable in the long run.

But by using a laptop stand, your body can be comfortable since adjusting the laptop to eye level is possible. It prevents poor posture and enhances the typing experience.

3. Metabolism and Productivity Increases

When standing while working, there is a lot of health benefits. It lessens the risk of gaining weight or becoming obese.

While standing with the laptop, 114 extra calories per hour are burned compared that to sitting down. It shows that standing for a minimum of a couple of hours a day can lower blood sugar levels and decrease the chances of developing heart diseases.

A good posture while using the computer makes you feel more alert and energized. It also improves productivity. With a stand, there is no need to sit all day using the computer. You can move around and stretch the back without adjusting your head.

  1. Mobility and Comfort

The main reason for getting a laptop is its compactness and mobility. But working without a desk or table can give you a poor posture fast.

This happens every time when moving all the time. To avoid the pain from poor posturing, a laptop stand is needed. It's portable and can pack it away. It brings all the body benefits wherever you go.

At least, you can be comfortable wherever you go.

Get Your Laptop Stand Now!

For people who enjoy using laptops or tablets for a more mobile experience, getting a laptop stand guarantees maintaining proper posture. It lowers the chance of getting back and neck pains due to its ergonomic design.

There is a wide selection of affordable stands out there that is suited to your needs. Be sure to pick the right size and shape for your laptop in order to get the best experience out of it. Don't hesitate and get your laptop stand from our website, Flexispot.com

You'll be grateful you bought it since it prevents you from paying medical bills to the chiropractor for a broken back.