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Best Office Furniture for Pregnant Women

02 September 2021

While pregnancy is arguably one of the most exciting phases for a woman, it is also not a leisurely ride, especially if you are a working woman. Most jobs require us to work for 40+ hours a week; what this means is we spend our better part of the day sitting down. For a pregnant woman, long sitting hours can lead to the swelling of the legs, among other complications, more so if you are using uncomfortable equipment.

Every woman is different, and so is every pregnancy. In recent years, more and more women, as we've seen, embrace a system whereas a pregnant woman gets to work within two or one month to the due date. However, most workplaces are open to letting pregnant women take leave when necessary. 

 Even though it is advisable to cut on work during pregnancy, the rising trend in the cost of living makes it more challenging. As a working pregnant woman, no need to panic; we got you covered. With proper office furniture, your time spent in the office will perhaps be one of the best experiences for you and your unborn baby.

pregnant woman sitting in office

What to consider when choosing office furniture for pregnant women:

Pregnancy comes with a lot of challenges. Choosing proper office equipment for pregnant women makes the pregnancy journey more comfortable and accommodating. Productivity is greatly affected by the working environment; therefore, to increase the productivity of your employees, one should prioritize equipment that is favorable to all.

Here are some factors to keep in mind as you choose office furniture for pregnant women:

Back support

It is natural for women to gain weight during pregnancy, however, the weight gain tends to cause strain on the lower back. This is why it is recommended that you have chairs with superior back support, which will help you maintain a proper posture while providing back support.

Neck support

Probably the most common pain for pregnant women after back pain is neck pain. As the pregnancy progress, our bodies are also readjusting to accommodate the new changes. One such change is the enlargement of breast tissue, leading to strain on the neck and shoulders. Having a chair with neck support helps ease the pain and discomfort since you have a place to rest your neck.


Armrests provide support to your arms and ease muscle tension. As a pregnant woman, you do not want to struggle and wonder where to rest your arms; chairs with armrests guide your arms into relaxed positions, making you comfortable.


Suspending your legs may cause unnecessary stretch that can lead to leg cramping or swelling. With footrests, you are able to maintain a good posture while ensuring your legs lie flat on the ground and your knees are straight.

The adjustability of the furniture

During the nine months, the body undergoes different changes. Having adjustable office furniture gives room to adjust sitting or standing positions throughout the whole period.

Quality and durability

You do not want to be in constant fear of the chair crumbling due to your weight, do you? A durable and robust chair will serve you through the entire period and even longer. In choosing office furniture, it is essential to conduct in-depth research so that you can analyze and select one that fits your purpose best when it comes to purchasing.

Pregnant businesswoman exercising in the office with dumbbells during a break.

Importance of physical activity to pregnant women

Physical activity in pregnant women is essential for both the mother and the unborn baby. By physical activity, it does not necessarily mean vigorous exercise. It can be short but regular exercise.

It is said pregnancy increases the weight by up to 35 pounds. This is a weight that your body is not used to; therefore, your posture and way of doing things are subject to change.

Physical activity is essential either as a working or stay-at-home woman to ease the back pain and fatigue.

Below is the importance of physical activity for pregnant women:

Reduces backaches, swelling, and constipation

A common discomfort for most pregnant women is frequent backaches, swelling of the legs, and constipation due to hormonal changes. A sedentary lifestyle, especially when using furniture that is not comfortable, will do you no good. Regular exercise will help reduce the pains and improve digestion.

Promotes blood circulation

Poor blood circulation in pregnant women may lead to varicose veins. Small and comfortable exercises help boost blood circulation. This can be moving around the office or taking walks.

It helps body posture and balance

Most of the increased weight lies on the back. Focusing on exercises that affect your core and lower back muscles is vital in improving your body posture and balance.

Promotes muscle tone and stamina

Strengthening muscles during pregnancy helps reduce the risk of complications by increasing hip mobility. Engaging in continuous but safe exercise will help you strengthen your muscles and stamina. 

Boosts mood and energy levels

Bringing a new life to existence has never been easy. During pregnancy, a lot is going on in the body. It needs to adjust and supply blood and nutrients to the fetus. Fatigue is normal for pregnant women. As a working woman boosting your energy levels and mood is crucial to increasing productivity and creativity.

No doubt, physical activity is vital for pregnant women. All in all, it is advisable to exercise only after consulting with your health care provider and giving you the go-ahead.

Best office furniture for pregnant women

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Standing desks

Moderate standing is beneficial to a pregnant woman. It not only reduces back pains and increases energy levels but also sets the blood sugars to normal.

 Pregnancy lowers your energy levels, and there are times you just don’t feel like getting up from your office chair. Sitting for long hours and in an improper posture puts both you and the baby at risk. 

With Flexispot sit to standing desks, working while standing has never been easier and more fun. Although it is a bit challenging at first, once you learn to switch from sitting to standing and vice versa, you are a step closer to leading a healthy life for yourself and your unborn baby. 

However, it is important to note, standing for too long can lead to complications for the baby; hence one should always maintain a good balance between sitting and standing.

Why Modish Standing desk is preferably the best standing desk for pregnant women:

Child lock

The desk is equipped with a child lock in such a way that it can lock the height position at the moment until you deactivate.

Smart control panel

Just imagine having a timer that alerts you to switch positions now and then. The Modish standing desk by Flexispot has a control panel that alerts you on when to change positions. This helps you not stand for too long in one position, which is beneficial for pregnant women.

Ever stable

You do not have to be in of the desk crumbling. This desk ensures stability even with maximum capacity.


Maybe one of the top features of this desk is in its ability to detect and prevent collisions before they happen.

Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair

Ergonomic office chairs

We spend almost half of our time sitting, which is why choosing an office chair, especially for pregnant women, is a task that requires a lot of know-how and investment.

As a pregnant woman, physical activity is imperative. Truth be told, we are often so occupied in our workstations that we lack time to exercise. With the Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair, we get to combine office work and workouts. 

Features of the Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair:

Bike always at your feet

Often pregnant women will experience cramps and swelling of the feet. The sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair helps you make health strides by staying physically active and also increases your productivity since your brain is always active

Breathable mesh backrest

This ensures a super comfortable sitting experience and provides stability. The heightened ventilation also provides a cooling effect to the body.

Firm seat cushion

Seat cushions are great in reducing body aches and pains. The firm sit cushion by sit2Go is a durable cushion that does not flatten even after long-term use. The cushion helps in keeping the muscles relaxed and bringing comfort.


It is adjustable to your desired height. A great pro about this seat is that it can be adjusted even while sitting simply using the one-touch lever.

Anti–Fatigue Mat DM1

Anti-Fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats are known to help people maintain a good standing posture and remain energized, especially if your day job involves standing a lot. As we had discussed earlier on moderate standing is helpful for pregnant women. 

Anti-fatigue mats help reduce foot pressure, prevent joint stiffness, and reduce back pains.

Ergonomic Anti –Fatigue Mat DM1, the best mat by Flexispot for pregnant women:

This mat is equipped with numerous massage points which help promote blood circulation. It also has a smooth surface making it relatively easy to clean.

When shopping, a common factor is comfort and durability. The ergonomic anti-fatigue mat has a thickness of 0.98 inches, ensuring the even distribution of your weight on the mat by reducing the pressure on your feet.

Considering all the discomforts in pregnancy, the last thing you will want to do is spend more than 8 hours a day coped up with uncomfortable office chairs or desks. This is where it is more important to focus on purchasing office furniture that accommodates both you and your unborn child.