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Best Remote Jobs that You Can Start Today

31 August 2021

It takes a lot of effort to find remote jobs with high pay. However, it is near impossible if you do not know where to look or start the search. Luckily, there are striking options, and you are a few minutes away from learning them.

To find out the best remote jobs for this season, read this till the end. We assure you; it will satisfy all your curiosity about working remotely.

Why working remotely is a promising idea

Have you ever found yourself sitting behind your desk daydreaming about vacationing in your dream spot? The idea of working from any part of the world or a location of your choice is blissful. Hence, one of the best parts of working from home is the ability to work anywhere you are. 

Additionally, most remote jobs allow you to pick a convenient schedule. You can decide on the time frame of work and when you want to complete each task. This flexibility gives you a level of control over your work life, unlike the conventional 9-5 physical jobs.

Also, working remotely saves time and the cost of transportation. So, you can travel as much as you want because taking work with you is always an option.

Thirteen best remote jobs in 2021

There are several options for lovers of remote jobs. And this list covers twelve top-rated ones; keep scrolling. 

Customer service

Customer service

Do you have a knack for phone conversations? Then this is an option that should not slip past you. It is hard to believe that customer service is on the list of remote jobs. But this is a post-pandemic development. 

These days, you do not have to sit behind a desk as a customer service agent. You could be within the confines of your home or anywhere in the world while you attend to customer’s grievances and queries. With millions of employees working remotely, hybrid remote work has taken over the customer service jobs. 

So, you have an opportunity to do your favorite job from the comfort of your home. 


Like every other thing, technology is sneaking into the classrooms. It is now a norm for students to visit YouTube classes to explain grey areas in their schoolwork. Hence, tutoring does not have to be one on one anymore. 

Regardless of the distance, you can connect with students anywhere and impact knowledge into them. It is also one of the easiest to set up because you only need to be an expert in a subject. You also need internet and a device. 

Hence, instead of hoarding those skills, why not try sharing with people who are in dire need of them? Moreover, it does not have to be limited to academics. You can tutor people in basically anything like sports and cooking. 


Entry-level transcription jobs are all over the internet, but the problem is knowing where to look. If you have typing experience, it will be easy to land a transcription job because clients are more likely to warm up to you.

However, you should now feel discouraged if you do not have experience. People without prior knowledge can get jobs and learn while they perform the task. Hence, it is all about finding openings and being convincing enough to land the job.

Translation jobs

If you have mastered more than one language, you can consider becoming a translator. Translation is one of the best jobs to work remotely because it does not require a lot. Just an understanding of other languages. 

Do you know countries that do not have English as their first language also seek fluent English translators? Funnily enough, this does not require learning more than one language-- especially when English is your first language. 

Translators can work with companies, organizations or as a freelancer. Either way, you can translate books, websites, or news.



Door-to-door sales may be the conventional way of making sales, but it is no longer in vogue. You can now work as a sales rep from anywhere in the world. All you need is learning how to craft words attractively, a computer, and an internet connection. 

Hence, selling requires you to work with a schedule of your choice. It is possible to do this because your supervisor needs you to reach a target within a timeframe. 

Chances are, if you hit your target before the time lapses, you will have some free time on your hands to try out other things. But it still depends on your arrangement. 

Project manager

With excellent managerial and organizational skills, you can work as a project manager from anywhere in the world. Project managing suits this set of people because you need these skills and communication skills to manage people and coordinate them to complete a task. 

Even though this is one of the best jobs to work remotely, it requires a lot of work. Project managers often have to deal with groups of people simultaneously. Achieving this remotely may require series of video conferences, and project managers have to shoulder many responsibilities. 

However, you can achieve this with a reliable connection and your gadgets. Additionally, you may become a hybrid workforce provided your company offers this choice. 

Freelance writer

Freelancing is a writing opportunity that has become popular in recent times. It is also one of the top-paying jobs that you can work remotely. You must develop skills like writing, creativity, excellent grammar, and impeccable research skills to do this job. You should also have an internet connection and a laptop. 

Several freelance websites expose freelancers to clients that may need their services. Although these clients trust freelancers with more experience and impressive track records, a new freelancer can land jobs. All it takes is convincing clients that you can deliver an excellent job. 

Although you may not get jobs frequently initially, you will have more clients once you develop a good reputation. 

English as a second language tutor

English as a second language tutor

English proficiency is one skill that you should endeavor to develop. Besides getting a job related to this, it is the most popular language and one of the most spoken ones in the world. So, landing a lot of jobs may be dependent on this factor. 

Additionally, many people struggle to understand English. The majority of these people are willing to pay a fortune to hire a tutor who would get them to the point where speaking and understanding become a cinch. 

Hence, English tutor is one of the best remote jobs to work from the comfort of your home. Having tutoring or teaching experience makes it easier to land a job online. 

App developer

App development is one of the online jobs that are highly rewarding. However, you need specific skills and training for this job. For instance, you need coding and programming skills to develop apps. If you have these skills, working remotely is an excellent opportunity. 

One attractive deal of app development is working for several companies that require your services. Once you have a flawless internet connection, access to the right website for app development, and a computer, you can work from anywhere in the world. 

Digital Marketer

The demand for digital marketers keeps rising now more than ever. With more companies taking on the hybrid work model, they seek to develop their company's online presence. Recently, the world is taking a shift towards digital development. So, this skill not only helps their business gain traction online but also skyrockets their revenues immensely. 

If you have digital marketing skills and experience, you can work in numerous places. The diversity that characterizes this skill is one of the reasons why it remains a viable remote job option anywhere in the world. 

 You can work as an SEO expert, social media manager, consultant, and many more. Without a doubt, this is one of the most flexible remote jobs on this list. 

Travel agent

Travel agent 

A travel agent is an interesting job, but you need to have smooth communicative skills to enjoy it. It involves learning about new places, talking to people, placing orders, and pretty much-organizing things over the phone.

It is one of the remote jobs that allow you to learn on the job. Travel agents help people source incredible vacation spots. If you love traveling a lot, you may find it interesting to research novel places you have never visited. 

As a travel agent, you often have to coordinate hotel lodgings, entertainment, flights, and other activities that surround trips. You only need some skills, an internet connection, a phone, and a laptop. 

Graphic designer

One of the remote opportunities that have taken the internet by the storm is graphics designing. This should not be surprising because all businesses need logos, designs, and branding. However, you need specific skills to become a successful graphics designer. 

Having this skill and experience opens you to opportunities like working with companies or freelancing if you are into designs and sign up on platforms that connect designers with clients. 

Exposing yourself to opportunities increase your chances of landing a job and become a long-term client if you deliver up to standard.

Virtual Assistant

Do you love organizing and getting things done, making a fuss? Consider becoming a virtual assistant. Contrary to the popular notion about virtual assistants, it is not always a low-paying job with too many activities. 

Tons of business owners struggle with a lot of organization and need someone that can assist with setting things in place. It also includes managing calendars and keeping things running. Although you may have other things on your plate, you can learn other skills from this and gain more experience.

Hence, if the idea of running a business does not faze you, you may want to grab this remote job. 


Pros of working remotely

You cannot deny the availability of incredible online jobs. However, they have their pros and cons. Here are some of the pros of working online:

  • You can boost your technological skills.
  • You do not need to leave the comfort of your home.
  • A flexible schedule allows for more control over your activities.

Cons of working remotely 

  • You do not always have sufficient resources to set up a healthy workspace.
  • Working with people from different time zones is a big downside.

Final words

Working from home or from anywhere you find comfortable is awesome. However, this can only happen if you have the perfect job - even better when it is a high-paying one. We have listed the best remote jobs that you can work from anywhere in the world. 

Go through the list and choose one that suits your skills perfectly. It is about time you used the latest work model to your advantage.